Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lessons From My East Window

This is where I spend a bit of time each day.
Ok, a lot - perhaps too much.
Blogging, emailing, planning menus, finding recipes, etc.

It's also where I sew, craft, sit when I'm on the phone - it's also the room the cats are fed in, the pantry shelves are behind me here, a catch all room if you would.

After living 26 years in Chicago with views of either a wall or the traffic on Route 41, I feel fortunate to have this window.

When I came in to feed the cats this morning, and saw that gorgeous morning light, I had the following thoughts.

What I've learned from this east facing window:

God is faithful - the sun comes up every.danged.morning.

 Every day is new, clean, and really can be a fresh start.  Give yourself permission to start over.

Change is constant.  Rain, snow, ice, sun, morning light, moon light - spring, summer, winter, fall - the scene is always changing.  Always.  Learn to see the beauty in each day.  Learn to realize that winter passes and spring kicks ass. 

There are times to open yourself, and times to close yourself off.  Sometimes, you even need to insulate yourself from certain things or people.  It's just natural.  It's healthy.

You rarely see the full picture.  This window is about 3'x4'.  I can't see the top of the tree out there, nor can I see the west side of the house.  This is the perspective the window offers me.  Open your mind to the possibility that you don't know the full story on most of what is going on around you.  Especially with people.  

Things are much clearer when looking out of clean glass - or a clean heart.

We are all fragile.  Realize that about yourself and others.  Don't throw stones.

Stop what you are doing and look up often.  
There's a lot going on right outside your window.
Don't miss it!


  1. I like this... perspective! It's all about perspective. :)

  2. friend.....very wise words.....

  3. What a wonderful way to view life, Jayme. Love this.

  4. Good advice for the new year. Thanks

  5. I.Love.This.Post. There is sooo much a person can gain from this perspective. Thank you Jayme for posting this today!

  6. I would spend too much time in that space, looks like a nice, cozy place to be.

  7. Excellent reflection! Thank you . . .

  8. You starting a Wisdom Book??? This is GREAT.
    Thank you.

  9. I so needed to hear this today. . .just love you, thank you Jayme

  10. ..........if I were on the other side of that window 'looking in' I would be sure to see a sensitive hearted woman who knows how to inspire with her words.......
    ~~ a 'slow breathing type of read' that sticks to me this good Jayme.


  11. Best post ever? I think so.
    Mary in Toronto

  12. I can relate. My east kitchen window is my "crows nest", Our home is on a hillside. I too love a window view that can make you ponder and give comfort. I agree Jayme, life is precious through the good, the bad and the changing of the seasons. Each day is a blessing however it plays out. Peace.


  13. Could it be said any better? I don't think so. Awesome post, you are wise beyond your belief, I know this to be true. :-)


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