Saturday, April 13, 2013

Indiana News and A Winner Announced!

This is a picture of Slinx - the cat I got on my birthday - we named her Slinx because she is so slinky, and looks so much like Jinksie, our cat that we lost last year.  Aaron texted me this photo while I was gone - I love it!
I'm home!
Got home Wednesday night.
I storm chased all the way home - it was a bit scary at times.
I spent the day Thursday cleaning my house - getting groceries and settling in - Friday was spent cleaning the house I normally clean on Fridays - but just for a few hours - I had a bad reaction to taking niacin, and spent most of the day in bed extremely nauseated!  I thought I was just having the worst hot flash in history.


I just finished my taxes.
True story.
LMJ - that's a nickname my dad gave me - it stand for
Last Minute Jayme

Anyhoo - this is a quick one today - just letting you know I'm home - I'm heading up to Chicago in just a few to pick up the BoyChild.

The winner of the CoopKeeper gift basket is.......

I need that serum, have you seen my face? Love that you found spring, I can smell it here, but still can't feel it. I want to see those cabinets, too. When you leave the wild country, post the pics, please. Jayme, you are an inspiration to me, thanks.

Email me at and send me your address ok?

I have a few emails in my inbox from a few of you - and I will answer them just as soon as I can - I've also answered a few questions in the comments in the last couple of blog posts.
Just trying to get caught up here!
I swear something weird is happening to my emails - like they are disappearing on me before I return them - SO if you have emailed me and don't hear back from me by Monday - please resend it if you can.
Kimberly - I know yours is one that has disappeared...please email me again so I can respond!  I'm so sorry!


  1. My husband was on niacin a couple of years ago and would have to stand out on the back deck in his underwear in the middle of a winter night. That stuff makes you crazy hot!

    Glad you made it home.. xox

  2. Slinx looks like (she?) is having the same dream I have periodically, and it is about rats...but I will not get into it here...hey, by the way, do you come home after being away and notice your own brand of "house smell" just for a few moments, and then it is gone? Just wondering, lol! People have often said we have a certain "parfum maison" about our place, and I think I pick up on it only after being gone for a few actually is a good smell, kinda akin to stale cologne on hub's shirt that he wore on a good memory occasion :). Glad you are home safe!

  3. LOVE this photo of Slinx! Aaron is such a talented person!
    Glad to know you made it home!

  4. I promise you, if I was your cat-sitter I'd be trimming those nails. Yessiree!
    I had a bad reaction to Niacin, too. My knees were on fire. :( Welcome back. Deb

  5. Jayme,
    Not sure if you know but you can get no-flush niacin that won't give you the hot flushing feeling. :-)

  6. Glad you are home safe and sound and that you are off to get the boyo. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with him and can unwind a bit- xo Diana


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