Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ten for Tuesday - Happiness in the Little Things

You know those days you have where you are just happy for no specific reason?

It's one of those.

Seems like everywhere I look - there's something to smile at.

I snapped a few photos this morning of things that made me happy as my day unfolded:

My tea station.  This delights me.  I have no idea why - I just got the little pottery piece for .75 at Goodwill.  Perhaps that's why.  Or maybe it's the neat new succulent in the back.  Or possibly it's the vintage spoons.
Or maybe, I just love tea.

When I sat on the porch to have my tea, I saw this.
Again - happiness in a jar.
I'm awfully easy to please aren't I?
Autumn deliciousness right there - $5 - Target.

Something else on the porch that made me happy.  The beginnings of my succulent garden.  There's a great little garden center in Beecher, IL that has been selling succulents for $2 each.  

Remember - "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"?
We'll, I'm a sucker for succulents!

A great surprise in the chicken coop today.
The young ladies have begun to lay.
I should hear a rooster crowing soon.
The beautiful birds I got from McMurray Hatchery are doing fabulous!

I ran to town this morning, well, actually, I drove - and this sight met me when I came home.
There are no words to describe how I love being home.
Verily ye shall pry my dead cold hands away from this place.

I took a good hard look at this basket on the gate, and it made me happy too.
I'm thrilled that the stuff actually grew in it.  It required diligent watering.
I need to spray paint the basket, yes?

This made me a bit sad, but more happy.
The end of the garden.
Sad - because time is marching on - happy - because my bones are weary of the work right now, and looking forward to the restorative rest of winter.

This absolutely thrills me.
The anticipation and hope of gobs of sunflowers next year.
A million isn't enough!

Getting dressed today, I noticed this on my dresser.  A sweet little gift from my friend Tracy in Oregon - whom I met via this very blog.
I'm so blessed!

And last, but not least - it's Tuesday - and that means Sons of Anarchy.
One of my guilty pleasures.
I shan't get to see it until tomorrow, since I watch it online for free - but still...Jax?
Oh my.

I even named my kitty after him...

Jax - Sons of Anarkitty.

Go forth my friends! 
I challenge you to find ten happy things today!


  1. Oh Jayme, I find happy things every single day. I see that delicious honey sitting there with your tea. I have one jar of yours that I've tucked away because I didn't get any this year.
    Your voice sounds so happy and that makes me happy too.

  2. Well we shall just bury you in the field behind your yard in the section of trees. No do not paint the basket. It is perfect!!!!! Jax is going to play Christian in 50 Shades of Grey. Can't wait for that. Need to pop in for a visit. One of my friends just moved to Lake Dale, so been your way a lot. Was just waiting for you to feel better....

    Cedar Lake

  3. I used to be one who complained about everything until God showed me that we gain victory over the enemy of our soul through gratitude, thankfulness, and praise. I try every day to look for the good in every situation. So here are my ten things, in no particular order:
    1. 16 quarts of tomato juice from the tomatoes in my garden that is being made into spaghetti sauce even as I type.
    2. The internet and blogs so that we can stay in touch
    3. The delightful breeze coming in my east facing windows
    4. the bright blue sky and green grass I can see out of my dining room window
    5. My husband who is working hard to take good care of me and the boys
    6. My 3 WONDERFUL sons who are healthy, intelligent, and just all around nice
    7. Modern medicine so that I can live a productive and relatively pain free life in spite of my fibromyalgia
    8. A very nice plastic travel cup that a friend bought for me
    9. The red raspberries that are growing like crazy out in my backyard which will be made into smoothies and jelly this winter.
    10. The 4 cans of light turquoise blue paint that are going to be put on the walls of my kitchen as soon as the monumental task of prepping is finished.

    Blessings on you Jaymie for helping me ramp up my gratitude today.

  4. I love that you are so blessed that you see the sweet and wonderful things around you. I just enjoyed a lovely gluten free raisin cinnamon slice with almond butter on it! I am in heaven with my lovely Trader Joe's Harvest Blend Herbal Tea...love it! Have a great week!

  5. You're photos even made me happy! ;) Love those succulent plants/garden. and your white picket fence.

    love to you, today!

  6. I loved every drop of this post. I think the bucket is delightful as she is. I wouldn't change her. I miss thee.


  7. I'm happy you're happy! Today is one of those absolutely glorious fall days here in SE Pennsylvania. I would be hard pressed to find anything to trouble me today!

  8. Happy post.. YAY... We planted sunflower seeds this year and not one stinkin' one came up! Waaaaah.

  9. I bought my succulents! 3 for me and 1 for Ashley. We will share the babies. This made me so happy. They had so many to choose from that it was a tough decision. Ashley helped. Happy, Happy, Happy

  10. Your post brought grins and smiles to my face. I especially grinned when I saw your tea station....I just love happy little vignette like that. I have a little basket full of iron stone butter pats my girlfriend and I collect and use for spoon rest for our coffee/ tea. It brings a little bit of joy when I pull one I have not used in a while, get to enjoy the design all over again.

  11. I love your blog.... too tired tonight to write more, but I just do! xoxo

  12. I love your blog too. It is nice to hear you contented and happy. Don't paint your little basket-it looks great like it is. Your yard is still beautiful-I have given up on mine-put away lawn furniture today and will now begin to nest. I actually happily anticipate the next couple of months. Love the season changes.

  13. ........and the eleventh Happy Tuesday - Happiness in the Little Things.......well hands down it's your cheerie post here tonight Jayme! :o) The ripples of taking notice of the everyday with gratitude have stretched out all the way to my little Cdn. Nest........your photo choices were smashers Jayme. Thanks for being the Tuesday Joy Ringer......well done!! :o)

    God Bless,

  14. You are blessed to find joy in simple things. I am the same. Sometimes the most insignificant thing makes me smile the biggest smile. I have that same little white basket you have hanging outside, only mine is inside and filled with artificial greenery. Now every time I see that basket I will say a prayer for you. Enjoy every drop of this beautiful fall weather! It is nice here in MO too! Have a blessed day my friend!!!

  15. It's good to hear from you, Jayme! Lovely pics of your home and garden. (I'm embarrassed to say that SOA is my guilty pleasure, too) - Anon.

  16. Your little tea station makes me happy, too...and I don't even like tea that much. :)
    But what I LOVE is your yard. I try to get some kind of garden going, but Texas summers are a hateful biotch, so whatever manages to hang on is just rather saddening...

  17. Hey girl, Love your post. I had no idea you liked Sons. Its one of my favs. Jax is a true hottie. Call me sometime so we can catch up. Cynthia

  18. Love your happy . . . and the promoting the daily "Ten Happy Things."

  19. Light green - I think you should paint your basket light green, and maybe rub the green off a bit to expose the white on the pattern. It's pretty doggone cute as it is. I just think light green will make it stand out a bit more against the white fence. Your world is delightful to see.

  20. Happy to see you!!


  21. Jayme, loved every little smidge of this post. I hope that you are doing well with recooping from your shingles. Obviously, your homestead is giving you all the comfort that you need. Seeing your pretty fall decked out yard made me sad I didn't purchase any fall mums or interesting pumpkins this year. How pretty. Did you grow any of the pumpkins in your garden? The white ones seem popular this year. Thank you for letting me nestle for a moment in the coziness of all 10 things you shared, and that picture of Jax ..yum...( sorry not your cat), as in my mind I sat on the motorcyle for a minute and begged him for a ride. Ha.... This midwest weather has been just been so wonderful this week, hasn't it? Warm during the day and cool at night. Happy Fall Tidings Jayme.


  22. I too LOVE sons of anarchy....people can't believe when I tell them that! Last season was over the top!

  23. It is lovely to read your post and realize you are feeling so Snappy/Happpy! Your house and porch with all the flowers looks gorgeous and welcoming. Nancy

  24. Thanks for finally talking about >"Ten for Tuesday - Happiness iin the Little Things" <Loved it!


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