Monday, April 15, 2013

Sunday Supper

As I sit here now blogging - at 6:45 in the pm on Sunday evening - I'm feeling such a nice full feeling.

I'm full of beef roast, balsamic mashed potatoes with Parmesan and caramelized onions, green beans with bacon, garlic, onions and pecans, and my beloved banana pudding.

Glen is in the kitchen making coffee, visiting with his sister.

Aaron has just finished trimming and styling every one's hair. 
 He and Glen's sister's daughter - are they cousins?  
I don't know...I don't think so...anyhow - they are out on a Sunday afternoon joyride.

Slinx is all up in my lap, lying on my forearms so that I can barely type - I haven't the heart to move her.

It's been a lovely day.  The weather was gorgeous and I fought going out to work in the yard all day.
Today was going to be a day of rest and enjoying family dang it!

Last week I decided to institute the Sunday supper.  
One meal a week, eating anything I want, enjoying it with family and loved ones.

I've gained the Freshman Fifteen that Aaron was supposed to gain.
: -)

Determined not to be a statistic of regaining my weight - I thankfully caught myself at the 15lbs and I'm working on getting it off.  I can't get over how uncomfortable it feels on me.
I have found myself grabbing a candy bar at the grocery store, or grazing all night long after supper lately.
Food is not my friend, nor is it a replacement for the companionship of Aaron!

I've decided that I can have one spectacular meal and a dessert once a week as long as I stay in line during the rest of the week.  It's really been working so far!  When I'm tempted to grab candy, or eat something that I really shouldn't be - I think about the Sunday supper - and I think about the real joy of food for me - sharing lovely recipes with people I love - it's SO much better than a crappy candy bar in the car.

One thing I've realized over the last two years, losing well over 100lbs now, that many of the things I couldn't live without now taste like crap.

Snickers bars are not good - give me REAL chocolate.
Coke is painful to drink.
Fast food has absolutely no flavor.
Dairy Queen ice cream is really not very good.

I thoroughly enjoyed dinner, and the company of my family.  I set the table and used all my vintage dishes.  
It fed my soul as well as my stomach.

Glenco patiently waiting for his Banana Pudding as we have to stage photos.
I really think I'm on to something here.
Next week's supper is already planned.
The thought of Ina Garten's Spaghetti and Meatballs and homemade cheesecake will keep me in line all week long - but mainly it's the thought of enjoying a meal with my family, over mindless eating.
  Glen's sister has said she'll be back, dressed in work clothes to help in the garden.

That's the power of cheesecake baby.

(tomorrow I'll share the mashed potato recipe with you - it was DIVINE! - Kimberly - please email me - Slinx deleted your email and I don't have your address!)


  1. I hope I'm invited to one of these Sunday dinners too. Also, are you all caught up on Janie's house fire? If not, check your Instagram. She gave me a fright, bless her soul.

    I love thee. Your ridiculous chicken was a big hit. He's manning the kitchen table as we speak. Important guard duty, you know.


  2. Comfort food was on the menu here as well, but no fancy dessert. I've never had banana pudding and yours looked so delicious. I have always tried to have everyone eating at a set table even through the week. I have done that since my children were babies. Sundays especially should be just that, family time and good food. I think your post truly shows that "Home is where the Heart is", now that you are back. Just lovely, Jayme.

  3. I hate to tell you but menopause will put a few pounds on you, believe me I know LOL


  4. Blaming the cat on deleting e-mail huh? Poor spoiled babies.
    Your coffee smells heavenly, I will grind it up tonight but have this desire to leave it in the bag for awhile, makes my kitchen smell oh so good!
    Sunday dinner, how wonderful and oh the memories and food. My Grandma used to fix fried chicken every Sunday. I never remember tiring of it. In fact I wish I had some of it right now!!

  5. Share your banana pudding recipe? It looks so good! Jean

  6. i understand the food thing - when i was picky kid - now that i am older i will try most foods. i have to remember that i need only to be full & what i need for the energy to keep going. nothing more. that's it. ( :
    that banana pudding looks delicious.

  7. oh please share that banana pudding recipe. YUM!

  8. beautiful Photos, Better story - AND, I'm another - food is not my friend - I'll join you on this quest for wholeness - Quality instead of flavorless quantity . .
    love & Love,

  9. Looks and sounds wonderful! :) I think having a relaxed special meal with our family is another way we can "set apart" our Sunday also. :) Great motivation to get you through the week too!! ;) Looking forward to the recipe. I'd love to have the green bean recipe too. ;)

  10. Yum! Sunday is always my free day. Which I think/know is a problem and what keeps me a bit more rotund than I would like to be :) A Sunday Supper is a much better option. Thanks for the idear, dear! Loved hearing about it all - sounds like a great tradition for you and your family as well ♥ -Tammy

  11. It sounds so delicious. Wish I was closer so I could come for Sunday dinner too. I'd help work in the garden if need be. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  12. Those darned extra pounds can sneak up so easily. I'm working at getting rid of ten. Dirty rotten pounds!!!

  13. I gained 2 pounds last week. My feet and legs were swollen so I think it was mainly water. Need to up my water intake I think. But it was a shock when I kept my WW points like always. I have learned a good thing, when I go to town shopping, which is 45-60 minutes depending on the area I want to shop in, I pack my lunch bag with cold water, fruit, WW bar or something like. If I am going to be gone all day, I add a yogurt for my lunch, just don't forget the spoon. I have only hit the fast food 2 times in 6 months. I did buy a dark chocolate covered coconut cream egg at Easter time. But you know, I could have it because I had some extra points. I think I am becoming a WW ad. Your dinner sounds wonderful! Would love the potato recipe!

    1. Oh, I think you should call it a Wonder Woman bar. Weight Watchers truly develops women into Wonder Women!
      Good idea with packing snacks. I'm gonna do this not only for me, but for my kids, too.

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  15. Ohmygosh... isn't that JUST how it is!? After eating at almost any restaurant, good or not, we nearly always say, "we could've had a better tasting, less fattening meal at home." Or, after eating mindless crap, I always think, "I could've had homemade pie... same calories, no chemicals."
    A friend did the God is Good Sunday Plan, too. It made all the difference and she slowly but surely went down to her ideal weight. It's a good thing!


  16. Great idea Jayme . . . looks very, very yummy! I can I be part of your family . . .

  17. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl! I love this. It makes much sense to me, and I know mine is the approval you want most.


    But it does make sense and your food looks delish and I really want to come to Sunday Supper.

  18. Food and the comfort of family...does not get much better than that.


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