Friday, October 11, 2013

I Think - Therefore I Talk

It's come to my attention that I would sound a lot less crazy and all over the board if perhaps I didn't verbalize my entire thought process on every.little.thing.

Let's take carpet.
I need a new one.

I will verbalize this:

I need new carpet.
I think I should get wall to wall again.
I don't know - I like the whole wood floor/area rug vibe.
Maybe I'll rip it out tomorrow.
I could paint the floor.
I could refinish the floor.
We could install the wall  to wall ourselves I bet.
I think I'm going with the area rug. carpet will make the couch look really worn.
I could recover the couch.

See what I mean?
I could just keep my flappy yap shut and come to a decision and just do it.
Is that how normal people do it?

If I quit verbalizing my thought process on every.little.thing - there would be no blog.

That makes me laugh.
Like I could really keep my yap flap closed.

Truly I do sit here and write at times, just so I know what I think about something.
Maybe other people do the same - but maybe most of them just don't click that orange 'Publish' button in the upper right hand corner.


  1. I Think - Therefore I Talk and suggest that after looking at your header and some previous post that you should take and post a video of say where your cute little house is in comparison to where the cute little vintage camper is to where that cute little fence with the basket is and where your garden is and etc....

  2. OMG I forgot to add where the chickens are and bees in comparison to where everything else is :D

  3. I was able to visit the grave of Flannery O'Connor one year in Milledgeville, Georgia while visiting family.

  4. i would say never cover hard wood floors ... ever! just my opinion. but i have always wished for hard woods ... we have them in the bedroom, i would love them all over the house. it would have costed a fortune, so you do what you got to do... i love them. so easy to clean & great for my allergies. ( :

    but whatever you wish for ... you should do with reason.
    happy weekend to you!

  5. that sounds like the running commentary in my head all the time. i tend to "over think" everything and rarely get to verbalize it. but when i do, it sounds like gobbledygook!

    ps...i'd go with the wood floors and area rugs. i'm not a fan of carpet ;-)

  6. that is so funny ~ that's exactly! how my thought process goes. But I do pretty much keep my mouth shut about it ;-) If I say to my husband, "I've been thinking...." what that really means, is, "I've given this tremendous thought, and here's what I've already decided." Those rare times when I really am just thinking aloud, I'm sure to let him know ;-)

    Waiting with bated breath to find out what you do about the carpet...

  7. I do the very same thing... Oh, it's good to know I'm in good company!

  8. Jayme, you are so cute and make us chuckle. This is why we love you. Beth K.

  9. stream of consciousness = <3 -- I'm the same way. a squirrel on heroin. LOL

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  11. You are just so normal, you kill me Ü. . . your yappin is what makes me smile.
    I'd go with the hardwood, you could get some pretty nice stuff cheap, and install it yourself, you can, I know you can, you can do anything. . . then you can change your area rugs. Wall to wall. . . really, then you'd have to make a BIG decision, cause it's there for a really long time. . . a Big decision at this time could be a killer. . . go with the hardwood is my choice. . . I have it throughout the house, and love it

  12. My publish is on the lower right side. I have to write down my thoughts. I don't have a choice. If I think something, I want to write it down, therefore, I blog. My husband and I can go from talking about painting a room to suddenly building on a whole new room I know where you're coming from. I've had wall to wall and now have hardwood. Hardwood is much more healthy especially if you have pets. That's all I'm saying.

  13. Just checking in and I see the Ol' Jayme mind is a churning. I vote hardwood floor. You won't regret it. When we first built our home, we only put hardwood floors in the living room and dining room to make them more formal. We now have replaced the familyroom and master bedroom carpet to hardwood. Just the other three bedrooms left to do. So wish we had done the whole house with hardwood. I think it is cleaner, less allergens. I also like that you can use a area rug during the winter to warm things and then in the spring have only the floor. Very refreshing. Now this makes this Project # what? Jayme, your feet must move while you sleep, I swear! I think your home would be lovely with old wide plank flooring. Good luck on your decision.


  14. When other people "yap it up" ... it makes me think more and chuckle a whole lot more. Basically it does me body good.

    Sometimes, in my life and personal experience, the silence is deafening. I don't like that... always.
    So. Thank you. For sharing...every. little. thing.

    I certainly enjoy.

  15. Love your blog! Your thought process is a lot like MY thought process. I always tell people that if they think it is difficult to live / work / deal with me, think what it is like to live in my head - I can't get away from me 24/7!
    Melanie M

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