Wednesday, February 19, 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different

A little video for your chicken loving enjoyment.

Imagine - me - talking about chickens.


It's been a while!

I just absolutely cannot imagine living my life without something to love and nurture. 
 Something feathered or furred.  
As I sit here now, both my cats are flanking the laptop. 
 I'll step outside and be greeted by more cats and chickens. 

 Don't even get me started about goats.  I still have the deepest hankering for them.  I have outfits picked out and everything.  Alas, I do believe I've given up the dream of a milk cow, even though I still have a romantic attachment to the idea of it. 

Oh my goodness... just one more reason to want goats!

Interestingly enough - horses have never entered my 'gotta have it' radar.  
I desperately want a baby Squirrel to bottle feed and wrap in swaddling clothes. 
 I'd love a pet crow. 

 But a horse?  Perhaps I've always realized a horse was more of a commitment than I would ever be able to make, financially and otherwise.
And the fact that they just plain scare the beejeebies out me doesn't help either I suppose.
They are beautiful, and I have the utmost admiration for them - but they'd be awfully hard to cuddle with, and I can't imagine dressing one like you could a baby goat.  It would just be awkward, and embarrassing to the horses.  Goats on the other hand, are just silly enough to pull off a good hat.

10 Reasons a Goat is the Best Gift

I know I'll have a dog again one day too, but just not yet.  

If I didn't have Glenco, or Aaron, or animals - where would I go with all of this love in my heart? 
The more I give, the more I find.
That alone boggles my mind.

Thank you for all of your kind, sister friend comments on my last post.  I feel the love and support!  Aaron's loving his job - and if I'm honest - I'd have to say, I'm enjoying a little alone time in my days again.

Thank you!

It's all good - really good.

Oops!  Almost's that video.



  1. Really enjoyed this. I'm feelin' the love. Deb

  2. Your chickens are darling! I have had a hankering for a goat for a while. I adore nubians and if I had one of those fainting goats I think I would be over the moon. While my property is legally registered as a "homestead", the yard just isn't big enough for any farm animals. I am putting in a raised bed for veggies this spring and with that and the perennial garden, there will barely be a path big enough to get from the back gate to the kitchen door!

  3. Loved our goats and their antics, but they can be noisy...just sayin'

  4. I sincerely hope that your little farmyard gets filled to the brim with all the critters you want. I am with you on the horse, though. They are way to big and scary.

  5. Jamie, I loved how the chicken came and started squawking. Too cute. You did get a lot of snow. Ours is melting today. We may have to pay with some flooding...that's a bummer. Take care, be careful out and about, xoxo,Susie

  6. I love how your chickens talk to you like mine do. They sound so satisfied and happy. You have a whole lot more snow than we do here in southern Indiana.

  7. I like watching the chic walking the skinny path parade. The warmed up little one in this post and the cuddled chic with Aron in previous post!

  8. Thankyou for the chicken fix! There is surely no sound more soothing than that of the clucking of contented hens. I am having goat cravings too. It is great that Aaron is loving his job. You can give yourself a pat on the back for being instrumental in his success!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  9. Your hens are beautiful! Love this video, thanks for posting!

  10. OMG Jayme. Love you. Look at your babies.... ADORE!! Oh, to own hens. Wasn't yesterday just gorgeous and now, Ugh, today bringing slush and high winds to follow. Well, love the Midwest...geez. So enjoyed your video. Please post a little more, since I don't own any. Oh, and it seems you are still hankering for those darn goats. To be honest they freak me out more than horses, but that's just me :)


  11. You're living in a parallel universe with mine...I started off with chickens, then bees, and this fall goats. Take a look at our blog under "goats" and find; baby-goat-cuteness. How could I NOT give this little fella a home? Orphaned, bottle-fed, still wags his tail like a dog...what's not to love? He needed friends, so 3 more wethers came along for the fun. So far so good...easy to care for, not too chatty, and goat-races are my daily exercise. Now, I do still have a hankering for that dairy cow... -Mary

  12. Wow, beautiful even if you've had enough snow!! Jayme, get yourself a Mini (miniature horse)... not only are they small and adorable, some people do actually get them potty trained and have them in the house, believe it or not!! Love seeing your little slice of heaven, snowdrifts and all!!!

  13. ... I have often wondered.. why, I don't really know... .. why you don't have an adoring little dog at your feet, because I can sooooo see you as a good dog mama. And you like to rescue things.. and you have so much room in your heart.. and there are SO MANY dogs out there that need rescuing. I look forward to the day you find your dog mate. And the goats.. I've had one and loved her dearly.. they are amazing, fun, curious creatures.

  14. Oh Jayme, you've sooo made me want chickens this year. For ages I've been thinking about it, reading up on it, but have still to convince my partner (he is warming more to the idea tho!). Your chickies look adorable xx

  15. I'm with you....I like horses when they're not close to me. and I LOVE goats! Such a goofy demeanor they have.....and we all need some humor in our day....
    Girl, you are livin' my dream! <3

  16. How many chickens you got girl?
    Loving you're snow and missing you a lot!

    1. GAAACK!!! That should have been "your". What a cluck I am this afternoon! ":<>

  17. Jayme you'd be such a good dog mommy! i have been rescuing senior dogs over the past few years and it is so rewarding. Talk about something (or someone) that needs nurturing and swaddling, theres nothing like giving that sugar face some much needed love and comfort. They've been with some one their entire lives only to be jettisoned to a shelter, scared and heartbroken. they ask for so little.

    I have a horse and he is all kinds of expensive. He'd crawl in your lap if you let him. hes so sweet and snuggly. i raised goats when i was in my teens and they are wonderful. fun and funny and oh so smart. i highly recommend them!

  18. I liked the chicken video. My chickens used to roam all around the yard and I loved to watch them. In the morning I would put down bird seed and they would run out of their coop like kindergarteners going to recess but a hawk started getting them so they can't run in the yard. They do have an enclosed outdoor coop safe from hawks so they can get out but I miss watching them


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