Friday, April 26, 2013

Busy Much?

Been enjoying the Biggest Loser pancake for breakfast lately.
Chick mug - $1.50 thrift find : -)

I'm here.
I'm all healed up from the stings...even got a few more on my tender inner thigh, right through my jeans.
They got so swollen, I couldn't wear pants for a day, and now they are bruised.
The bees are angry my friends!

Sorry I haven't been around - I'm just so dadgummed busy.  I don't know how people blog everyday - I just don't.  I mean I know HOW they do it - but HOW do they do it?  You know what I mean?
Daily I want to share the shenanigans around here - and there are many - but there aren't enough hours in the day.

Busier than a one armed wallpaper hanger.
Busier than a cat covering crap.
Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.
Yesterday I worked from 4am til 9pm rather non stop.
I slept a good solid nine hours last night - but dreams of searching for my 1999 Ford Contour in an underground parking lot - such vivid dreams - made it feel that I was working all night as well.
The parking lot custodian assured me that my car had been stolen, and I kept saying 'Who would steal a 1999 Ford Contour?!"

No matter how busy I am - there is still time to fool about with the BoyChild.
I do declare, sending him foolish pictures and text messages are worth the price of my phone.

Getting messages like I did today, unprompted - totally make my day...

"I love you so much"
"Can't wait to see you this weekend"

The love I have for this child confounds me.
It's too big to be contained - endless - eternal - unconditional.

Have a BEE utilful weekend!  
What are y'all up to?
We are going to do yard work, have a bike ride, grill and have a nice big Sunday supper.

Your comments on the last post totally cracked me up!
Stinging in the rain?
ha ha ha ha!
Oh - and for the record, I'm glad you were laughing at my trauma...I mean...thanks so much.


  1. you are too cute for words. love ya. thanks for the laughs today. i will go & check out that recipe. sounds good. ( :

  2. psst...

    that first photo up there reminded. I'm still waiting for a GOOD ole cup of Bee Keeper Coffee. ;)


    I'm glad your busy and healing up... or rather, healing up enough to be so busy.

    Love you.

    1. oops! "Coop-Keeper" coffee... But I guess Bee Keeper Coffee would work just as well.

  3. Plans for the weekend? We celebrate our 34th anniversary tomorrow, the hubs and I. We are going to a beekeeping meeting (neener neener! lol). Your stings remind me of why I am plum skeert to feed our bees right now. I'd have to suit up double. Seems like the more established they become (this is year 3), the crankier they get! What is up w/ that?! Good Lord, Jayme.. Bee Careful out there. Love the pic and your update! -Tammy

  4. Glad you are improving. Golly you are brave.
    LOVE the way you express yourself.

  5. I was worried about you with all those stings and now you say you got more? Yikes. You are one tough cookie! Look at you striking a pose and looking all sassy as usual. I love your chick mug. So perfect for you. I will be outside as well, with a Garden/Antiques show to venture to possibly and some small painting projects around the home to start. I'm looking forward to much needed warmth and sunshine. Enjoy your weekend. So glad your ok. BeeHave girl!

  6. Beekeeping would be the last thing on my want to do list! But I so appreciate your bravery! I can't even eat honey....which I love..but it and bees don't love me!
    We are going to an antique travel trailer show tomorrow...I can't wait to see them ....even tho' we have ordered one of those new fangled ones with all the slide outs.
    Love your writing and adventures!
    Take care and "bee" careful...

  7. Who would take a contour exactly. In the 90s I practically had to give mine away, only got 600 bucks for it, it was such a piece of s@#t!! Glad ure feeling better;)

  8. Such fun . . . you fill me with gigges . . . love your love for , "the boy!".
    An instrument of giving you certainly are . . .

  9. I was laughing WITH you because you know you were deep down inside....after you recovered a bit. GLAD you feel better! By the way, I'm having crazy dreams too! I'm going to blame them on menopause. It's been two months since I had a period. Too much information I know, but I felt I could share. My oldest is going to his senior prom tonight. I'm breaking out in a rash just thinking about it. No dreams for me this evening. I'll be up all night with worry. I'm glad you have a fun weekend planned. You've inspired me to break out my bike!

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  11. I think you are


    will have to read about the bees, have not been here for a bit!


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