Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday, Monday - Can't Trust That Day

 It's raining.  No yardwork today, scratch that -- can't say that I'm too disappointed because my to do list today is long enough!  Sometimes I like it when Mother Nature reduces my options for the day.  The taxes are first and foremost on my list today.  What is it today?  The 13th?  I'll do the taxes right after I get the sheets in the wash.  And blog.  And homeschool.  Good Lord, I have to call Aisha!  My brain is as scrambled as the egg whites I had for breakfast.

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  1. I found a post with no comments. I am not enjoying this sabbatical. You're my Sat. morn. leisure read. But you're not there! Yes, I am starting from the beginning.......


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