Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Possible

Former 300lb Jayme - finishes Half Marathon.

This is just a friendly Monday morning reminder that all things are possible.

Is your heart broken?
Healing is possible.

Are you 300lbs?
Health is possible.

Are you broke, busted and disgusted?
Prosperity is possible.

Are you experiencing the darkness of depression?
Happiness is possible.

How do I know this?
It's all happened to me - 
and I've survived - 
and despite what you may think - 

there's really nothing super special about me.
I'm just stubborn as a mule.

You can be too.

Get up.
Get after it.

PS - fresh batch of serum going on Etsy today - a pox upon me for not having it up sooner, after my last post!


  1. Such a positive CAN DO outlook! Congratulations on finishing the 1/2 marathon!

  2. What a woman, person, keeper, joy!

  3. I am so proud of you!!!! I think you hit it on the head - stubbornness! Go you!!
    ~ Tracy


  4. Sending snowy smooches! You da best! xoxo

  5. I'm so grateful for your inspiration. Started L218 last week ... my sister started L180. Inspiration is infectious.

  6. Congratulations! Anything is possible.

  7. Oh what a sweet Monday post. I love seeing them more often. Thank you for the example and encouragement. I try to keep a positive heart as best I can, but sometimes we all can get a little weary. I meant to wish you a happy birthday on my last post. Sorry. Belated wishes Jayme. You did look so super fly with those extensions. Bet Aaron and you are still having too many fun moments, now that he is home. What are his plans? My daughter took me to Sephora, her favorite, two weeks back. Today she was playing cosmetologist. Oh, the smokey eye on a 58 year old woman. Ha! So fun. I need some of that miracle serum. Going to check it out. I need that Jayme "Fountain of Youth" and maybe some new extensions. Its still fun to play beauty parlor even as we get older..Right?


  8. wish you lived closer...I could so use a running partner right now!

  9. So funny that you posted this today as I was thinking about you and was wondering if you have kept up with the running? I am a walker and have been sidelined with a foot injury since November and am FINALLY back at it...slowly..but surely.

  10. Congratulations! I had no doubt you could do it! xo Diana

  11. I so wish we lived closer so you could "smack me around" when I start to feel sorry for myself! You are an inspiration to so many!!

  12. Jayme, What a wonderful way to encourage others. You look good. xoxo,Susie

  13. Thank you for reminding us of all of this!! There's no reason to do nothing if there is something about life that we are dissatisfied with. Way to go on the half marathon!

  14. Congrats completing your half marathon! I just wish you could bottle your "can do" attitude because I'm ready for a change but can't quite get my rear going to make the changes.

  15. Congratulations! You are an inspiration!!

  16. You look about 18 years old in the photo above! That's called clean living, my friend!

  17. Jayme - such an encourager! Life is so 'daily' which is best to remember -- nothing happens overnight, but, day by day, try and keep trying, falling and getting up again, good days and not so good ones, not alone but with God's direction and with the people He places in our lives.......such as yourself Jayme & this blog of wisdom......... we can conquer the challenges that seem unreachable.

    ......just a supreme message today Jayme,

  18. While I was disappointed to not find any of your serum after your last post, I'm not wishing for anything more to happen to you after all you went through last year!
    Keep going, girl, you're such an inspiration to all of us!

  19. Thanks for your post. I'm overweight, tired all of the time, only have glimmers of hope that quickly fizzle when I get home after work (waaaaa), anyway, you are an inspiration. Your picture could be a poster for possibilities. My heartfelt thanks.



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