Monday, January 6, 2014

News from the Tundra

I'd love to be one of those people that could just not care to talk about what's going on out m'door - I wish I could be one of those people that come in after tending the chickens and think 'my goodness,
 it's a wee chilly out'.  
 I'm not.  
Oh no. 
 Everyone and his brother is gonna hear about how cold it is in NW Indiana at the moment.

Out on a walk before the cold hit - the snow was magical.

Let's just get right into it ok?

It's cold.
Like - it will kill you cold.
I believe we have about 20" of snow on the ground from the last couple of storms, and it's blowing around.
We are in a county that has been declared a state of emergency.
Um, it's really - really cold.
Everything has been shut down and only emergency vehicles are supposed to be on the road.
Just that alone makes me want to go somewhere - mmmhmmm....don't tell me I can't go!
Our furnace has run continually for over the last 40 hours - as in, not stopped blowing yet.  
I'm thankful for this and I ask for a reminder of my present state of warmth and gratitude when I get my next utility bill.
There is a small ice patch on my bedroom wall next to the window - and that's a true story.
Again - as in any blizzard conditions - my mind wanders to the Donner Party and the horror of all that.


The next thing we need to mention is the 
If you click on the recipe name, it will take you to it.
Folks - this stuff is the bomb.
But let's get one thing straight, and I'm not just trying to be funny here - this does not, and I repeat NOT serve 16 people.
Unless I made a woeful mistake, which I don't believe I did.

There is no way in heck there were 16 cups of this soup - I'm going to say 8 at best. 
Ergo - it serves four in my mind, if you are eating it as a meal.

Now, I did make some changes - not in ingredients or anything - but just didn't make it in a crockpot.  I also cooked the chicken breasts, cubed in a little of the bacon grease.
I had thought of subbing out the dairy - but for the first time making it, I wanted to taste what it was supposed to taste like.
Glenco and Aaron will just have to deal with my dairy-air.

The third thing we need to mention is my chicken drawrings.
Thank you so much for all the encouragement and support you've given me about them.
I do believe I am going to try to do something with them.
Thank you again.
Stay tuned.

And the final thing we need to mention is this:

It's back.
I'll refrain from talking about it right now, as there could be some of you that haven't seen it yet.
I'm still believing that this is the year we shall see Thomas shine, and that his heart of gold, that I know he has, will begin to shine.

Now...please...for the love -
make the chowder, stay warm, be well and love hard.

Aaron sporting the new scarf I made him.


  1. I took the train to California one March. Things were fine when we left but a blizzard was starting in Northern California/Reno. Our train was stuck in Reno and Amtrak had to bus us to Sacramento. It took 8 long hours, many of which at a stand still in a blizzard on the Donner Pass in the dark. You can imagine the things going on in my head!!!!!!

  2. Colder than heck here in Northeast Ohio too! Can't wait to try your recipe! Stay warm and cozy!!

  3. I don't think Thomas is going to redeem himself anytime soon; he's already scheming with the new lady's maid. If he hurts Anna somehow, he'll have to deal with a furious Mr. Bates! Remember, he learned a lot of ways to make mischief in prison! Look out, Thomas!

  4. Oh Jayme, you crazy girl! What were you doing, a repeat of the WGN Morning News science experiments, from this morning? Haven't stuck my head out yet and plan not to until Thursday. Is this crazy? Juneau, Alaska was even in the high thirties today! What the heck! With Freckleface2 ..Thomas is up to no good already.


  5. What you wont go through for us blog followers, now that is cold! I was just in the garage wrapping the water heater and it was so cold in there not to mention outside.... a cold 15 and dropping to 5.

    Praying your chickens, bees and you guys will be safe.

  6. We had thunder last night as the temps jumped up into the low 40s (after an ice storm earlier in the day!) Today was in the mid-30s and then the temp started dropping. I believe the low is supposed to be 1 tonight. One freaking degree. I cannot even BEGIN to wrap my head around the temperatures you are experiencing! I have a Pelonis heater blowing on the kitchen wall behind my washing machine in an attempt to prevent the water lines from freezing...again. Thankfully only two days of this ridiculous cold and then we are back to regular mid Atlantic East Coast weather.

    Stay warm!

  7. ((chattering teeth and licking my chops))

    Yumm - nothing like hot soup (LIKE THAT!!) on such a cold day..(ahem!) like that. I will be trying that.

    PS: You make me laugh so hard. Loved your video!

  8. Yummy...a perfect meal for days such as these...I have to tell ya your man/boy/ child is one good looka...not only is he beautiful on the outside but inside are so fortunate to have one another...I'm happy you decided to return to being a blonde girlfriend you look awesome!!!! Stay warm and be safe...Greetings from Maine...

  9. Refreshing . . . YOU . . . even when frozen! Thanks for the recipe! I plan to make it as soon as they let me out on the roads to make the trip to the store . . . I like the scarf!

  10. You are too funny! I love your tundra cam. I can't imagine being that cold. I was excited to finally wear a light jacket today in Phoenix!

  11. Love that pic!!! (of you and Aaron)

  12. Love Love Love the chicken drawings.. love Downton Abby with the freezing cold there is nothing like a hot bowl of soup and of course homemade bread. The soup looks really tasty and good..It's freezing cold here in Iowa..2nd day of no school and not being able to go anywhere.. We have snow but not as much as you do, I'm sure we will get more.. have a blessed day...ta ta for now from Iowa:)

  13. I know its ridiculously cold here in Lake County. Hasnt been this cold in 20 years! And my God the snow-back breaking. Our dog kept wanting to go out and we couldnt figure out why and got so fed up told him to just go in the kitchen well clean it up, opening the doors makes the temps inside drop horribly, but thats not why he kept wanting to go out. Squirrels were burrowing under the snow! Stay warm Indiana!

  14. You....make me smile. You do. Is that weird? Ah, well. :) (and also, I love those snow pictures. I used to live in IL and now I live in TX. I don't get much good weather here...)

  15. You are a joy, and that Aaron is a gem! Excited that you are pursuing options with your drawings. Stay warm!

  16. Jaybird, Thanks for the laugh. Haven't left the house in four days because of the cold. Will try the soup. Take care.

  17. Our Canadian frozen tundra surrounds me as I hibernate tonight --- I'm not positve Jayme, but I do believe that your post did a 'bit of a melt'......warmed my chilly spirits to the bone! :o) Luv'd the video, the chowder and the was "everything grrrrrrreat"!


  18. Your post made me smile, a lot!
    Thank you!

  19. The chowder looks amazing...just like Downton Abbey! :)

  20. you would make a great weather person on TV... next time a hurricane hits you need to go stand on the beach. LOL

  21. Love Downton, your soup, your CHICKEN DRAWINGS and especially your snow style! I posted mine @ What I wore Wed! ;-P

  22. Making the soup tonight...hoping the smell of it will bring cold and wet weather to our neck of the woods. Boy do we need some! Love Downton....
    I have only been that cold once in my life...not a fan...truly feared for my toes!
    Stay toasty and safe.

  23. Love the scarf but can't imagine how you get hubby to wear it. Until I knit a ski mask, my husband refuses to consider my creations. ;) Stevie @

  24. I guess you don't want to hear that it's 59* in my part of Arizona.....

  25. I am sick and tired of this cold weather. Stinkin' Indiana weather teases ya with 40 degrees one day and the next is -10 degrees. Ugh. I hate it.


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