Friday, April 27, 2012

The Hardest Danged Thing I Ever Did Done

It was the hardest ding danged thing I ever done did.
Lose over a hundred pounds?

Sit still for 10 minutes and do nothing.
Now, I'm a world class sitter if I've got some needles in my hands, heck, even a cup of hot tea - but nothing?

That was my therapy homework this week.

I met my 'real' therapist - Susan.  I like her.
She was drinking a Starbucks Iced Coffee.

She almost got punched in the face for that - since I was in the throes of caffeine withdrawal - and I mean the throes, like my head was inside out - but I didn't think that I should punch my therapist in the face as soon as I met her.
I was figuring that kind of behavior would really lengthen my treatment and all.

So I had to sit in a chair and do absolutely nothing for 10 whole minutes.
No TV, no laptop, no nail clippers, no stitchery, no cup of tea, no nothin'.

I'm telling you a truth when I say I was short of breath at minute three.
Short of breath - doing nothing.
That's how antsy it made me.
I had no cuticles left at minute six.

In my head I was singing 'You Make Me Feel' and dancing like a fool.
I could have done my nails in that time!
I coulda, I shoulda - I woulda....

Minute eight, I heard myself snort.
I'm not supposed to fall asleep.

But I made it.
And I have to do it every stinking day til I see her again and 'report' to her how it made me feel.
Oh she's gettin' an earful.

I have a 'treatment plan'.  Things I have to work on - and report back to her every other week.
Learning to assert myself and say 'no'.  Establish healthy boundaries.  Learn relaxation and breathing techniques, and a few others, that I can't quite remember right now.  Learn to finish things that I start was another one, me thinks...

Susan did make me feel good though - she said she was really impressed that I would choose to see a therapist for a mental health tune up - to live my best life.
I think we are going to have a good relationship-as long as I don't see another danged iced coffee on her desk next week!

Please do try this at home, and tell me how you did.
Cause crazy likes company!

PS - Audrey and Jill - thanks so much for the book recommendation!
I bought it!
75 cents!


  1. rrrrhhhhooonnnndddaApril 27, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    Just live Sweetheart, just live. I think your playing in the deep water, member our talk? Stay in the shallow water. It's the happiest place. Just b you, stop trying to fix what's not broken. Have some caffeine or a slice of bacon. Enjoy who you are. I love you, Me

  2. Jayme, I am glad you are doing something that you feel is important. I also remember when we were taking counseling classes to become counselors that this particular teache said that if the past is not haunting you we sometimes need to live in the day....just the day....and not try to figure out what we are doing wrong all the time. What is wrong for someone else may be right for you! I hope you feel happy doing this and it is just for you. Love ya, you old chicken keeper, you- xo Diana

  3. I don't think I can do it. I would fall asleep or crack. One or the other. I did realize today that I am addicted to the Coke. It has got to go. Amen.

  4. Jayme,
    I feel your pain. Hopefully you can come to a time when you feel that you are healing. Until then, it will get better and better, I know it!

  5. You're doing great! Unfortunately I have the opposite problem. I could sit and do nothing all day!

  6. I could not do nothing for 10 minutes.... I would at least have to start tapping my foot nervously... would that be allowed or would it be counted as doing something??

  7. Be still... and know... that I am God...
    Imagine yourself sitting by a river or babbling brook, and watch all other thoughts bobble happily away in the water. Be still... and know... that I am God.

    Slowly, name the fruit of the Spirit, taking the time to notice how they each make you feel. Meditate on each trait.

    The stillness is wonderful; you will come to cherish it; then you will crave it. I just learned yesterday that it is healing for you brain, and improves creativity.

    The challenge I actually struggle with, is that I can sit in stillness too easily, getting lost in I wonder's and what if's, while staring at the sky... it pulls me away from reality. I'm trying to focus on God more instead, and what He has blessed me with.

  8. There are "good things" and you are doing a very good thing! Love the quotes!

  9. I've done it.. and I fell asleep. That counts, right?

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  11. I don't think I would do well sitting for ten minutes doing absolutely nothing. I need to be reading or have some yarn and a hook in my hand *smile*!

    Good luck with doing it every day. (You're gonna need it!)

    Try some Yoga to learn how to breathe properly and to help you relax. I just started doing it (watching a DVD at home) and it's amazing how good you feel after a 30 minute session.

  12. Well, I am the opposite of you because I would have NO problem sitting still for ten minutes doing nothing. If doing nothing includes "praying" I'm there. :) I feel for you though because it is obviously distressing. I think it's good to work on it too because as we age, traits tend to worsen so yes, get control of it now. :) Good luck with your caffeine withdraw!! =D

  13. Caffeine withdrawals...ughghggh....Hmmm, I am going to try sitting still for 10 minutes.truly not sure what the outcome will be. Have an awesome weekend!

  14. Since I've stopped working, I am able to sit still outside & relax my mind and it has been so enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your experience. You will do so well.

  15. Oh my gosh ~ I am SO with you on the doing nothing!! I have far too many things I want / need to do, to do NOTHING!
    I have an 'interesting' health practitioner and the other day, she got me comfortable on her table, turned on music and left me with instructions to RELAX for 10 minutes. To make matters worse, she was taking a scan of my ankles, so I had to be really still. I was so stressed and twitchy!!
    I've never considered myself to be ADD or ADHD, though....
    I'm curious to find if doing nothing becomes more tolerable with practice.

  16. Wow, do absolutely nothing for 10 minutes...I do that way too often. I am trying to contend with what may well be adult ADD too. I am trying to be concious of starting a task and staying with it throught whatever process it requires. Case study: plant a pot of flowers. Get pot, get flowers gathered, see sticks that need to be picked up. Cat needs to be fed. Find potting soil in different place (potting bench!) where work should be progressing. Go grab container to put dirt in to take to pot and flowers. Pot the flowers. Sweep the porch. Get a drink. Oh, yeah. The flowers need a drink catch my drift. I am really trying hard to stay at task, but alas, last night I emptied half of the dishwasher and left it that way.
    Keep working at it. You are inspiring me. I have that 100 lb. journey that I am starting too. I need someone to be accountable to. Are you willing?
    Let me know,


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