Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crockpot Chicken Florentine

I just wanted to share a super easy, super delicious recipe with you today.

A break from all the 'mind talk'.

I love my crock pot.
I want to marry it.

It gives me plenty of time to sit and do nothing for 10 minutes.
(Which was SO much easier today!)

I'd like to get a new one - a pretty, shiny one with a digital display.
Instead I have one with ivy leaves all over it, a clear indication that I was a new bride in the 1980's.

I'm on a bit of a mission to use it as often as possible and make healthy, tasty meals.
Last night's mission was a bit of a fail - chicken breasts, black beans and salsa, cooked on
 low all day.
It was edible, but a bit paste like.

I just had a moment, and it spurred this blog post.  I spent the morning perusing at JoAnn Fabrics -I have an idea for some felted embroidery projects and I needed supplies - I just came in the back door - the house was quiet and in order, and I could smell dinner in the crock pot. 
 Now, I don't know about you - but on a happy scale of one to ten - that's pert near a 9.5.

Let me know if you try it - and how you like it.
I kinda made it up.
Now, of course there are other recipes on line that sound decadent and wonderful, but they are full of the devil dairy - which I'm allergic too, and if I indulge I forget to wear a bra, comb my hair and look like I'm ready for the maternity ward.  This recipe helps me fit in my size 8 jeans, and feel like a million bucks.

If you have any tweaks or additions - let me know!

Crock Pot Chicken Florentine

1 lb of chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
Garlic salt
Red Bell Pepper - 1
Large Onion - 1
Chopped Frozen Spinach - 1 lb bag
32 oz jar of Spaghetti Sauce

Liberally sprinkle garlic salt on the chicken breasts.
Place in bottom of crock pot.
Slice peppers and onions and place on top of chicken.
Dump spinach on top of chicken, peppers and onions.
Pour spaghetti sauce over the whole deal.

Turn crock pot on low - cover.
Go to JoAnn Fabrics, or some other wonderland of your choice.

Come back in 8 hours and eat.

I make gluten free brown rice pasta to go with this - and serve it over that.


  1. Sounds yummy! I'll pin it so remember the next time I am needing a crock pot recipe! Thanks.

  2. Dang I wish my computer had smell a vision!

  3. Sounds promising! I believe I'll "pin ya" for the near future :)

    Have a great evening!

  4. Sounds delish. "pinning." ;)

  5. Oh this sounds wonderful!! And easy! Nothing like coming home and having dinner ready...ahhhh...trying this one tomorrow!

  6. That sounds really good, Jayme...and it sounds like you had a good day. I am proud of are eating for life! I made spaghetti sauce today and served it over brown rice pasta. I did make regular pasta for the kids though.

    I also baked cookies for the little suckers today but have had nary a one! Blessings- xo Diana

  7. Jayme, this sounds good and I can eat it too. I'm going to try it for tomorrow because I will be busy all day planting fence posts and working outside in the garden. No Joann's for me. Timely!

  8. Love the recipe, thanks for sharing! I do love my crockpot too.. I have the shiny silver kind, as my Ivy covered number gave up the ghost long ago.

  9. I don't have any flowers or ivy on my crock pot... it's silver.... will that work?

    The recipe sounds GREAT!

    Oh, and I was married the first time around in the 70's, so I had a reddish/orange crock pot.

  10. I love that walking in the house smelling dinner moment. I can almost believe someone else made it for me. I also have a green ivy crockpot. I think we both need an upgrade. Thanks for inspiring me to drag mine out. I haven't used it in ages.

  11. We tried this tonight and it was a good change. I would have loved some pasta to go with it, but then, I would like pasta with everything.
    And - I think this was the first time I had ever eaten cooked spinich. I've had it on salads raw - but cooked... no way! However, it really wasn't bad. Popeye would be proud!

  12. You are so right about how good it feels to smell food when you come in. I can do anything in the morning but become demoralized in the evening when the hubby is milling around wondering if I am going to feed him anything!
    I wanted to share what I do with chicken breasts, salsa, and black beans. I heat up my iron skillet and chop a couple of chicken breasts and chunk them in with a tiny bit of oil then cover with salsa and black beans and a can of corn or chili beans or whatever else sounds yummy or happens to be in the cupboard. I simmer that for 30 minutes to an hour then serve it over rice, or as taco or fajita fillings. It is quick, easy and so very delicious.
    Enjoy. Susan

  13. Sounds Yummy! I was thinking if you wanted a cream sauce version maybe unsweetened almond or coconut milk thickened with tapioca or arrowroot powder might work.


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