Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Join the Pie Gang!

Alright peeps...I've been lost in a flurry of flour lately....and preparing for this gal's visit.
Met her through blogging, and she's coming up to spend the weekend with me, as we embark on a road trip to the Columbus National Poultry Show in Ohio.
7000 chickens, geese, ducks, turkeys and God only knows what else up in one room.
Law.  I can't imagine the noise!  The stench!  The sheer joy!
I've promised her it wouldn't be a hell run...

Did you know my nickname is Pie?
Glen's been calling me that for 27 years now.

I'm not quite sure, but I think I've perfected pie crust.
I need a badge.
Pie crust to my liking anyway....

I was hoping to get a few of you to try it, and let me know the results you've had.
Real women roll dough.
That's all I'm sayin'.

You'll need four sheets of waxed paper.
This is a very unconventional recipe.
3 3/4 cups flour
7/8 cups peanut oil (I haven't tried substituting corn oil yet, but plan to try)
3/4 cup half and half
1/4 cup sugar
generous pinch of salt

In a smallish bowl, mix flour, sugar, and salt.
Pour peanut oil over it, then the half and half.
Barely mixing it with a spoon, folding it over on itself, just until it will hold together.

Plop it onto the wax paper, shape in a ball (gingerly) and cut in half.
Put one half in the fridge whilst you work on this half.

You are going to gently roll your dough inbetween the waxed paper, two sheets on the bottom, staggered, two on the top staggered.  (I'm just realizing I really didn't take enough photos!)

Notice the marbling in the crust?  You want to see that.

I like to roll the crust up on the rolling pin, carefully peeling off the waxed paper.

It's easy then to lift the pie crust and lay it over the pie pan.

Fill your pie as desired.....

Then top it, repeating the steps you followed for the bottom crust.
This is by far the flakiest, tastiest pie crust I've ever made, and easy.
I've tried Pioneer Woman's crust.  It was easy to work with - but the flavor was lacking.
I've tried an all butter crust.  I cursed twice making it.  Very difficult.
I've tried recipes with eggs, vinegar, etc....
This is by far my favorite!

Now, let's talk about flutin', cause a pie has got to look as good as it tastes.

This be how I do it.
I hereby declare this the official pie gang symbol, and pink the color.

Isn't she a beauty?
This one's apple.
I baked it a few days ago.

I beseech thee to bake a pie.
I admonish you to roll crust.
I beg you to try this crust recipe.
Pie making is quickly becoming a lost art....
say it ain't so.

Today I baked a sour cherry pie, and don't you know - an old friend stopped by - the scent must have wafted out the house and drawn her in.....


  1. Is that Aaron's voice before the garden tour accent lady appears?

    You two could have your own cable access show.

    Do they still have cable access shows?

    I'll try your crust.

    My husband insists that he has the best pie crust around. I don't generally bake pies. You should hear the commentary that begins the moment I utter the words "I think I might make a pie."

    We could do a crust off.

    It would be romantic.
    And competative.
    Two of our favorite things.

    I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. I'll have to try that crust. I bake my mom's pie crust recipe, but this is intriguing! Now, what kind do I bake?????

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm laughing so hard. My husband came is and said "What's the matter".. I showed him and he left the room.. No humor with that one. Totally left brained..
    The pie crust looks inviting. I tell people if you find a pie recipe that works for you stay with it,,never never change. I used to make 5 pies on Friday and they were gone on Monday. that is when my 4 kids were living at home..
    Enjoy your humor,,,love it~ love it~~ love it~!~!
    Ta Ta For now from Iowa.

  4. I don't use the same pie crust recipe, but I do the same waxed paper trick. And I flute my pies, too, so I am proficient at the Pie Gang Symbol. PGS!!!

  5. Hey... I just did this very thing at MOPS today.

    It's certainly an art form. Pie Crimping. Pie Making. The more you do it the better you are for it.

    I love it and yet I don't do it enough. And let's just say this... everyone puts their own spin on making pie. Crust. Top crust or crumbs... big crimps or little ones.

    It's all good.

    That's all I'm gonna say about that. It's acutally kinda funny...

    Looks delish!!!!!

  6. WOOT...I got the symbol down pat. I'm halfway in the club!!! Now if I can make the crust and flute it WOO HOO!!!! I AM gonna try oh my gosh...Fake Accent Lady...That was kind of scary the way she came rising up from behind the table like she crawled in and was planning the heist...but then she saw the camera man there filming the gorgeous pie, and she went into movie star mode.... WHERE do these crazies come from up be careful now, ya hear??? Hugs and a big thanks for your secret recipe. You are so kind to share it! Gotta go get some peanut oil though.

  7. Love your blog, I read it with delight every time...and thanks for the piecrust recipe, and I hope mine is as good as yours.

  8. I gave up making pie crusts years ago, after failing to master it (even with help from Aunt Jean.) But this post has inspired me to try it yet again. I WILL make a pie, I say!! And I want a fluted pie pan - there's just something about it!!

  9. Now I'm gonna have to buy a bag of apples this weekend just so I can make this pie. I have NEVER had a pie come out looking that good!
    pssst. Did you leave any for us?

  10. Oh, this looks so good and I do plan to try your crust.

  11. Hahahahahahaha! Love it!

    Many Blessings,

  12. That pie looks like it should win a prize! Very beautiful edge. I can never do that part, mine always looks so sad but I keep trying.
    I'm going to try your crust. Thank you. I will let you know how it turns out.
    By the way, I noticed a certain red pot on your stove, very lovely.

    Another Melissa

  13. ahahaha! I needed something to make me laugh today! But I have to say I am a wee bit disappointed, my friend. I saw a picture of THE POT in the video and you didn't even mention it in the blog! Your love for it isn't dying, is it? lol

  14. I have never laughed so hard...OMG! This is hilarious. Even before you said it I KNEW you were going to say, there's just something about it. I can't stop...oh my!

    Thanks for the pie crust tip, and for all the laughter.
    You are the BEST.


  15. Jayme...I promise you I will try this pie crust this weekend. I have never seen anything like it. It's funny cuz I just picked up the Pioneer Womans' cookbook thinking that was gonna be a good crust...but yours? Half & half? Are you smokin' me? I'll let you know what I think...and this better be good cuz it looks like it's a mite bit of work!>) Hugs- Diana

  16. OMGoodness are just priceless! That crust looks awesome. I could not make an edible pie crust until I started making oil crust. I was so Grandmother was a professional pie maker and my Mother a great baker too. My husband freaks if he even thinks I am going to tinker with the crust. I am soooo going to make your version. Just made sour cherry this week and apple last week. Love that you managed to capture the pie, the pot, and fake accent lady all in one frame!XOXO

  17. Jayme you just crack me up! What a hoot! My nine year old son's latest catch phrase is... "I like pie!" I kid you not. Now every time I hear him say that I'm going to think of you. :o)

    BTW Your friend is from my back yard!

  18. Law. Don't think I've ever seen a finer crust. Might just give it a go.

    How's THAT faw a New Yawka trying out yaw lingo.

  19. I shall make ye pie crust and report back. I'm sure that hubbers of mine would not mind one little bit if I made him a pumpkin pie. Also? I miss you. That's not just the margarita talking...

  20. Ohhh... LADY you have made my day!!! I've been a wondering if that sweet gal would make an appearance any time soon. My kids, who are as hooked on the Coop as I am, came a runnin' to let me know Fake Accent Lady had come to visit.
    Could'ja tell'er I said, "HI!" Please let'er know I'm a BIG fan.

    To make this even more sweet... I LOVE cherry pie! L♥ve L♥VE it! You can count me in for the pie crust trial! I'm having some guests this weekend and it seems like the perfect time for PIE!

  21. Jayme,

    You are such a nut. I love it. The pie looks

    Your Friend,

  22. Jayme....I think the cheese just slid off your cracker....:)

  23. Oh my, that is one beautiful pie! I cannot make a pie to save my life. I am embarrassed to admit that I actually broke my rolling pin the last time I tried.


  24. As soon as my kitchen is back together, I will be trying your pie crust. Oh my...that looked so good! An're such a good sport!

    In make the 3 weeks, I'm a comin' for the shams! ha!! I've not even had much time to make my bed, much less re-do the bedroom!

    Miss you girl. {today was mom's BD...will it always be this way?}

  25. Your pies are absolute works of art! But I'm never going to be a great pie crust baker. And if I made one, I'd have to eat half of it. Not even going there.

  26. Don't EVER get rid of that floppy hat. Nevah Evah Evah because there's just something about it that I really love.

    Great video!


  27. P.S. I think everyone should do at least one 'there's something about it video' on their blog.

  28. I was sooo glad to see the Fake Accent Lady do a sequel. I have missed her, as well as my kids. They frequently ask for my lame impersonation. The pie recipe? I will be tryin it as soon as me gets some peanut oil!

  29. oh Jayme I thought maybe fake accent lady had disappeared or moved away,expired or something so glad she hasn't. The pie is to die for, did you brush the crust with anything to get the glazed look? OH yes and lovin the red pot in the background.I am assuming you never put that puppy away since you got it. nancy settel

  30. You need a 'depends' undergarment warning on your blog.

    I didn't call you. I's a bad girl. No excuse except I plumb forgot, and today was a holy mess.

    I'll try tomorrow, but I think you said you were flying the coop....check yer calendar for the weekend after Thanksgiving.....

  31. You crazy hat lady you! I still think you made her up. lol I make pie crust. Maybe we should start a club.

  32. Why can't you be MY neighbor?? That looked unbelieveable!!!

  33. I noticed and remembered the pot also. My lord how we all must follow your blog!! I want to try that pie crust also alhtough I am the world's worst cook, I think I should just stick to crocheting

  34. That is one beautiful pie and apple. My hubs favorite. Some pie making here soon I am sure. You so crack me up!

  35. "folding it over on itself, just until it will hold together" this is the part that ALWAYS loses me. I think my definition of "barely holding together" must be different from the experts' definition. I need a tutorial. In the flesh.

  36. Jaymie...I've always used my mama's crust and love it , but on Friday I'm going to the annual "pie" party and my dearest friends home and I just may be try'in your recipe!!!
    Wish I lived close enough to share that apple pie with you...just you and me, eating the whole thing!!!!

    Have fun with your friend and safe travel!!

  37. LOL! My girlfriend and I say that all the time now! I knew it was going to be fake accent lady when I saw the hat. The pie crust looks yummy. I make the Martha Stewart pate' brisee' recipe in her pies and tarts book. But I'm gonna try yours...there's just something about it...the ingredients sound so interesting...there's just something about it...I've just got to try it!


  38. oh my stinkin' break out the voice like that and my unders don't want to stay dry!!! :)

    seriously, i have always been skeered of makin' my own crust and all...but yours is SO BEAUTIFUL that I must try. Must try. Yes, must try.

  39. okay, that video...I am dyin'!

  40. Why am I not surprised even one little bit that you've perfected and unconventional pie crust recipe Jaymes? I'm going to try this for sure, even though my very strange family doesn't like pie crust. There is a reason for this, and I won't share here, but it's legitimate. I however, love the stuff.

  41. I used to bake my own crusts, then I started using the ready ones.

    But I think I will try your recipe. My husband loves pies.

    Thanks for the recipe.

  42. OK. Law. LAW.

    My eyes are all a'tearin' on account of that video. I'm so glad I saved it until now. I needed a laugh.

    And I loved hearing Aaron snicker in the background!

  43. I just showed this post to my baby teen and he cracked up!

  44. I am making this crust today! Hopefully I can get the crimping pie sign down just right.

  45. Oh my word! I laughed so hard watching that video! You're hilarous. Oh, and that pie needs to get in my belly. Yum!

  46. I was on a diet... I think I gained 5 pounds just reading your blog. Gotta try that pie crust. My mouth is watering.

  47. I love you pie. I love the looks of the crust. The video is award winning. And, oh my I want a hat just like yours.

    You are the greatest!

    Ejoy your weekend and have fun and laugh lots.


  48. LOL..I don't know if someone else used this comment..but you are such a FLAKE! Totally meant in a good way.

  49. Thank you! Hot dog! That recipe is a winner. And I love rolling pins! I roll walnuts to crush them. That's the way I flute my crust too. The pie sign rules...

  50. I could dive through my screen here and devour those amazing looking pies!!

  51. Fabulous! You'll have to drop by my pie party on my blog sometime. I am in pie training an very grateful for your tips!

  52. My husband LOVES pie! Apple, in particular. Will definitely try the recipe! Pastries scare the pants off me, but I'll try it! Love your humor!

    Love your chickens! We have 6 red sex links, 2 buff orpingtons, a banham rooster, 15 red sex link chicks (about 1 month, 1 week old) and another rooster that despises me! Chickens are the greatest pets! My daughter spent hours yesterday after church, just sitting in the hen house with the babies.

  53. YOU NEED TO WRITE A COOK BOOK!! I wrote down the recipe and now I need to know do you use whole egg on the top? And my biggest problem is how to get the bottom of the crust done too. What do you bake it at and how long?? Your pie was blue ribbon worthy. Oh, how I wish we lived closer together! I would baby sit the chicks and kittens so you and Glenco could go out to Tasty Top with Shan and Cor. But you would have to teach me how to loom rugs.(I think that is what you call it).

  54. The video cracked me up!! It makes me want to get a blanket and lay on your kitchen floor while you cook. I will have to work on my fake accent though.

  55. Somehow we all have got to rally and get you on TV, you are a scream. You look so comfortable in from of the camera and your wit.... I die laughing. Thank you for the recipe, I will have to try this and get back to you.

    I hope one day to see you on your own cooking, gardening show.

    no need to respond as I know you like to do. I KNOW you are busy, no worries! So glad I came across your blog, you make my day happy.


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