Sunday, November 28, 2010

Facing Your Fears

Have you ever thought about the things you are afraid of?

Do they seem silly?

Do you ever face them?

A few years back - I faced a few frivolous fears I had.

One was sleeping without covers.

Well - I couldn't do it.
I still can't.
No matter how hot I am - I need a cover.

I also tried to sleep with a limb hanging off the bed, and I managed to do that.  Well, at least I fell asleep that way.  I had fears as a child that someone was under the bed, and would grab the limb.  It may or may not have developed that fear after sharing a room with three ridiculous sisters.  How any of us got any sleep is beyond me.  My favorite maneuver?  Creeping out of bed with a naked baby doll and sneaking up to my sister Cindy's bed and slowly raising the baby doll up in  her face.  Oh the memories!  My poor mother!

Eating alone is another fear I've not been able to conquer. To walk in a restaurant that has a menu - sit down - order a meal - and eat it - without a book or a magazine in hand seems impossible. I've never even done it with a book. What an odd fear!

Another fear, perhaps not quite as frivolous, is a fear of horses.  They are just - um - so big.  And I have no faith that a little string in my hand is going to control them whatsoever.  I was thrown off a horse at a Christian Girls camp one time after a scarf that the girl in front of me was wearing flew off and spooked my horse.  A pony tried biting me at the County Fair.  I liked horses from afar.  I did conquer this fear about 15 years ago.  I went to a local stable and asked the horse nearest to death.  I got Amos - a retired Amish farm horse.  He was massive, but let me sit on him while he ate.  He'd walk a bit, and eat some more.  Perfect.

                                                            I've said all of that, to say this.
I'm taking a blogging break.
I'm planning on being back in January.
It scares me - to think of not blogging until then.
I fear you'll all forget about me.
Isn't that odd?
To be scared of NOT blogging?

Truth is I just want to close this computer up for the month of December and enjoy the magic of the season.
I want this Christmas to be different.
I want to slowly lick the candy canes, and take my time with the decorations instead of feeling that it's something to cross off the 'to do' list.
I want to savor it and not feel the need to photograph it and blog it.

I'm hoping I can face this fear!
If not - I'll be back tomorrow.

Merry Christmas y'all!


  1. Jayme,
    May your break be restful and restorative. You need have no fear about your readers - we will be here when you return. Count on it! Have a Blessed Christmas Season. You will be sorely missed.

  2. Merry Christmas! We'll be here when you get back.

  3. 1. I have the VERY same fear about sleeping without covers! Remind me to tell you where this fear was born. It's too long and strange to type...

    2. Also, remind me to tell you what Cory did to sweet Little Sister Jamie back when he was in college. It gave ME nightmares!

    3. I'm proudaya.

    4. Bee's knees, you are.

  4. Enjoy your break Jayme, we'll miss you, but we understand. Have a Merry Christmas and we'll be waiting for you in January!

    Many Blessings,

  5. Merry Christmas! Sounds like a great plan to me! Have a wonderful December and enjoy your Christmas, family and friends! Your blogging friends will be here waiting for your return. I don't know if that is consoling or scary?

    I still can't sleep with any part of me hanging out of bed. When I was six, I was told that the snakes came up from the cellar at night and roamed around on the floor. I knew there were snakes in the cellar to eat the mice... I saw my cousin put them down there... so I believed and stayed in bed. Well, that's one way to keep the kiddies in bed. A little drastic and traumatic, but it worked. Strange, but I'm not afraid of snakes, but I am afraid of the spooky, bogey, creepy crawlies under the bed.

  6. oh Jayme we shall miss you but I understand and I will be here waiting for your return. I also no matter how hot the night MUST sleep with covers on up to my chin why I don't know but from my crazy family anything is possible. Horses? love them dearly but oh so afraid and on 30th birthday I decided to do the same thing you did called and asked for their oldest arthritic horse who couldn't run. I was on that sucker for a 2 hr. trail ride and I did not leave one fear behind still feel the same way about them. Nothing prettier in a field that a whole bunch of horse I may even be able to pet on maybe but don't get me on one. Also have terrible fear of baloons I HATE them and I am terrified of them when they hand them out in the grocery store to children and I am in line I have to change lines and the kids keep plucking at those things I am terrified they will pop I think I know where that fear came from but at this age don't think it is going away.
    Have a blessed Christmas and lets talk soon. nancy settel

  7. I hear you loud and clear! I've been having the same thoughts about this Christmas season... all I really want for Christmas is to be able to relax, dream and enjoy some peace.... Merry Christmas to you! See you again in January! :-)

  8. I often wonder when life got so crazy/busy during the Christmas season. And why? We become so stressed out and we really do end up forgetting the reason for the season. We will be here, waiting for your January post...or maybe just one between now and then to let us know you are ok ;-)

    And when you have time, check out my Thanksgiving Ramblings post. I really want to join the Pie Gang, but I don't crimp my edges like you do!

    And about those fears, here's one for you that no one knows! When I was a kid, I used to contort my face to try to look ugly when trying to fall asleep so no one would want to kidnap me!!! I'm lol thinking about it. Oh those fears....really, we're all mental in some way!

    MERRY CHRISTmas - we'll be here for you!


  9. I'm feeling pretty drained right now too, but I am like that dratted man in the cartoon on his deathbed doing a blog! December is crazy busy and I'll miss you but, maybe just maybe it will give me the extra time I need to get things done! Have a nice little vacation and we'll see you in 2011!

  10. Good for you Jayme! You are worth the wait, that I know for sure. I share the mattress hanging limbs fear and for the same reasons. Plus the eating alone in a restaurant fear. We are twinkies! Love you Jayms

  11. I need your phone number so I can calls you, if you will still answer your phone in December! I really want to meet up with you even for a brief time, if that's all we can carve out together...I would love a day! :) I am thinking the week between Christmas and New Years. Think on it friend...and enjoy your time. Because of our situation, there's no Christmas "magic" here in this house, only junk and lots of boxes---a mess actually. So no decor going on. I look forward to living Christmas through the blogs and pictures of everyone else this year.

    We will all miss you for sure. But I can't wait to hug your neck and have me some of your famous cooking...or that Tastee place you take every one to. ha.

    Merry Christmas to one special lady!!

  12. The Covers have to be over the shoulder, tucked under the neck and my hand securely holding them there the entire night. Insecurities, I figure. I have tons. Glad we are not alone:)
    Have a great holiday season, Jayme and enjoy it thoroughly.
    Big Hugs

  13. Well, I refreshed and refreshed and still can't get your photos to load. Gotta love satelite internet! It's windy and cloudy and that's enough to screw up the signal. Well, I can't say I won't miss you...but I understand. I am needing a special Christmas this year too. A meaningful one, I should say. Merry Christmas...

  14. I won't eat alone in a restaurant either. I got over my fear of horses because the man I married had to have them all the time. Anyway, have a good break Jayme. You are one brave gal!

  15. I will definitely miss you, but I hope your blogging break is restful and you get to enjoy the holidays without any stress.
    Until a few month ago, I always used my blanket at night. Then the hot-flashes started and the "gotta have my blanket" went out the window...
    Take care of yourself!

  16. We'll be here when you return. Enjoy yourself completely!

  17. You may read this message or not.

    I will be calling you b/c there is no way, during this beautiful Christmas season that I can go without talking/hearing/reading about your life!

    We WILL be getting together....yesiree you will!!

  18. Jayme, you are unforgettable - no fears that you'll be forgotten on your break, so cross that one off your list.
    My fear was the toilet boogie. Only at night, though. I just knew he was going to reach up and pull me in!

  19. I prefer covers, but am not afraid to sleep without them. I don't think the monster under the bed will grab my arm or leg, so I'm good there. Hmmmm...... I prefer to eat alone. There is no need to hurry that way. When eating with a group I'm always the last one finished, so maybe that's it. And horses aren't scary at all. Just don't walk behind one you don't know.

    And really... I can't think of anything I'm really afraid of. I'm trying to think of "my biggest fear" and I'm drawing a complete blank. HELL is scary. I can't imagine the pain of eternal fire. I hate burning my finger on the glue gun, so yep..... HELL is scary! But, I fully expect to go to heaven. So, I guess my biggest fear would be one of my loved ones going to HELL. Yikes!

  20. Well, you are not so strange unless we both are. Those are exactly my fears!! I could have written it myself. My biggest one is driving. I still don't sleep with an arm or leg or even my hand over the bed, don't sleep with out some cover and I get it to go if I eat alone.
    Have a great break. I really enjoy your blog.

  21. Jayme, we'll certainly miss you, but NOT forget!! I hope your blogging break refreshes your spirit and fills your heart during with joy this sacred season!
    Blessings and Merry Christmas!

  22. I can't do the 'no blanket' thing either for the same reasons... there just MAY be someone under the in the movie 'Little Monsters'. Scary stuff and also a funny flick.

    We will all miss you but understand that we all have to take time away sometimes.

    See you in January!!! xox


  23. Totally understand your desire for time this season...we will be here when you return. Okay, my fear was (is) looking in a mirror in the dark. I think it goes with a ghost story my older brothers told on a camping trip. To this day I still say, "He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world," before looking. Have a blessed Christmas, Patty

  24. I'm going to miss your posts. Glad you plan to come back.
    I gotta tell you that I shared that childhood fear of my arm hanging off the bed. I thought there was a wolf under my bed. Have no idea where that fear came from, but I still don't hang my arm off the bed when I sleep, even though I now know there's no wolf under there--at least I don't think there is. Have a happy December and a wonderful Christmas, Jayme.

  25. If there is one fear you can dispel it surely needs to be the one that no one will be here to read your blog when you come back in January! :-) We love ya, Jayme...we'll be here!

    Merry Christmas, dear heart.

  26. Savor and enjoy the Christmas season. I will be here when you return.

  27. I must admit, your logic is very sound. It almost makes me feel guilty for continuing to blog during this time. However, I share your fear of sleeping without covers (even if it's only a VERY thin sheet, partially covering one foot and a shoulder) and losing all of my blogger friends if I go silent. But I just found your blog and I know it's terribly selfish of me to want you to continue to post ~ yet I do! I guess I'll just have to wait like everyone else...

    Patience has never been one of my virtues, but if I add you to my 'blog roll', at least I'll know when you post again.

    Have a wonderful, safe and loving Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year!

  28. I think you have made a wise decision. The decision to slow down and enjoy the season is great. I admire you for it.
    We will all be here when you return.

  29. Oh, I too understand the needs for at least a sheet, nothing hanging over the edge of the bed (lizards from a 4 year olds' fear) and eating out alone. My solution for the last, instead of a fast food drive through, I stop in at Trader Joe's for one of their fresh salads, and a bit of dark chocolate... yum!
    We all should blog without obligation! I still feel guilty about not blogging as usual, but lately personal time issues and worrying about family members have taken priority. Enjoy your break!
    I (we) certainly understand the need.

  30. Merry Christmas. And, have a wonderful month of December being festive and slowly licking that sweet candy cane. Relax and smile.

    I totally understand and respect you for you decision to take a break.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  31. Oh Jayme, sure am going to miss you but sure understand! Hope you and all your family have a wonderful holiday season and I'll think of you when I'm baking. Got lots of new and old recipes to try! Also, please let me know if you decide to do your cooking classes. I'd love to learn more about pie making, especially crusts, I'm so intimidated! I'd like to bring my Mom too but we won't bring the big bus like we did for the garden walk!

    Also want to try the little knitted sweater ornaments from the December Good Housekeeping magazine. You can download the pattern at for free. They are so cute but not sure if I can handle one more thing to make before Christmas. I always do this to myself.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


  32. Ah, Jayme, girl. Lord love ya! How could we forget you? I have been thinking about the same thing myself, actually. Just wondering how I will get everything done I need to do..and still keep working and keep everyone "going". I am proud of you. I think we all have some hidden fears..and quirks...I sleep with one foot outside the matter how cold..I like that one foot uncurled and out. And I ALWAYS sleep with at least a sheet covering matter how hot the weather.

    Take good care, Jayme. Have a wonderful Season and I will watch for you in January! Hugs- Diana

  33. I'll still be here waitin' on ya...enjoy every slow, blissful moment of celebration!

  34. uh's my fear...not having your spunky blog to read! I'll miss ya, but enjoy the break. I'll be waiting for you come January.

  35. The idea of you sitting on that horse while it meandered around eating... so funny. Make no mistake. I'm not mocking your fear... that's legit but it was just the cutest mental picture!

  36. Take care of you and yours. We won't forget you. No way. B.

  37. We will miss your Jayme but I hope you still take a few pictures and when you come back in January you can post your favorites and we can smile along with you. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and sing some sweet Christmas songs, because I know how you love to sing.

  38. What a great idea! You tempt me to do the same, but can I? I will miss you! See you in January. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... savor it all :) -Tammy

  39. dear friend, I have the fear of starting a blog and being so boring no one would bother. Enjoy the break. I will miss your humor and wit!! Merry Christmas!!

  40. Jayme, dear Jayme. What is it about THIS Christmas that makes so many of us want to do things a little differently now? This year, I'm breathing a little slower and deeper, and savoring every part of what Christmas means to me. No stress. No angst. Enjoy your break, and we will be here when you get back ... you're on my blogroll so I will be alerted to your return. Give Aaron, and Glenco, and all the critters our best, and tell them Merry Christmas.

  41. I'm also afraid of eating alone...have never done it, don't ever plan to! I used to be afraid to go see a movie by myself...I've done it once, and it was to see "Moll Flanders" with Robin Wright Penn. The only time I've ever seen a movie by myself!

    Fear not on taking a break! I subscribe through Google Reader, so I will KNOW when you post again! Enjoy your Christmas holiday and know that we'll be here waiting for your wonderful posts after the new year!

    Julie in Georgia

  42. While you're on your blogging break I will be practicing making pie crusts. Hopefully by the time you return I'll be a pro thanks to your tutorial. I, too, have to keep covers on except for my toes which act like a thermostat. Too hot: toes out. Too cold: toes in. Weird, I know. I'll miss you and your chicken stories. Have a wonderfully relaxing Christmas. Hugs!

  43. Again. I get you. 'Cept the fear of horses. Good for brave you taking a break! I'm not far behind you these days... Too hard to keep everything going and my blog's not that good to start with. Maybe I'll finally find time to practice camera n layout tips. But mostly I just want to BE w/family n friends. Wish you were closer, I'd drop in with some spiced nuts. And Bailey's. Or Schnapps. Chose not to get tree this weekend as I just wasn't looking to cram so much in anymore... Didn't even take pics of our Tday decor b/c we travelled. sigh I'll look forward to your return in Jan. It's about all I'll look forward to. Hate winter. LOVE your blog.
    HAPPY Christmas!!!

  44. Enjoy your time off, Jayme. Merry Christmas!

  45. Sounds like a wonderful plan. Someday, someday, I shall not work, and I shall enjoy each and every day during the holiday season. Savor each cookie morsel I bake, love the shimmering lights, enjoy the handwriting of Christmas cards, play in the snow, talk to the chickens, wrap with care. You are very lucky and I hope you enjoy. We will be here when you return.

  46. take your break Jayme and enjoy this wonderful God given season! See you in January (or before ;)

    May you have a blessed Christmas!

  47. Forgot to add, that I have some of the same fears.... have to be covered up and not I cannot let any limbs hang over the bed!!! hahaha On another note I never had the fear of eating alone until I lost my husband 7 years ago... So when I would be out alone I would call ahead to the take out like Outback or Applebees and sit in the parking lot and eat... Wasn't a fun time that is for sure... I just couldn't bring myself to going in and sitting there by myself, it brought to reality what was going on in my life!

  48. Horses, me too, I was in girl scouts and scared to death, they assured me my horse was very gentle. All went well until we hit the wide open field on the way back. My horse, I'll just call him Demon, took off like lightening and the guide had to do a full gallop to catch up and bring "demon" to a stop. Sista I'm telling you we were separated at birth. Enjoy your time off and remember you are soooo loved. I know this will be the best Christmas ever for you and your family. Now go buy some moon pies, the banana kind and throw in some circus peanuts, and feel me giving you a big hug!!

  49. i think we'll all be here when you get back! not going anywhere! enjoy your break, savor the season and rest.

  50. I think you deserve to enjoy the season as much as your readers do.
    But you will be missed, no doubt!
    I am with you on enjoying the season of Christmas and not having to blog will be one less thing. I have noticed more bloggers are posting once a week and I am think it is fine. I wish I could read all the blogs I love but it becomes harder all the time to do that with all the things women have to do like work, house & kids plus make time to be with their husbands! Enjoy your Christmas season and many blessings to you.

  51. Oh Jayme, I just love you girl. We will all be here waiting whenever you are ready to come back. That comic is hilarious. I can feel it too. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy every twinkling second.
    Hugs, Amy

  52. Oh Miss Keeper of the Coop!! Your announcing of your much-deserved sabbatical has finally forced one of your biggest "stealth" followers to come out of the closet! I hope your month of being swept-away by the sweet spirit of CHRISTmas its heavenly-sent Self will be a time of renewal for your body, soul and spirit. Heck yeah, in the meantime we'll miss you something fierce! But we faithful members of your fan club know that as soon as that big ole ball in Times Square kisses the ground on New Year's Eve that you will have more "timed" blessings coming our way in twenty-eleven! Thank you so MUCH for blessing us with your blogged 'presents' all year long!

    Time is free, but it's priceless. You can't own it, but you can use it. You can't keep it, but you can spend it. Once you've lost it you can never get it back............

  53. You are doing a wise thing, Jayme. Wishing you Christmas blessings and joy beyond measure.
    'Til next time,

  54. Wishing you a happy time in December and Christmas. I will not forget you and look forward to reading again in January!

  55. Good luck with your goal for December. I'm sure all the candy-cane licking, holiday highs will make the time pass quickly and this fear an easy one to conquer!

  56. Jayme, Can't eat alone either, I hear ya, Have a great Christmas break and stay safe. I miss your drivel already, a month without you, I don't know if I'll last.From down under

  57. Jayme,

    Love you Girl.. Thanks for your comforting comment, bloggy sis.
    Have yourself a Merry little BREAK!!! Look forward to seeing you back whenever you do pop back in. Hugs to you today...

  58. If I've learned anything, it's that you can pretty much do anything you set your mind to. Enjoy December and have a wonderful Christmas.


  59. I'm afraid of those same things, minus the horses, but let's face it, anything THAT big can scare you with the slightest of moves. I'd rather gnaw my finger off than sit down in a restaurant and eat alone. Good for you for shutting down the computer for the holidays! Wish I could stay away from it. Although we recently had our cable service turned off and I'm finding it very peaceful with only 5 channels. (I have to admit we get Netflix.) We won't forget you, we'll be patiently waiting. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  60. Jayme you know we won"t forget you! You are to darn fun! Enjoy your holiday! Besides when you come back you will be refreshed and full of new stories for us. I'm gonna say a little prayer for you I know it's crazy we don't really know each other but you have been on my mind lately. So take care Happy Holidays to you and yours! Traci

  61. Jayme, Enjoy your respite and have a wonderful Christmas, but PLEASE come back!!! I feel like I lost my best friend.

  62. I will miss reading your blog, but maybe I should also stop reading them until January. I am trying to focus on Jesus this year and really enjoy the season! Merry Christmas to you!!

  63. Fabulous! Take the time off. And enjoy!


  64. Jayme,
    }}HUGE SIGH{{
    Just when I stop in to say are saying good-bye!
    GOOD for you!
    Rest, relax, restore!
    Whatever is best for you!
    See you when I see you,
    XO, Cheryl

  65. Good for you! but I think blogging will help me keep my sanity this season. Oops, I see another post forming.

  66. I just added your web page to my favorites. I like reading your posts. Thanks!.


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