Wednesday, November 17, 2010

National Poultry Show and Other Drivel...

Can I just begin by saying that it's 5:28am and I've been sitting up in my chair messing with photos since 4:15 and I'm starting to get antsy.
It feels like the day is getting away from me.
Yes - I know how ridiculous that sounds.

Another thing that is weighing heavy on my mind is the price of pecans.

Seriously?  $11.49 for 10 oz?
Pecan Tassies will be scarce this year I'm afraid!

Ok - now that I have that off my chest - let's talk chickens.
Here's a few more pictures of some fabulous birds at the show.
I still have to tell you all about Lynda - and our shenanigans.
You'll be happy to know I didn't subject her to a hell run.
We stopped.

I hope that in the video I shared on the last post, you got a glimpse of the noise level at the Columbus Ohio National Poultry Show.
I loved it!

The smell - not so much.  It wasn't as smelly as I thought it would be - but it was still fragrant.
For those of you that aren't familiar with chicken droppings - consider yourself lucky.

I have to begin by talking about these birds.
Modern Game Hens.
What in the name of me?
I was mesmerized.

This could possibly fulfill my hankerings for a crow.

Have you ever in all your born days seen such a sight?

I couldn't stop looking at them.

They are the super models of the poultry world.

In sharp contrast - welcome to my world.
The land of fluffy butts.

There was some serious butt fluffing going on in this place.

People were brushing the chickens combs with toothbrushes - oiling feathers - moisturizing combs.

It's madness.

Is it just me or does this bird look like it's wearing sunglasses?
I keep singing 'Can't read my, can't read my, no he can't read my POULTRY face - ma ma ma ma' - sung to the tune of Poker Face by Lady Gaga.

I bought a decal for the back of my Jeep that reads 'Crazy Bird Lady on Board' and 'Chicken Addict'.

Now I just need a magnetic yellow caution sign that reads:

'Stay back - show birds on board'

I know what you are all thinking - what did she bring home??
You are sitting, right?
I know!  I can't believe it either.

Lynda brought a couple of birds home though - and the pictures are on Aaron's camera!

Here is a picture of Lynda for now, just so you know she does exist.

I have to bring this post to a close now - the sky is beginning to lighten, and I have to go tend the birds.
I hate burning daylight!  On my next post I'll show you a few more photos of the show - more about Lynda - the meeting of a dear old friend - I'll talk about how I feel that I'm in sackcloth and ashes stage - my Starbucks application - and I know I still have about 20 questions to answer from 'Ask the CoopKeeper'

Never a dull moment.

Time for some moving and shaking.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. And I thought the $10.99 I paid for 2 pounds was high...

  2. I'm not a chicken gal, but those really ARE some fabulous, fancy looking birds. Pecan prices... you know, I just bought some last week-end for the turtles Hubby made, and I didn't even look at the price. What was I thinking??


  3. Is it wrong to be jealous of a birds legs? Well I am. I felt a much stronger connection to the fluffy one. The white duck with the poofy hair reminds me of Donald Trump, "You're FIRED"...clearly a distant cousin of Donald Duck.

  4. That long legged chicken is pretty cool... but turkeys scare me, for real.

    If you have one in your area, get your pecans at Costco, much cheaper!


  5. My hubby and I would love a poultry show like this. I have to say, I'm partial to the Buff Orpingtons and their fluffy bottoms. The super-skinny chickens can't even waddle. And I am all for chickens that waddle. Reminds me of when I was expecting.

  6. Hmm, there are some ladies that I buy nuts from this time of year. I'll have to check out their prices. In the meantime, those pics of chicks made me laugh. Love the "crow" bird. I think I want one! I also want an Emu. I do. I saw one last year and did a little research. Wonder how and emu would get along with a crow bird.....could they be friends....


  7. Mr. Tom Turkey was beautiful! I love the fluffy butts too, some of those birds look like they have been bred with Roadrunners. Jayme, I bought pecans yesterday at Aldi for $2.89 for 6 oz, halves and chopped. I know you have to have one there...they are a Chicago company.

  8. Those modern game hens are kinda scary looking... I much prefer the fluffy bottoms on those other chickens. The geese are beautiful, I've never seen any like it. Wish I could have seen them all myself...

  9. Loved the chicken with the sunglasses. LOL Wow on the Crow chickens!!!

  10. Who would have thunk that chickens could be so fancified??!! Bet their poop still smells the same though. I am just sayin.....

  11. Well, lady, You have had an adventure. You are the BirdWoman of Crown Point(hehheh as opposed to the Bird Man of Alcatraz!!) mwahahahahahahhahahha. Glen hasn't had you committed ....YET!

    The sunglasses bird. You are so right. Looks like it's wearing a snow parka with the big ski resort glasses...hahaha.

    Those are some funny looking birds girl...and I definitely have to say I suffered a momentary episode of shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that you came home with nothing...
    my jaw dropped... seriously.

    I do recall the smell of chicken pens. RICH...we got so used to it and when visitors wanted to come back to see all the chickens living here in Suburbia, the first thing the kids said was EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! It Stinks....and I always thought ((really??))) I kind of didn't notice... lol...just goes with the territory.
    Well, chicken whisperer sister, you have yourself an outstanding day, and take care of the pretty fluffybutts...(my favorites..maybe that's why I liked our Buff Orpington so much.... such a sweet domesticated lady) :-) HUGS!

  12. Those birds are something else! I can't believe you didn't buy a feathered beauty. Love the last photo, looks like a hell run to me!

  13. Oh good. I found another person as crazy as me. People always look strangely when I talk to the birds, but I can see you and I would get along no problem!

    I wish I had been at the show. It sounded and looked fantastic!

  14. Okay, here you go.

    They have wonderful pecans. Since Mama passed away and I no longer have access to FREE pecans, this is where I get mine.

  15. I love your chicken post...winner..winner...chicken dinner comes to mind...did I say that? Never mind!

    We took my granddaughter to my friend's farm when she was under 2. She had kittens and pigmy goats and calves. What did Lulu want to play with? The Polish Chickens. She was fascinated by them!

    The "Crow-Like" birds are some seriously strange poultry~ and I love the feathers on those last geese! Beautiful!

    And, yes, pecans are outrageous this year! Can't believe it! Hugs-Diana

  16. at least I have one buff and a turkey stag on a par with these prize winners!!!

  17. Oh, I am so jealous :) I would have loved to go. Thanks for sharing the pics,

    That Bourbon Red turkey is just gorgeous!

  18. Oh gosh that turkey was beautiful! And the long legged birds are rather strange looking. I just posted last week a couple of fluffy back ends on my blog because I was just not getting pictures of the front ends at first. Love those feathers! Looks like you had great fun.

  19. Hey Jayme! Love the videos! Can't wait to share the fun of it all with Bob tonight...

    And BTW, I didn't tell you, but you are blessed with a wonderful hubby. Glen is so sweet with you!
    Love you both! ~ Lynda

  20. Maybe I need to send you some pecans???

    the one in the "sunglasses" looks like Phyllis Dillar!!!! Just sayin'!

  21. Am I the only one to marvel at that 24 oz coffee cup?! Duh, yeah ~ of course you stopped. OFTEN. Movin' n shakin' indeed. And it goes w/out sayin that your sleep would be messed up too! ;-P Still, I'm VERY impressed that you came home w/out new fluffy butts. Big hearted you prefers to rescue 'em from the local auction, huh? Show birds can always find a cozy coop, you're savin' your cleavage for the orphans ... Glad you ladies had fun! (Wish I'd been along!)

  22. The fluffy butt picture made me smile and giggle. Thanks for the fun read before hitting the hay :)

  23. GASP!!!...You applied at Starbucks...I remember you said it was on your mind...The Holiday drinks are yummalicious

  24. Now I am singing Chicken Train in my brain.... Ozark Mountain Daredevils?? Not sure but the song is still there from those college years.
    I love the supermodels but the fluffy butts stole my heart... and my jeans! ha I bet you had a blast. I can't wait til the next post. You make my heart happy :)

  25. love your hair!!! jan

  26. Wow, what great looking birds. The ducks with the tu tu's were my favorite. Coming in a close second was the bird with the extra long legs. I have never seen anything like it in my life. Sounds like you had a great time.

  27. hope you got enough of your day in after you signed off! ha ha. love the chicken pictures. now i got a hankering to go to a poultry show! glad you had fun.

  28. All I keep hearing in my head now is: I wear my sunglasses at night
    So I can, so I can
    Watch you weave
    Then breathe your story lines...

    The Modern Game Hen looks like the answer to the age old question: What do you get when you cross a chicken with a ...

    Star Yucks? Say it isn't so. I thought you just wanted to sing and sell it, not consume it.

    Happy you are enjoying all your free time!

    Your Friend,

  29. Loved seeing all the fancy fowl, Love that black chicken with the white Tina Turner wig. FUN!


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