Friday, April 20, 2012

The Great Mental Probing of 2012

I have absolutely no business blogging right now - so this will be one of the shortest posts you ever did read.

I'm going to share a journey with you - a journey of epic proportions -
we are calling it -

"The Great Mental Probing of 2012"
(you have to say that like a TV announcer)

I have an appointment in 54 minutes with a therapist to discuss Adult ADHD.
I'm not dressed, I haven't eaten,  the chickens aren't tended and my bed isn't made.

Like I said, I shouldn't be here.
But I am.
Cause I have ADHD.


The 'eh' has lifted, and once again my stomach is a flutter with all of the excitement that life offers.
I think it was a lunar thing.

Wish me luck.
Two hours of probing commences in now - 52 minutes.
I can't wait to share this journey with you.
What ever will they find?

I think if they did a PET scan of my brain - they would see images of zinnias, baby chicks, butterflies and other happy images frolicking about.

Ain't nothin' wrong with that.

Had another bee swarm last night, caught the renegades and put them in lock down in another hive.
And then there were four.
Hives that is.

OK, I REALLY gotta go.
Being late is a BIG symptom of ADHD.
And so is butterflies frolicking in your head.

10:41am amendment:
You guys are a balm to my soul.
Just got back, and on my way to clean the house I clean on Friday's.
Initial diagnosis - moderate ADHD, mild OCD.
Don't laugh.
No, go ahead.
I did.
: -D


  1. Hi Jayme,
    I read your blog and smile every time you post. I have watched with amazement how you have made your changes this year. You look fantastic..I love the hairstyle...
    I'll be anxious to hear about your meeting with the therapist..I think I have ADHD too...I really do. Hang in there, you're doing great...

  2. what comes to my mind this very moment. ... i love you & you make me smile. have a great weekend. i journey with you where ever you may go because you make it fun, interesting & so freaking fun!! love ya. big hugs!! (:

  3. You're a T1, remember. Your brain is wired for hops, skips, 'eh's, and jumps at lightening speed. You can attach and detach from your myriad ideas faster than, well, lightening speed. Not a think wrong with you that needs to change.

    Therapy is good, though. It has been helping me coagulate all the ideas and thoughts and 'eh's I deal with in my T1-ness. I think your secondary might be a T4, which is what kinda sticks her perfectionistic bent into your T1 reveries. T4 doesn't 'get' randomness....she just needs to chill out a bit is all. Don't let your brain judge your brain, know what I'm sayin?

    Just don't do drugs Jayme. Seriously. We love ya like ya is kind, you is smart, you is important. We need your zinnias, baby chicks and butterflies. No need to organize your brain, it goes against your true bright, animated nature!

  4. Recognizing a problem is halfway to solving it! I know you are on the right track Jayme...healthy body, healthy mind!Good luck and let it all out~

  5. I'm anxious to find out about this journey too Jaymster. . . I never believed you have ADHD. . .I could be wrong. . . but we'll see. . . don't go to a young therapist, or a man, go to a woman who has gone through menopause. . .jmo,

    OH my. . . imagine having a gyno appointment this morning and they ring your bell just as you're going to take the shower, you know the one where you scrub so hard you almost bleed, that there is a water main break and they are shutting your water off. . .how does one go to the gyno appt with no water I ask. . .Ö

    I love what cindy by the cottage wrote I agree keep reading that reply, I love her comment to you
    all of it. . specially "don't let your brain judge your brain."

    Good vibes going your way xoxo

  6. Oh Jayme, I totally agree with Cindy..."you is kind, you is smart, you is important." Love reading your blog and keeping up with your journey! xo

  7. Hi, Jayme,
    All the best. And I think you are SO brave to handle those wily bees! Joanie

  8. You go girl!!! I love reading your blog, and your journey through this amazing life. And I am so proud of you. Blessings to you!

  9. Smiles! Thanks for sharing. Continued success. Hugs.

  10. You are a great gal just the way you are. Do you need to put a name on it or are you just getting overwhelmed?

  11. You are doing and have done a fantastic job of 'house cleaning'. So proud of you for jumping in with both feet...thanks for all the laughs and smiles!

  12. My first thought was the words mild and moderate rarely fit you! You are an all in kinda girl!

  13. Gee...should I even go there...What a surprise?! lol I hope you got your money's worth!! Love ya, Diana

  14. You lighten my day.

    Blessings Gail

  15. Do not try to fit the labels. jan

  16. I am curious as to how they test you to determine these things...

    Love what Cindy the Cottage Chick posted! She should be a therapist!

    Thank you for being you and sharing!

  17. Dear One ~ Can you imagine all the
    brilliant, questing souls who would
    fall into your category? Stop the
    rumination and allow your gifts to
    pour forth...just don't stress yourself out in the process... stay
    within the flow and continue to
    shower us with your giftedness and
    determination. Now kiss your ring
    and get on with it, love.

  18. My question for you is, have you always been this way or is it getting worse? I ask that because I am convinced that we women of "middle age" get this way for lots of reasons, and hormones sure don't help the issue. I am feeling exactly like you describe right now! I will be most interested to hear what you have learned. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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