Thursday, January 30, 2014

Craftopia -or - Why Winter Isn't Long Enough (Sometimes)

What do you do when you are in the middle of a Polar Vortex and are snowed in more often than not?

Put your hands to the spindle, that's what.

Here's a sampling of what I've been up to lately - 

In between tearing the house apart and scrubbing things with a toothbrush....

And celebrating my 52nd birthday...

And keeping the chickens alive during the Vortex...

I've been up to a few things.
Don't hate - but I actually have that panicked feel in my gut that I won't get everything finished I'd hoped to before it's gardening time, and oh - how anxious I am to get back into the garden.

I've gone on a bit of a houseplant frenzy - I have one for every 50sq feet of house now. 

Did you know that Lowe's has a clearance rack for plants?  Some, if not most are goners, but once in a while you can find a good one - like this one - for $3.

A little Epsom salts, a little love, an episode or two of Downton Abbey - it'll be just fine.

I've been trying to get out and get photos of the lovely snow we've had.
And boy, have we had it - over 30" this month so far, and 10 more due Saturday.

I miss photography.  I wish I would take it more seriously again.

Yes, those are extensions!  Aaron's been having fun with my hair.
I've been knitting - knitted myself that hat right up there - I need to find the pattern and post it - it was super easy - it knits flat, and then you sew it up the back.  I posted this picture on Facebook and got a few comments about my skin - this is unretouched and I turned 52 last week.  I swear it's my skin serum (available on Etsy! - look at the bar on the right), the fact that I've never smoked, and some good genetics from my momma.

I knitted a scarf for Glenco - he was woefully unprepared for the Vortex.

And you saw the scarf I made for Aaron...

I've also made a few rag quilts.
I just finished this one yesterday - for my sister Vivian in Missouri.

I made this one for Aaron - 

I made one for my sister too - but didn't get a pic.  : -/

Some miscellaneous things I've made....

My first attempt at wool felting - it was a total fluke that the head turned out so fact, the legs are a nightmare, and that's why it's in bed, covered up.  It's a paraplegic raccoon.
It was a gruesome accident, involving a trap.

This was a lot of fun to make.  I made the bed, a little oval rug to go under it - and found that little shotgun at Hobby Lobby.  My cousin Jim is a coon hunter - and I made this for him.

I made this paper mache sculpture for my friend Gina - it symbolizes her grandson, the apple of her eye.

I made this pillow for my sweet friend Renee, fellow Glamper.

Took a quick photo right before it got wrapped up!

I made this pillow for myself - I'm not entirely sure why I made a pillow that said "go" - but it just seemed like what I needed at the time I made it.

I've whipped up a new batch of serum, and have made a delightful, all natural, organic body butter!
Stay tuned for info on that soon.

And last but not least - just a teaser for now - cause it deserves it's very own blog post - 

My mouse house.

So ya see, winter just isn't long enough at times - and we haven't even started talking about books, and all of those that beg to be read.

I've much to learn about the bees this winter.

So I say - let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  1. Good Law, you have been busy!!.. I am in love with the mouse house already.. did you MAKE THAT??...

    Loving the extensions, how fun and lucky to have an Aaron around.

  2. I would love to be your neighbor so we can craft together. I would love to learn wool felting and have someone to help me learn to sew. You are extremely talented lady!

  3. I have been checking in to see a post, well, now I know why you didn't post until now. Boy, am I feeling very much like a slug and very inapt. You do sleep, right? All your projects are wonderful. From your adorable pillows, knitted items and that cute felted raccoon. I wish I lived near you too. I would be begging you to start some home classes. I hear you on the plant thing. I am in need of visiting our local greenhouse. Need a dose of Green in a big way. More snow to start today and into next Tuesday. it continues.....
    P. S. Glad to see your flock is surviving.


  4. You have been one busy girl, Jayne. And, Yes, I can call you girl since you are way younger than me. Stay warm and just enjoy the snow until you can get out and plant that garden again.

  5. Oh my what a bunch of cuteness! Please do share hat pattern- I need easy! Angela

  6. You are so talented and so busy! I adore the raccoon and the mouse house..all the knitted scarfs and the hat is adorable on your beautiful face! Head that is. I'm just thinking of cleaning out the bedroom...heehee.

  7. Happy belated Birthday. Love all those things you have been doing. Speaking of Lowe's and the clearance isle for plants, when you get to the cash register, you can ask for an even better price. I've done it many times and have been successful. Have a great weekend & hope it warms up soon.

  8. Paraplegic Raccoon! You made me spit all over my computer!!!! hahahahahahahaha !!!

  9. Wow! You've been one busy bee...

    love that first photo!!

  10. Another great blog, great job, love all the goodies. xo

  11. Love all your creations, and admire your discipline to get things accomplished, you're my idol. I have so many outside distractions, in my life, I can't find the time to get done what I want to, plus I'm such a gemini procrastinator.

    I love spring and summer,, but there is such a peace in winter, I embrace it to the max . . . . and I too wish, there were another month of winter, maybe between January and February. . . . hmmmm If we did have a month between Jan, and Feb, what would be a good name for that month, let's see we don't have a month that begiins with. B, C, E, G, H, I, K, L, P, R. S. U. V. W. Z, Y. . . yet we have 2 M's and 3 J's 2 A's . . . January, Burrurary, Febrruary. . . .hmm . . .now I'm wondering the origins of the names of months March. August, April, July. . . ok. 50 yr old, get focused I need to get off line and go declutter.

  12. Wow! I feel unproductive. ;) Love everything you have made, especially the paraplegic raccoon. :D I totally cracked up when I read that!! :P

  13. Jayme - such fun stuff!! The photo of the chicks in the snow, all in a row - is a fabulous sight!! Great shot! Glad that you posted about your serum.. as we spoke of, I need to get on it and order again! Enjoy your snow days... plenty of time for garden - You always manage to get everything done! :-)

  14. Well, you have been a busy, busy girl. You know I am still using your serum. I can't believe how far it goes and it makes my skin feel like silk.LOVE all your projects. I think the GO pillow is perfect for you because you have been on the GO! I can send you exta snow if you'd like.....xo Diana

  15. Well, you have been a busy, busy girl. You know I am still using your serum. I can't believe how far it goes and it makes my skin feel like silk.LOVE all your projects. I think the GO pillow is perfect for you because you have been on the GO! I can send you exta snow if you'd like.....xo Diana

  16. Busy, busy birthday girl! What fun you make out of life! Happy Birthday Belated Jayme!

  17. Jayme, You and Aaron are beautiful. Love that picture of you. Your chicken looks nice.Take care and stay warm. xoxo,Susie

  18. Great photos, inspiring crafting and 'winter wonderful' words.... you're like an army of one with all you have done Jayme --- I concede! :o)


  19. Wow, wish I felt the same way, but I always craft through the year and get so sick of seeing the same four walls during a snow in. Your outlook is admirable. Back to my seed catalogs to dream of what will be, hopefully soon!

  20. Jayme, I don't even know where to start. I've missed visiting your blog so much! It's always "blog candy" to me with so much good stuff crammed therein :D Love all your creations, but that raccoon just made me smile. In fact, my first visit to your blog I was introduced to your music video regarding raccoons vs your chickens. You had me from the get-go! ;) Great pic of you and Aaron. You are so lucky to have each other. Bless ya, and have a great snowy weekend of crafting. I intend to do the same here in MO. -Tammy

  21. and, most importantly.. Happy Birthday!! -T

  22. I'll have whatever you're having. (No lie....I need some speed or whatever the kids call it these days. When it comes to doing anything, my face is like O_o. LOL)
    I love coming to visit your blog. Maybe you should come visit my house. How long will it take you to whip my mess into shape?! hee hee...

  23. I couldn't agree more! As much snow as we've had, and -26 temps last week, I still love winter so I can just catch up and rest from the summertime chores. Someone laughed that I was spring cleaning while there was still snow outside, but hey, if I wait until spring, NOTHING will get done inside! Always enjoy visiting, -Mary

  24. You sound very content. Congratulations on that!

  25. omgosh are you talented! so jealous. hugs

  26. Happy Birthday! I just celebrated my as well --- I got 5 years on you - young-un.

    Two things:

    Can you tell me how to make a rag quilt?

    Will you make and sell me a pillow ("Oh the places you'll go")? One of my best friends just bought a camper like that and I would love to send her a pillow. I guess I could just copy yours....

    Thanks for the inspiration!



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