Monday, April 20, 2009

'Dill'icious Dip!

I love veggies. I think they are sexy. *purrrr* I love eating them raw with dip, but truth be told, if you eat them with 'regular' dip, you might as well eat a cheeseburger! I make this dip all the time.
The Players: 16 oz. 1% Cottage Cheese - small curd, 2 t dried dill (or 2 T fresh), 2 T chopped green onion. Buttloads of veggies, washed and cut up.

Put it all in the blender, and put it on puree. I normally blend the cottage cheese first, but you don't have to. Another variation of this is just adding a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix to the cottage cheese, but that has SO much sodium and other hard to pronounce ingredients, that I like to go a little more natural.

Now, for goodness sakes, put it in a pretty bowl and garnish it. Yes, even if company isn't coming. Chill it for a few hours for the best taste.

I'll be sharing stories about my body transformation. I've successfully maintained a loss of about 80lbs, but still have so far to in the journey right?

PS Just a note. I'm pulling my hair out with the pictures. My lame point and shoot digital just doesn't cut it. I'm trying my best, but can't get the shots I want. Sigh.

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