Friday, January 3, 2014

Not Fit For Man Nor Beast

Remember my fun little drawings I used to do!?  I miss doing these.  
I apologize in advance that this post is a bit about the weather.
Alas, I'm not complaining about the weather - on the contrary, I'm loving the snow.  
More please!
I won't even complain about the 10 degree below 0 temps.
It's winter.
I'm not about to wish away a day - Spring will be here soon enough, and with it the delicious
 mania that it brings. 
For now is the time to hunker and bundle, wrap your hands around a hot mug of tea, bake a loaf of bread, check on your neighbors and be extra thankful for the blessings of a roof and furnace.
Now is the time to rest, read and reflect.
It's also the time to knit, sew, create and clean out.
Allow yourself to do that.
(I'm talking to m'self here too)

Is it just the homemaker in me that jumps to the opportunity to make cozy food and pull out extra blankets to nurture the ones I love?  I get kind of excited in weather like this.  It makes me want to make sure everyone and everything is OK.
You OK?
I'm OK.
It makes me want to chop wood even though I don't have a wood burner. 
I want to boil water and stock up on supplies.
I want to wear plaid flannel and look out the window.
A large gluten free loaf of banana bread is in the oven, and the house smells wonderful.

I am quite concerned about the chickens, and I can't even bear to think of the state of the bees.
I told Glenco yesterday that we had no choice but to bring the whole lot of them in the house.

I'm seriously considering making this for Omelette - my rooster - since he doesn't tuck his head in at night.
I just hate to see his proud comb succumb to the bitter cold and turn black, and ultimately fall off - I mean - it's gotta mess with a birds self esteem, to go bald and all - and at such a young age. 

I just think it needs a matching scarf to balance it out.
The BoyChild has requested the now infamous 

It's been quite sometime since I've made it - but days like this just beg for it.

And speaking of the BoyChild - there will be an update soon.  I have a lot of questions about 18 year old boys.  He left at almost 17 and came home at almost 18 - and what a difference a year made.  I have a lot of questions!

  But here's just a bit of a teaser - he was approached by a photographer at a Starbucks in Chicago and asked to model.
Of course I gave him the 'he could have been a serial killer' lecture - but the results were quite stunning.

So my friends - stay warm.  Stay content.  
It's in these lean, cold days that our blessings are most evident.


  1. I've said it before....That BoyChild could make big bucks modeling!! He is gorgeous and those eyes are just beautiful.

  2. What time will the soup done, I will bring my own bowl and Omelette can live in my bra until this cold snap passes.

  3. A Facebook friend vaselines her chickens combs.

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  5. Well, he's just all aglow..... the Boychild I mean.... not the chicken.

  6. Wow. The photo is breathtaking.

  7. Wow. The photo is breathtaking.

  8. A. Georgeous! (Boychild I am referring to)
    B. Need the recipe for gluetin free banna bread.
    Stay warm!

  9. Oh, I have been so thinking of you. With this cold, cold weather and WGN saying how your area will get hit with more snow tomorrow. I can only imagine your poor chickens. I love that Hat. Your post cracks me up and it is just what I needed today. Coughing and hacking over here. Husband is down and so am I. Achy, tickle in the throat and feeling worn down. Ugh! So funny that you made potato soup, as that is just what I made the family last night too. A favorite around here as well and it was rib warming. Look at the boy child. Gorgeous. Yes, modeling could be interesting and take him many places. My daughter was approached years ago too. We met with the gentleman. I went with her and felt this photographer only wanted to sign people up and get $$$. he seemed even annoyed that I came with my daughter. We didn't pursue it or feel this gentleman had the means to promote. Just be careful Jayme, especially if they are asking for money up front for promotion and portfolio.


  10. I'm stuck in Fort Wayne...FORT WAYNE. My son has a tournament tonight and tomorrow and we are hoping to scootch out of here tomorrow afternoon before the next storm hits. Nothing like a northern Indiana snowstorm and those north south highways to make me pray.
    I love the rooster hat. LOL
    Could you cover the hives and the nesting areas with hay? I'm a city girl, so I assume hay is the country answer to all animal cold weather problems. Please excuse my stupidity.
    Ohmygoodness...that man child. He is just plain beautiful.

  11. He is a beautiful man. Those eyes are KILLER!

    We are also in the throes of cold weather with temps in the upper teens and low 20s. I am spending the evening on the couch with a quilt, every season of the West Wing and a large pot of tea. Not a bad way to end the week!

  12. So handsome...the rooster and the BoyChild! :-)

  13. Jayme- Sounds like you are having a good start to your year. 18 year old boys are very confusing. They are struggling to find who they are and yet don't really WANT TO KNOW who they are. They are letting go of boyhood and becoming young men. They are lost in the tween land-tween child and man.

    Your BoyChild looks almost exactly like my nephew and he made BIG money modeling-He was discovered in Ft. Lauderdale and his face was all over the place with RayBan sunglasses for several years. He ended up in the world of fashion and has done well for himself. BUT -it took him a while to find himself and figure it out. Your boy will, too- He will. Have faith and pray a lot~ xo Diana

  14. I love that your chicken has an electric throw! When it gets this cold we should all hibernate. If he can make money modeling, he should go for it. It is an opportunity.

  15. Handsome Boy . . .that Boy Child!
    I love hunkering down. New book titles too . . . Yay!

  16. Having had the privilege of eating that soup of your hands on two occasions (remember I made you make it at my house?), I can testify that Aaron and I are soul buddies. Yummo is all I can say. He is looking mar.vel.ous. I hope your bees and birds will be ok. This cold is scary!

  17. I just finished a cobbler.. should been paleo, but I cheated this time. I love to nest and cook and provide comfort this time of year too.

    That soup looks divine!

    and WOW does that boychild look more than maaavelous. He's downright beautiful!

  18. I am weighing in here on the boy child. It would make the world a more beautiful place if his gorgeous face were plastered all over it! Incredibly beautiful human being!

  19. I knew that soon-to-be-famous boychild WAY BACK WHEN!
    STUNNING photo. I love seeing where life is taking him.

    Also, I loved this: "I want to wear plaid flannel and look out the window."


  20. Hot! That is a smoldering shot of your young man. He's got the LOOK! Hang that up in the hen house, that will keep 'me warm. Hehehehe. Lots of soups and keeping a fire going in the wood burner. You can come up here to Maine to chop wood when ever the urge strikes you. :) just got back from taking the pooch for a walk as it is a sunny 25 degrees....feels like spring compared to the negative teens we were having. I enjoy every season for what it brings, but winter has this peaceful calm about it. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Can't wait for the update.

  21. i love your drawings! what do you use to create them? :)

  22. I made your soup yesterday and it was scrumtrulescent!!!
    We are all socked in up here in Michigan, it was just what we needed, thanks!

  23. You n me. Kindred spirits. You ok? I'm ok! I'm futzing n caring for critters AND woodstove, layering extra blankets on beds n beasts, cleaning, baking and making a big pot of chili! I flat cracked up at the rooster hat as that's EXACTLY what I came in to google- frozen combs! I seem to recall something about vaseline but that makes it harder to pet n snuggle them warm! (Of course I had to stop in at your place to warm up on the way to "The Google!" I can't wait to see your pictures IF your index finger didn't get frostbite. Stay snug!
    btw - The Boy Child... WOWZA! <3

  24. Ok, boy child - Gorgeous! But all I had was a girl child. So I'm no help there. She did, however leave at 18, return at 19, leave at 20, return at 21. Oh my! She wore that revolving door out until she finally got married. Then she moved him in for 3 months while they made their new fixer upper livable. We removed the revolving door after that, LOL.
    My hubs keeps trying to tell me I don't need insulated walls and ceiling for the chicken coop of my dreams. He says a heat lamp and heated waterer are enough. But I know birds can get frost bit combs. I did not know they could turn black and fall off however. Insulation it is!!!!!! Still have to convince the township to let me have birds however.


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