Thursday, April 5, 2012


I was a bit too lazy to move the rocks from my Caveman Cooking Club -
so I made a tomb.
This is it with the stone still in place.

The stone rolled away....

And here is up close - with the empty grave cloth.

Four years ago on Easter - I started blogging.
I can't believe it's been that long.
I feel that I've been through my own Crucifixion, death and resurrection here.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around, cheering me on and becoming dear friends.

The Happiest of Easter's to you all!

(Still not to late to leave a comment to win the book - winner announced on Monday)


  1. Good morning Jayme, love this post. Love the cross, I like this idea. We always make a cross cake with chocolate cupcakes as boulders and decorate it with flowers, chocolate chips as little rocks...but I'm thinking I need to make something like this. Great job.

  2. Jayme, God bless you-you have been such a blessing in so many lives with your wit and sense of humor and your down-to-earth reality. I love you-you old chicken keeper you! Happy Easter, my friend- xo Diana

  3. You are so creative!
    Happy Easter to you and us!

  4. Jayme, I just love the tomb decoration!!!! Bless you for being such a great friend to us all. You are loved more than you know.

  5. You are just so creative!

    I think you now need to get outside and get some Easter bonnets on those chickens!
    Where's Helena when we need her or is she off with Aaron dying eggs?

  6. An Easter tomb! Every house should have one this time of year. : )

    Happy Easter to you too!

  7. So creative... I love it!

    Happy Easter to & yours!

  8. Happy Easter Miss Jayme and family! Thank you for sharing your life with us- you do spread joy and determination to enjoy life!!

    Would love to win the book- have a friend who is just starting out!

  9. OMG a tomb on the table? Well leave it to you to be so creative. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  10. What a wonderful idea for a centerpiece. God bless and have a happy Easter.

  11. Happy Easter to you and yours Jayme.

  12. Well congrats, my witty friend! I got the seeds today. Thank you so much! I will think of you when they grow and bloom. My chicken-loving, weight-losing, funny-as-hell blog friend.

  13. I feel like we should say THANK YOU for taking us along with you! How you bless us, girl!
    Love ya! xo, Cheryl

  14. I love the tomb. . .cloth and all, just love it!

    Jayme, I am so grateful for your blog, you have given sew much of yourself, inspired us, made us laugh, I"m not just saying this, but your blog is the best blog out there. . . and boy is it out there . . .Ü xoxo

  15. Happy, happy Easter to someone who inspires me everytime I visit!

  16. Wishing you wonderful and memorable Easter!!
    Great Center Piece!!
    Love it!!!

  17. Happy Easter to you and Glencoe! He is risen and set us free!

  18. I don't think this was lazy at all - I loved it! Hope your Easter was happy.

  19. I was really moved by this display. Never would have thought of putting something like this together, but like I said, very moving! As always, you are inspiring.
    -Marianne N.


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