Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Tang of Happiness

Diogenes Quote

Today I woke up to yet another dreary NW Indiana morning.
I double dosed my vitamin D3.
I said out loud 'this is going to be a great day!' about three times.

I needed a project, and I needed one quick.
I decided that I'd deep clean the kitchen and eliminate every little thing that I haven't used in the last year, or that just seemed like excess.
I have TWO four-cup measuring cups.  One's gotta go.
Then I think 'what if I break one?'
What if I don't?
I'm just so done with stuff y'all.

So, anyhoo - with my ADHD in rare form - while cleaning and minimizing, I decided I needed some curtain panels to feather the kitchen nest a little bit.  It's a bit contrary to the whole minimalist thing isn't it?  
: -)

I went to JoAnn Fabrics in my little yellow Bug with The Mamas and the Papas blaring.
It broke my heart to think of Mama Cass dying.
What a talent, what a voice.

I'm still trying to get used to being alone so much - but when it comes to fabric shopping, sometimes you just should be.  A side note.  Something I've started doing when I see what I consider a striking woman about my age - I go up to them and tell them that they are very pretty.  We all need to hear it - especially at this age.  I saw the most attractive African American woman today - she was so cool looking and eccentric.  I told her how beautiful she was.  She told me to have a blessed day.
It's the Tang of happiness, that is - giving a total stranger a sincere compliment.
Instantly - you feel better.

 I bought some fabric, but I don't think it's right for the kitchen.  I surely thought it would be since I'm totally in love with it - and I'm starting to believe that to decorate you just need to use whatever you love and it will all work.

Well...does it?
I don't want to cut it until I know I'll keep I just hung it like this...
I think the pattern seems busy with the wallpaper border than Glenco won't let me take down.
Surely, it's gonna come back in style soon!

OK..the real reason for today's post?
I wanted you to read this:

I wish I wrote that. 
 It was always in my heart - but to read it in printed words - I just love it so, and wanted to share.

Carry on.

(5:37pm update - the fabric is going back.  I adore it, but the house is rejecting it...: -) )


  1. Hmmm...might be a bit busy, but I love it! Even if it doesn't stay there, it must go somewhere. I have been purging and minimizing around here as well.
    I am going to begin complimenting people in person...great idea and it is a win win! Have a great day, friend.

  2. I like the fabric but maybe not with the wallpaper. Know what I think would look good with that wallpaper? Painter's drop cloth curtains! I do have a little PDC addiction but for very few dollars it is AMAZING what you can do with that fabric!

    I spent last weekend in and out of the basement purging. I am letting go of so much stuff and it feels so good. I have plastic storage bins with stuff in that I have not touched since I moved back from Seattle eleven (YES, 11!) years ago. It was just too painful to dig through them. I put on my big girl granny panties and dove in. I still have about another two weekends worth of work but I do feel lighter and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined it would be.

    Purge on!!

  3. Love the fabric but not with the wall paper.

    I need to take your advice and get motivated to purge...oh should see my basement and office.

  4. That's too bad because it really is super looking fabric. :(

  5. I actually like the fabric but you will know it when you have made the right choice. If it doesn't embrace you it's not right.
    I am purging and cleaning a bit day by day- you are right- it feels good! xo Diana

  6. Gotta agree with the rest, great fabric, but doesn't work in that room.

  7. I swear girl, is it a 50's thing, this whole living minimally? I have been feeling it too and even just said it again to my sister in law today. I know you have touched on this subject before, but I want to live "simple", somehow too. Where's Nate Burkus or Peter Walsh when you need them!
    I have to agree with a few here, that the fabric doesn't work with the decor you have. Keep up the search, you'll find something yet.
    Oh, and on the telling a stranger they are pretty, I have done that. I swear Jayme..are we related?


  8. So funny. The same things have been running around my head. The weather has been so damn cold and dreary its depressing but alas this morning the sun is in attendance. I would love a 4 cup measuring cup I dont think Ive ever seen one! And Ive been measuring windows for a trip to Joanns for fabric for curtains in my livingroom. Auditioning fabric is a great way to save money and prevent being stuck with something you wont love after a day or two!

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  10. Good Morning Jayme!!! I am so glad I visited your blog today. Because I LOVED going over to Being Minimalist and reading that. I AM INSPIRED!!! I have way too much stuff. I think everybody does. I will turn 50 next July, and my goal is to go through my entire house and GET RID of everything that is not "beautiful or useful" as the saying goes. I am going to do the same thing in my closet. I have clothes I haven't worn in years. I need to donate them and then go buy myself a few really nice pieces of clothing, since I will have ROOM!! I want to embark on the HIGH CONNOISSEUR OF LIFE journey! I want to travel light, so that I can TRAVEL. Our youngest child heads to college next fall (snif snif), so hubby and I will be able to take some trips and I don't want a bunch of stuff at my house to worry about!!! I have two 2 cup measuring cups too. Time to donate one!!! Yesterday as I was driving home from work I saw a beautiful lady standing on the sidewalk waiting to cross the street and she had on some KILLER high heels! They were gorgeous! I hesitated just a moment, then rolled down my window and yelled out to her "I love your shoes!" She got a huge grin on her face, and yelled back "thank you!" I think it made her day, and I know it made mine. O.K. now, I'm gonna go way out on a limb here and comment on something that is NONE Of my business . . . . lose the border, KEEP THE CURTAINS!!! Blessings to you my Indiana friend. Big hug from Missouri to you!!!!! Oh, I have just referenced you in my blog post of today, and posted a link to your blog and to Becoming Minimalist. THANKS FOR THE

  11. I love the fabric. I would suggest a bold plain ribbon of color on TOP of the panel. Maybe a dark red or something? My eyes can't quite depict what colors are all represented in the curtain. A 6 - 8 inch wide strip that would separate the busy-ness of the border (come on, Glenco) from the curtain panel. But that's just me! Love your flair, Jayme.

  12. I like the material but do feel it's a bit busy. I would look for a stripe with colors that you love and that pop! Just my thoughts.... Have a wonderful day!

  13. I have been doing the same thing! A couple of weeks ago I took 3 pickup truck loads of junk to Goodwill from my basement...last night and today I have been in my closet...I still have more in the basement,,, an entire garage...5 bedroom closets,,,that are spilling out into the rooms. It's bad...and I got the bug! I just came clean today on my blog...confessing that I have become a hoarder! I am so tired of it!! Thanks for this post!


    PS I almost forgot all about the curtains...I really like them...from the picture they do look like the same colors as the border...but I have to agree with Dawn on the Farm. Don't you wish these men would just leave us alone to do our own thing when it comes to decor? I guess we need to let them have a say now and again.

  14. I am doing the same exact thing this weekend, starting in my kitchen and moving on from there. I can't wait to read the article you linked to. Happy nesting!

  15. every time I leave the farm, I give at least one compliment...always. men, women, doesn't matter; I give, at the bare minimum, one compliment. unfortunately, sometimes the men think I'm flirting because kindness and manners are in short supply these days.
    totally sad.

  16. When I saw that piece of fabric hanging in your window.....I fun, how perfect, how it makes that whole corner wall thing POP!! ...but as in everything in life...we all have our own tastes...but I'd scream "YES" if you were going for a poll on it!!!
    WIshing you a fun weekend....and yes...Michigan is having a dreary day!!....Looking forward to seeing "Captain Phillips" at the movies later today with my BIG bucket of Fluffy Popcorn. No Butter!!!

  17. Love the the blog.....I also read Miss Minimalist....she posts stories of other people's the idea of it all.........far, far from actually getting there........yet.....:) ADHD doesn't help.....donated all my left over plates and then bought them all back for a mosaic project that I never finished......tada!!!!

  18. You need to come to my place and "deep clean" for me!! I am pretty sure I have two of everything :)

  19. I am attempting to push myself to clean out my garage. I moved 5 years ago and then got sick. So the garage is still filled with boxes that I never unpacked. And I do mean filled. I keep telling myself that if I haven't needed it in 5 years, no doubt 80% of it is trash or unnecessary. The other 20% is stuff that I need but can't find... Then I go take a nap. So goes it. I am trying to set a goal of one box a night. Seems simple- right?

    At any rate, I hope you are well. I wish I lived closer... we could start our own support group! ;) Hugs and kisses your way1

  20. OK I'm one of those Luddites who check websites for a new post. And every time I see your almost month old title I get a TANG OF UNHAPPINESS. Come on, throw us a bone, a chicken picture, Aaron update, gardening woes SOMETHING, ANYTHING. I live vicariously through you and its been slow lately.
    I know this is a heavy burden..... but buck up soldier...... you can handle it!
    Hope all is well, greatly enjoy any and all of your posts. Just wish they weren't so far in between.


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