Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Greetings from the Show Me State!

I felt like I should show you something - since I'm in the Show Me State -
here's my uber cool hat - purchased at the Race Brothers farm store in Monett, Missouri.  I was there scouting for Globe Amaranth seeds and chickens.
They had neither - so I got this hat.
I couldn't own goats without this hat.
The goat debate continues.  Talking to Glenco on the phone from here he assures me that this is the last time I'll leave the house alone if I come home with goats.  My cousin's brother that lives next door - technically - he's my cousin too I reckon - has four miniature goats.  Ack.  I've been playing with them, and I'm smitten.  I knew I'd need to get more than one, and I knew I didn't want a billy.
My garden is a big concern - and my vehicles.  If Glenco came out the house and saw a goat on one of our vehicles - not that it could do much more damage to them - well, I'm not sure what would happen.  He might send me packing with the goats.
This is my awesome cousin.  You should see him in action.  I love watching him work.  He's got so many cabinets to make at the moment, he's pretty stressed out.  Doesn't help matters that he's down with a migraine at the moment.  That's why I have time to blog now.
 I was planning on heading home today - but I'll stay a few more days to help him get caught up - not that I'm that much help - but I can sand things like nobody's business.
Pam - you are right - working with wood is so therapeutic.
  If Glenco closes down my goat dreams, I'm getting a wood shop. 
And now - a little menopause update.
Hell's bells.
What is going on in my body?
I wake up in the middle of the night.
I have a more nose hair than seems normal.
I'm like, gassy - like realllllly gassy.
My abdomen is expanding (and it has NOTHING to do with jelly beans...I'm sure)
I'm getting weird red dots on my body.
Sometimes, I get so hot - I feel sunburned.
I get mad at inanimate objects - like my cellphone, the wind, and plastic bags.
If I'm in the wind, with a plastic bag, on my cellphone - it would be best not to bother with me.
Carry on.
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  1. You so should get a wood shop. Tools are expensive, but start to collect tools bit by bit and build your shop a bit at a time. And never rush yourself. Take time to get it right. Maybe start with just refinishing old furniture. I think you would be able to make some really wonderful things... you are so talented. I had thought about trying to start a business selling things I make, but realized that there are so many people already doing it, so now I just work on things for myself and friends. I am trying to clear my garage to set up a permanent place where I can work year-round regardless of the weather. Then I can be like, don't bug me... I'm going to my shop... ;) (This winter I was staining furniture on a piece of cardboard in the middle of my kitchen. My son thought it was a bit inconvenient...) Pam from Colorado

  2. Goats are cute but sooooo destructive. You may want to think about this for a VERY long time.

  3. Oh how I would love to have that cabinet making guy live near me! I need some shelving & cabinets built for craft stuff. I also am looking for someone to build a simple full size unfinished platform bed that will hold a box spring and mattress. I found one on Etsy but the guy lives in Oregon and will not ship to California.

  4. A pig I tell ya, it will not climb on top of your vehicles.

  5. I hope you can get the goats! Use all your arsenal of womanly persuasions on Glenco. Worked for me on hubby when I wanted a dog and he DID NOT, now he claims the dog is his ;)

  6. 1. I miss thee.

    2. two of the cutest cousins out there.

    3. bring that paint sprayer when you come.

    4. goats are too cute but will eat the siding of your house.

    5. no goats...I can hook you up with a calf.

    6. menopause makes me mad.

    7. my cell phone hates me.

    8. never open a plastic bag you see by the road. just saying.

  7. I love the Show me state! Wait that us where I live!

  8. I am sorry that you are suffering with menopause. Crazy things happen...and if you're crazy to begin with...wellll.....never mind. Your project looks like it is coming along and what a big help you have been there. xo Diana

  9. The menopause symptoms picture you posted on March 20th....I did want to mention "WHAT about nose hairs?? NOBODY talks about nose hairs!!" I thought that was a guy thing..until after much in-the-secret googling. I now know it's normal, and can refrain myself from nonchalantly inspecting older women's noses. LOL!

  10. oh cool. get several goats. sound fun!! they will mow your lawn for free. awesome!! ( :

  11. The Show Me state! That reminds me of the time my husband and I met friends at the half way point- St. Louis. We naively went looking for an open restaurant to have our Sunday noon lunch at... and headed for a cute little restaurant named "Show Me's". Let's just say Show Me means many things. And there are many times I don't want to be shown what's being shown to me. oi. I like your version of the Show Me State MUCH better!

  12. awww..to be foot loose and fancy free.

    Ditto on the menoause stuff. ugh


  13. OK, I'm REALLY not looking forward to menopause now, sigh.

    But now goats? LOVE them! I don't have any but one day I want some dairy goats. Yep. And bees. Course you already have the bees, lucky girl! And I do love working with wood and tools. Tools are empowering I think. Thankfully, Hubby has lots of fun tools I can play with!

    Love the hat!

  14. Totally love your pictures/update, but where the heck are your painting respirator masks? I can only imagine what those nose hairs were looking like by the end of the day. Please tell me you had respirators, as that is some major painting going on. I am scolding you like a Mother Hen!! Yeah, I am. Glad your having fun and I so love your new hat. I am going to be among one of the naysayers (not many here) of a vote of negative on the goats. Yes, the kids are adorable, like any (baby) animal would be, but I would think they would reck havoc on your beautiful garden lady, not to mention all the extra work they might bring, plus cost? They munch on grass and weeds, but don't they need hay and grain? I agree with the the anonymous poster above...you should think about furniture refinishing. You love to hit the Goodwill. I know its very popular right now, but maybe it could satisfy your spirit and use up some of this extra energy you have right now. Menopause has sucked mine from me at the moment, I hate that M word!

  15. Ok, can't believe I am doing this, but I am retracting my negative vote for the Goat. Just went to one of the blogs you favor, Bee Haven Acres and saw her recent post. Augh! Too darn cute!! Glenco is so not gonna not like me. Follow your heart Jayme, I think:)

  16. Dear Glenco - let her have the goats, man. They are less trouble than a woman weilding a saw and sander. just sayin. I had a pygmy goat named Casey for years, adored her, and she adored me. Even took rides in the car to get gas at the gas station and people mistook her for a dog, I kid you not... no pun intended.

  17. oh I hope you get to keep your goats...I wish i could have some farm animals but alas living in a subdivision prevents my farming aspirations.

  18. You always brighten my day! You crack me up!
    Love the menopause list...happening to me too!

  19. You make me laugh out loud!!! I love reading your blog. I am in the beginnings of menapause, I get so angry and I can't figure out why! I hope when it is done I still have a husband and my kids still want to be with me!!! My husband feels the same as yours about goats, but I only want chickens!!

  20. Hey, girl!!! Just catching up on your blog. I have started one just to have a place to put my thoughts. Don't get the goats. I'm a goat whisperer. We bought an RV after selling our home. Hope to see you in August!!!!!!

    If you decide to do carpentry... pick one thing and just do that... like bee keeping boxes. How are your bees?

  21. Hi Jayme, I'm glad you are enjoying your time with your cousin. I've commented a couple of times before this past year or two, and now I'm writing to ask for your advice on a "bee situation"....The thought of asking for your help came to me at 3:39 in the a.m. as I was experiencing yet another hot flash. I turn 50 next Tuesday...Anywho, my neighbors, a young couple with a 1 year old daughter, have a cluster of bees that have planted themselves in a camellia bush right outside their front door. This situation has happened to us before as well. The homeowners behind us had bee boxes in a shed years ago, the bees now live in the walls of the building, and this time of year they often cluster in our neighborhood trees, shrubs etc. after a wild swarming that never ceases to scare the heck out of me. When they land and cluster we're happy that they have calmed, and then they usually move on back to the shed or wherever, but this time they are in a spot that makes the young family feel vulnerable. It's literally right outside their front door, which is where they exit their home and where their cars are parked. They have contacted a couple of beekeepers as they don't want the bees to be exterminated, but the process is cost prohibitive $200-$300.00. We're hopeful that they will move from this location in the next day or two, but if not...any suggestions on a more cost effective solution that doesn't harm the bees or any of us that help with the process? We live in southern California, and the weather has been, and is expected to remain warm the next five days or so. Thank you in advance for any advice you can give us.

    1. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you on this! Well, I'm not an expert on this subject by any means, but I'll give you my experiences that I've had so far.

      When bees are swarmed like that - they are at there calmest. In fact, if you had the cahonies, ou could go up and 'pet them' Ha! And, they will be gone in a day, two at the most. They are just hanging there temporarily so that the 'scout' bees can find another location for them. I find it unusual that the beekeepers want to charge you to remove them - all the beekeepers around here a more than happy to come and get them for free. It's free bees for us! One thing that you really do need to know - are they really bees? Often time, we as beekeepers are called out and they are not honey bees, they are wasps or something - and in that case - exterminate their asses! : -)

    2. Jayme, Thanks for getting back to me! The bees flew the coop a couple of days after they landed in our neigbors camellia bush just as you said they would, but I know they'll be back! Bees are pesky like that right? Can't wait for your mashed potato recipe. Sounds delish. Maybe you could jot down the banana pudding recipe as well? Wishful thinking....By the way, I have to share that I turned 50 on the 9th. Now I really need to lose the extra lbs. I've added and held onto since my oldest was born 18 years ago, and I have to do it now because he just signed his letter of intent and is headed to college in August. I am so glad you've shared your feelings regarding Aaron's departure, and know that I will look back and learn from them these next few months. Thanks again for writing me back. Lisa in Pasadena, CA.

  22. Gorgeous cabinets! Quite a talent your cousin has! And Holy Schmooty! I love that hat! I'm gonna have to find one of those somewhere, too cute! Safe travels home when you're on your way again. ~Vonnie, NH

  23. My daughter is almost 4 and she sounds JUST like you described yourself! I can buy her every beautiful baby doll there is, but that girl would rather A.) take toys all apart and play with it in pieces, or B.) play with sticks and rocks, ect. You know, it used to frustrate me but I have really come to love the fact she is a full blood tinker. She would probably LOVE having nails, wood, and a hammer. haha But I worry CPS would be called on me anymore! LOL We are buying our first home and it will sit on 4 acres, I have kicked around goats a few times to the husband. Finally sold him on chickens...I will have to work more on the goats though! haha I really enjoyed reading your post! I will have to just keep following! ;)


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