Monday, January 20, 2014

This Old House

I read a quote last night that got me thinking.

Thinking about this old place, and my sentimental attachment to it.
I've always loved the idea of flipping houses - I've never done it - but I like hard work, and I love taking something ramshackly and making it lovely - so I think I'd be a heck of a flipper.

But not this place.
There is no flipping here.
There is coddling, loving, tending, repairing, but no flipping.
This is my soul's resting place.

I tease when I talk about selling it - that there would be a stringent interview process.
"Do you plan on keeping chickens?"
"Will you garden organically?"
"What's that?  You don't plan on gardening?"
"Hmmm...I'm sorry - I don't feel that this is the house for you."

Here's a picture of the back yard when we first bought the place.  

Here's what I wrote about it in a blog post a few years ago:

As I walked around, I envisioned chickens scratching, and quilts on the clothesline. Sweating glasses of iced tea and herb gardens. Laughter and memories. Glen envisioned a lot of trips to Home Depot, power tools, and endless hours of hard labor. Go figure.

Here's that same spot now:

Seems that we were both right with our visions.

This house has been more than a place of shelter for me - it's been a refuge.  It's taught me life lessons that I don't feel that a new house could have taught me.

It taught me that broken things are worth saving, and are worth the time it takes to fix.

It taught me that most things in life - like people - are not 'all bad' or 'all good'.  There are no absolutes. Except maybe for bacon - because bacon is absolutely delicious.  OK, and coffee - but sometimes you can have bad coffee - where, I don't recall ever having bad bacon.

This house has wonderful qualities, charm, vignettes of delight, and yet a basement that would make your hair stand on end.

It's taught me over and over that if something is worth doing, it's worth doing right - even if that's the long way around.

It's taught me that sometimes age and time do indeed make some things better, but at times a can of gas and a match make them even better. 

: -)

Not that I know anything about burning things around here.

But more importantly, it's taught me that life is never finished.  It goes on and on, whether or not we are around to enjoy or endure it - whatever your perspective might be on that subject.
I have already made this place better than when I found it, and it's my hope, dream and goal to leave it as a legacy of love - standing strong against the storms of life, a refuge, a place of serenity to the weary soul.

Please know y'all are more than welcome to visit anytime.
I will put you to work - but there will be bacon and coffee a plenty.

Here's the quote that got me thinking about this wonderful old place, and my love for it.


  1. You just made me re-love our farm. Have a great day!

  2. You truly made the house a home, your beautiful refuge.

  3. I absolutely adore your farm! Your flower beds made me drool and your views make me swoon! I just wish I could see photos of it daily or maybe even other words I'm telling more often!!!! lol! Your blog is one that out of hundreds that show up if I could only read's yours...:)

  4. Beautiful sentiment...It tells exactly what is in my heart. I love the "Farm Girl Wannabe" hat that you gave me. I LOVE and MISS YOU!!

  5. You have done an absolutely beautiful job in transforming that place! I may have to visit you because here in California all I see is brown crispy grass, plants and trees. I think we are on our 3rd year of drought. :(

  6. What a beautiful transformation!! Wow...

    I love your old "new" place. You're amazing!!

  7. Your home is the perfect reflection of you warm, inviting and adorable! All y'all's hard work shows :) We love fixer uppers too, we bought a old farmhouse almost a year ago with high hopes it would be done by now but unfortunately it needs so much structural work it will be better to tear part of it down :( but we are pretty much rebuilding it the same with a couple of tweeks and adding some more bedrooms , it's been so hard to be patient I just want to get in there and get started!

  8. Home is where your heart is...and your heart is in your home! Simply paradise!

    I've had bad bacon. It had the word "turkey" in front of it. Turkey was NEVER meant to be bacon.



  9. The gardens surrounding your farm, refuge are absolutely stunning. So colorful warm, sweetly designed . . . I love the little out buildings, gardening houses, homes for the chicks. It is your place, home, hearth . . . I see you there.

  10. Jayme- You have loved that old farm back into existence and done its original owners proud. You have poured heart and soul into that place and it shows. Bless you, girlie-you done good!!!! xo Diana

  11. Your home is and continues to be a labor of love. Its just lovely! Thank goodness you are not posting that you are ready to sell and go live in one of those "Tiny houses" or off to live in a little cabin on the side of a mountain. Its ok to still dream though..... Will be thinking of you tomorrow, with all the talk of more snow again coming your way. Your sweet home will just bring you more cozy. Happy shoveling....


  12. I know exactly what you mean. I have lived in this house since 1980 when I moved in with my soon to be husband. (He bought it in 1976.) Back then, we thought we would fix it up and sell it, but it grew on us. Now you couldn't pay me enough!
    I love your summer flower picture. Aren't you just dying to get back in the gardens?

  13. Woman, you are just so entertaining, sometimes I cant't stand it! I envy all your amazing feats, energy, and talents. Makes a NE Indiana gal seem pretty talent-less! But . . . "The world is so full of a number of things, I think we should all be as happy as kings!" ~Patysue

  14. So, so pretty. What a labor of love.

  15. Oh, so very well said. I actually teared up, and I'm the stoic type! I'm so thankful that you found your Haven in this nutball we spin around in space on. That is priceless!

    I remember a post you did awhile back that mentioned how you spent years taking care of aging or ailing family and how stressful it was. Well, I'm up to my scalp in that stage of life. I'm trying to make my house a Haven within the little pockets of free time so I don't go crazy. How did you survive those times? I'm about ready to change my name to Consuela Hernandez and move to Peru.

    Your blog is a lighthouse, as always. Thank you, Jayme!

  16. My parents bought a new house the year before I was born. They are now, 33 years later, still making improvements. My grandma's farmhouse is 153 years old...still making improvements. My house is now 8 years old...still making improvements. The work is never done. Your house is absolutely beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working!


  17. I am sure that back yard looks like mine does right now, with about a foot of snow in it! Lovely post and how I wish everything was so green right now!

  18. It is so beautiful. U have done a wonderful job with it. Love your blog!

  19. I am anonymus cause I can't figure out how to comment otherwise. LOL

  20. Just beautiful Jayme. . . I think you should print this out and it should remain with the house years after you are gone, sort of like that man that stopped by that used to live there, how nice was that. . . at first I didn't realize that was actually you in that photo never saw this pic, your farm house actually looked like that. . . what were you thinking buying that???? What a vision, what a labor of love, what an inspiration!
    (why is your blog so small, or is it my puter? I can hardly read your blog, with my glasses on Ö)

    Sending love. . . on your birthday month, it's Jan 26th right?

    To Kate J: prayers going up for you, keep lookin up darlin, life can sometimes seem overwhelming, know you are not alone, He's there walkin with you,. . . I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. . . Philippians 4:13 this too shall pass (((Kate)))
    To Lisa Tucker: you sayin there are other blogs out there? Ü

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I needed to read that verse this morning. It is perfect, as I just said to my hubby that I feel so alone and too weak for this task...getting panic attacks now. We just moved back home from out of state to take care of them and I don't have much time to invest in new friendships. Thank you for your perfect timing with your encouragement. Hugs right back to you!!

    2. Nancy - I can't believe you remembered my birthday! Yes, I'll be fifty too good to be true (52) this Sunday. Yowza! Sweet Kate J - would you email me at There is no email address linked with your name - so I can't respond to you as I'd like. xo

  21. Jayme:

    Your little piece of Earth is beautiful, to your credit. You are a good steward. I am striving, in this "new" year, to remind myself that when things seem tough (as they often do) that today is a day and it will end just like every other day. And tomorrow the sun will rise and it will be a new day, fresh with new opportunities to smile. But for today, it is only another day.

    Take care.. I consider your invitation to be open and without an expiration date.... If I find myself within 100 miles, I will be there.

  22. BEAUTIFUL! How rewarding it must be to see something so beautiful come from something that was run down and hadn't been cared for!

  23. It's just so completely lovely. I'm so happy that you were able to bring your vision to life! What are those beautiful vivid pink flowers on the right side of the garden pictures? I'm thinking I might need some in my garden this spring. Though I dare not even dream of gardening yet while the temperatures are dipping below zero.

  24. ........words and photos are twins in 'simply lovely'.

    Birthday Blessings Jayme -- :o)

  25. the summer view of what it has become....and I think you should come visit ME at the massage school (I am a student) on the corner of the square....!!


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