Sunday, February 9, 2014


Sell your cleverness, buy bewilderment.

I'll admit it - the snow and the cold is a bit much.


This is what I know.
Can I change it?

So I shan't complain.
Not one bit.

I won't complain when my face feels like it's going to fall off when I pump gas.
I won't complain when I wade in 2-3' snow drifts that Mother Nature sees fit to  rearrange 
every day with the wind.

The chickens must eat.

Now, that right there is passive aggressive complaining.
: -)

Of course I don't like traveling in this weather, or the inherent danger that those I love are in 
when they travel.
It can at times, be completely inconvenient and honestly, deadly.

And of course, I'd prefer a warm summer day with vine ripe tomatoes, and fresh zinnias on the table.
I really do like this too.

You know what my main thought is throughout all of this?

Awe inspiring!

I mean - really?  Some areas around me have had 90 to 100 inches this winter.

That's just epic.

It's a winter we'll all remember fo' sho.

I for one am impressed, amazed and bewildered at the power of nature and the resiliency of the human spirit.

Spring is coming, just as it has every year-but until then - why not just look out your window and be bewildered?

The lack of warm, humid air and dirty fingernails may or may not have taken it's toll on the author's neurological state, causing a mental euphoric state over winter.  If said author of this blog keeps yammering away about how lovely winter is, an intervention may be necessary.  Please approach author carefully - preferably carrying beach bags and/or packets of flower seeds.  A sudden jolt of reality that there is indeed a Polar Vortex could have negative consequences.


  1. I love winter! It is my favorite time of year. I just wish we had snow like that where I live. We usually only get an inch or so. Every once in a blue moon we might get a good several inches, but nothing like what you have. I must move a little more north so I can have real winters. :-)

  2. I have been so bewildered that I am starting to get frustrated! lol We have had WAY TOO much snow and frigid weather here. I am longing for some sunshine! xo Diana

  3. My second favorite season is winter. (I love the fall!) I love snow, cold bedrooms, hot coffee, warm boots, etc. Having said all that, this year I am looking for spring and soon!

  4. Also enjoying the beauty of winter here in Illinois. Need to appreciate each season as it unfolds. The Farmer's Almanac foretold this. More truth there than in all the "global warming" money grabbers.

  5. Beauty yes . . . and when it is ninety degrees, high humidity . . . I promise,
    No Complaints!

  6. Jamie, It seems we could all complain. I am sick of hearing myself complain :):) My sister says if it were not for the nasty weather , she'd have nothing to write about......because we can't go anywhere. LOL. Take care Spring is very near. xoxo,Susie

  7. I won't complain because I hate hot, humid weather and I have an excuse to stay inside and quilt, sew and knit. Once it's warm, I will be outdoors all the time gardening. I have learned to embrace every season whatever it brings because I know that here in Indiana the weather will change tomorrow. High thirties here by Thursday. Heat wave.

  8. This has definitely been a winter of a" WHOLE LOT OF COZY". I am missing morning walks mostly. These temps are just ridiculous. Lets hope we are not all complaining this summer if we end up having another high temp/drought summer. I am fearful that might happen. I love your picture of our little bird. I came across it a week back too. Thought it was cute. Even our feathered friends have had it rough. Love your disclaimer. Stay warm Jayme. I hope this Spring, we won't hear horrible flooding stories. Oh, Mother Earth....


  9. So very funny. Yes, the winds have been rearranging snow. Reshoveling shoveled areas have been part of the winter routine, that is if you want your mail delivered. Come rain sleet or snow is no longer applicable. But what the heck, who needs bills anyway! It is awe inspiring though, if you can make it out and look around which is what we did yesterday. A truly lovely day. But now its 1 degree and back in the house we'll stay. It is promising to see that with all the huge piles of snow out there some of those subtle changes that whisper spring is on the way.

  10. Could I hire you to make a crib quilt? Since you's just sitting there taking pics of your coffee cup. Haha...just kidding.

  11. Your disclaimer is "everything" AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING deee-lightful about the gift of words -- you're like a warrior story teller! :o)

    PS -- I'm a winter 'flake' too.....what can I say - I'm Canadian! :o)

  12. February can be a downer in spite of the beauty of it. The turkeys come every day for their corn. When it is gone they look in the windows at us accusingly, wondering why we aren't trotting out with more.

  13. I'll tell you what stops me from bewilderment: It starts with S and ends in ilas.

    On second thought, he bewilders me daily.


  14. It is all in your perspective! Remember there is always room for you here.

  15. Well I have been buying seed packets to cope at this time. Also remodeled the basement, my bedroom and am almost complete with spring cleaning. I will be outside enjoying spring when it comes. I need alot of seed packets this year after that giant oak fell on the house during that crazy storm. My front yard has went from full shade and a moss yard to what will be full sun this summer. Let the work begin. Glad your chicks are doing well. Havent heard you say a word about frost bit feet so that is amazing in this weather. Hope to see you soon.

    Cedar Lake

  16. I received my Spring Chicken Serum today, I'm so excited! That was really fast! Thank You so much Jayme! Sandy Rowe

  17. Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie. I have decided you are my good "imaginary" friend and as such, hope you are warm and cozy on this wintry day!


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