Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread & Carpet Decisions

First...let's discuss the floor.

The original hardwood floors are in the living room.
Did your jaw just fall?
 Did you just think 'why in the Sam Hill did that girl cover those up?'
Did your opinion of me just go down a tad?
Be honest.

Hear me out.

I lived here with the hardwood floor and an area rug for the first 15 years here.  The rest of the house is the original hardwood floors - no carpet.  I never had wall to wall carpet in all my born days.

When I redecorated the living room I just wanted to know what it would be like to have wall to wall.  It seemed decadent, it seemed luxurious.
It seemed like the adult thing to do.
It was.
For about a year.
 Then I was over it - and started vacuuming obsessively, freaking out at what might be 
lurking in the twisted fibers.

Now?  It seems positively disgusting to me, and it takes great restraint not to pull it right up and off the floor.
I don't presently have the cash for a divorce lawyer, so it remains.

The odd thing is this.
The hardwood floor in the kitchen runs north and south.  The hardwood floor in the bedroom runs east and west.  The hardwood floor in the living room runs on a diagonal.  All of these floors converge in the center near the basement door, and's a bit wonky.  Also - there is a large square of plywood right at the entrance of the living room where there was a floor furnace.  When I had the hardwood, I left the metal grate there, now, it's gone. That will need repair.

When this will happen?
After the holidays for sure - and when I can butter up Glen and convince him that we are dying a slow death by dust mites and need shed of the carpet at once.


It's fall, glorious fall!  It's time for hoodies, hot cider, the sound of the oven preheating, and general hunkering in the house.

If you've been a reader for any length of time, y'all know how much I love to bake.
The scent of a pumpkin bread baking in the house, to me - just completes the ambiance of home.

I've been making this bread for a bit - since it's gluten free.
This morning, I doubled the recipe with success.

Now...this recipe is different.

It's made with almond flour, and actually very healthy ingredients.  It's sweetened with a banana, and just 1 T of honey per loaf!
It doesn't look, nor does it have the texture of something baked traditionally.
The clincher is just not to eat the whole loaf.
For me, it's just nice to enjoy something that's not going to give me joint pain, a muddled mind or diabetes. really need to let the danged thing cool all the way before you cut it and attempt to eat it, otherwise it will just be like mush.

Not that I have first hand experience with this - I read it on the Internet.
: -)

Here's the recipe - 

I'm not sure what planet they live on to think this makes 14 servings.  I'd say 6 tops.

Also, it does have a banana in it, and for those of you that don't like bananas, you really can't taste it at all.
For those of you that don't like pumpkin, I'd like you to quietly gather your belongings, and leave.
: -)

ENJOY your day!


  1. RRRRRhoooooonndddaaaOctober 16, 2013 at 11:43 AM

    Your hysterical, gather your things and leave, hahahahhaha. You should ask the man that came there about the wood floors, I just know he'll know something about all that and why they all run different. Loved this post, loved the bread and love you. xoxo Enjoy your day. I will be then to the chiro.

  2. Jaymers, I am sorry you have encountered floor problems...sounds a bit similar to what we have been living through since ...oh about April! Our house has the original wide wood floors, too. The kitchen floor turned out great...but the living room...well, let's just say it hasn't worked out at all. Long story short, Carroll is going to be making us a new oak floor for the living room...but we decided to wait until spring so we can have the windows open and seal it immediately after installation. And I am really glad to hear that you do not currently have the money for a divorce lawyer because Glenco is a keeper! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing the site for the Pumpkin Bread. It sounds tempting enough that I just may try parting with enough money to buy some almond flour. ;-)


  3. Oh the agony under da feet. Hehehe. Don't cost nothing to rip up the carpet. :-D the pumpkin bread sounds scrumptious. I have a few gluten free friends would would enjoy this, thanks for sharing.

  4. Flooring is always such a toss up. We have wall to wall in our bedroom because SOMEONE (not me) can't stand any noise! (So why are movies played at sonic breaking levels?;>)

    Anywa, I just might try this pumpkin loaf.. It does sound good! xo Diana

  5. This post is so timely. We are buying a 1916 house with the original wood floors (one of the selling points as I don't like carpet either). Need to have them refinished as the renters had their dogs on them and enough said. This am I woke up with my face swollen, dr said it was allergic reaction probably to ragweed but also strongly suggested I go gluten free, so any recipes for main dishes or if you know of a website or two, let me know. Thanks.

  6. Ha ha. That last line made me laugh! You always make me happy. Love reading your posts. And I don't blame you for not knowing what to do with the floor. That's a hard one.

  7. Jayme, you always make me feel better about my neuroses...I mean, eccentricities. Carpet tends to creep me out--I don't feel like it's EVER clean. And the pumpkin bread makes me want bake when I get home at 2 am.

  8. Will give this Pumpkin Bread this week. It just screams fall to me! I can not even think of what IS lurking in my carpet...previous owners...cats...gross!!!

  9. Love pumpkin! I was actually going to make pumpkin bread Sunday, but jumped in the car, took a scenic fall drive and ended up buying apple cider donuts instead. Will need to make some bread tomorrow am. I have been craving pumpkin soup too. There is a restaurant we go to that has a wonderful one. Fall goodness! Please no divorce, just use some extra buttering. Good luck girl!


  10. I just found a Paleo pumpkin bread recipe yesterday that also looked delicious. Sometimes I miss being able to grab a sandwich but not having to deal with the joint and belly pain from gluten makes it worthwhile. (Not to mention the 30+ pounds that have vanished from this old body!) I am pretty excited about having something to snack on so I will be baking pumpkin bread this weekend.

    I KNOW there is nasty living and breeding in my wall to wall. I just choose not to think about it! I would love to have hardwood floors but I am so afraid that the house would just be too cold and short of insulating between all the floor joists I don't know how to keep the damp and cold in the basement! That being said, carpet removal and replacement is at the top of my list for "must do" in 2014.

  11. I always did like hardwood floors!!!

  12. It has been too long since I have visited and I've missed your wit and humor. We (I am not longer single but now a member of a we, lol) live in a 1920's Craftman's that we worked on all summer (with many more projects to go). I had to leave the 50 year (not an embleshment here) carpet in place until the painting was done -- now it is coming up a room at a time. Living room is uncovered and the floor underneath is gorgeous -- no refinishing required just a mopping and it is back to it;s old glory. Cannot wait have all the floors done and will not wait so long to visit again!! Blessings to you!!



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