Thursday, December 26, 2013

January Fever

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“I do believe in simplicity. It is astonishing as well as sad, how many trivial affairs even the wisest thinks he must attend to in a day." 
― Henry David Thoreau

I have a bit of a fever.
Physically and metaphorically speaking.

I am ready.
I am so flipping ready.

It's taking everything in me today to leave the Christmas decorations up.

But I'm that way every year, now aren't?  This year, even more so.  I'm so done with 2013.  If you've been around the blog at all this year, you know what an off year it's been for me.  I can't thank you enough for sticking around.  A bit like a train wreck, eh?  Can't look away, can you?  

Christmas Eve ended with my head in the toilet.
After the wretching stopped, I had to laugh and think to myself - 'Really 2013??  THIS is how you are going to end?"  
It seemed fitting.

In watching today's sunrise there seemed to be a glimmer of light.
2014 is going to be different.
2014 will be the year that I come to appreciate all the lessons that 2013 offered.
I don't know why I pin such importance on the beginning of a new year.  Every day is fresh with no mistakes in it, as our dear Anne Shirley says - but a new year?  That's like a fresh start on steroids.

2014 will be the year that my quiver is full of crazy plans like selling everything and moving into a tiny house somewhere a wee bit warmer and closer to the Appalachian Trail.  

But for now - it's tea and gluten free toast to calm my stomach, and intentional thoughts to calm my mind so that I enjoy the last few days of 2013.
It's living right now and taking the time to pause and see the long shadows in the house cast by winter's sun. It's about appreciating the ordinary.  It's about plotting how to house more chickens....oh, no..wait...that's for 2014.

What about you?  
What intentions and hopes do you have for 2014?


  1. I see you are at the "Starting Gate" - preparing for a New Adventure. I so get that. Tea and Toast, Good Thoughts and Stellar Dreams . . . we get to being Our Future Together . . . and - It's very bright!!!

  2. Hey... just a thought... we are considering the cabin again in April... there is a CrossFit competition 4/25-27, then we plan to stay thru Wednesday... do some AT hiking and some ziplining...

    Love ya,
    Kim and Kelly

  3. What a year it has been for you . . . all lumped into 365 . . . WOW!
    Close the door on 2013 . . . no more of that stuff!

  4. And some Golden Days of 2014 . . . Let's hope!
    (Sorry this is in two parts. On some blogs if I go back in to correct, it locks up and won't let me make the correction. Thus . . ., two separate, but one comment. Get it?)

    Wishing everything wonderful for you Jayme . . . you certainly deserve it!

  5. Oye. SO sorry about that toilet thing you have going on. Hope it leaves you alone very soon!

  6. Oh this Christmas was going to be cried...I ranted...I raved...I was husband didn't know what to was all his fault...somehow I knew it.....but I couldn't explain it to him or myself. What is up with that? I sincerely hope 2014 is better......for us both!

  7. May 2014 be a kinder, gentler year for all of us -

    My husband was browsing the tiny house movement the other night on the internet and picked one tiny model he thought he might like to live in. That would not be -us together - however, as I'm pretty sure we'd kill each other. And what would i do with my dogs??...

  8. I am right on the same page you are! Although this past autumn we downsized a thousand square feet, no basement, no bump on the garage this time. It was refreshing and freeing to end the year tossing schmutz into boxes and donating loads of it to goodwill. This year ended physically crappy for me. I, too, am resisting every fibrous, fibromyalgia riddled tendon from undecorating the Christmas glitz. I'm ready for simple. I am actively simplifying. In 2014, God willing, the simplifying will continue. I hope to ditch the stressors in my life and fill it with peace inducing people and events.

  9. I'm not waiting for 2014. . . no sir e bob. . . . I'm taking the kitchen cabinets down tomorrow, yuppers, before I take the Christmas decorations down, yeah, you got, . . . re-doing the cabinets tomorrow baaabeee. . . 2014 is gonna be awesome. .. and I'm getting a trailer this year, that's in the plan too, so I'm comin to visit, just send me the new address k Ü best to you always jaymster!

  10. Three cheers to the new year!!

  11. Are you thinking of hiking the AT? So am I! Someday. I have some getting in shape to do first, physically and financially. Oh, and I will be kind of old when I do it, but so what?

  12. Just love and hugs to you dear friend.

    Thank you for being such a sweet bundle of encouragement that comes with humor. The laughter and the "with just enough of crazy" to keep me on the edge of my seat. You - YOU make me bite my nails and I don't normally do that. That is how much - I know that you're a keeper. :)

    Merry (belated) Christmas and yeah for 2014!

  13. Wow! I missed you girl. Sorry to read that your Christmas was held in the bathroom. Ugh! I had one of those, many years ago. It happens to all of us. Not fun! I will agree, you did have a rough 2013. My Christmas seemed hurried and of course came and went too fast, as usual. Especially being the one to clean, cook and host. I have said for the past couple of years to the hubs, that I am ready for a Christmas getaway. I love my family but, I swear I wanna throw a wreath on the door and a sign saying Audios. I'll grab a bag, be on a train, end up at a Vermont Inn, get all dressed up, have a lovely dinner served to me and maybe even a floor show. Oh wait, that's a movie and not (my) real life. Oh, "White Christmas". Ha.
    Well, one of my past work associates is finally resigning too. She and her husband wish to move south as well. Oh, to a simpler life Jayme. I hear you. Well, belated Christmas greetings. Here is to a better 2014. Cheer up girl! Klink, cheers!

    P. S Oh, and on that New Years resolution.....Ugh, I have way too many Christmas decorations after 38 years married. It is going be Christmas again in June, 2014.


  14. Jayme, we all seem to get our 'kick at the can' for being sick over Christmas -- just the worst and I SO hope that you are on the mend as I write this. Thanks for being such a sweet part of my "blog reads" this are a fierce writer. The "nasty" that travelled along side of you and anyone of us this year Jayme -- there's not always an answer to the "why", but, "what" can we learn from all the junk in our ugly days.......fertile ground. For that reason, I will embrace the joys and the sorrows of this year and wait somewhat anxiously, joyfully and patiently with God's Grace to bring me into a fresh New Year growing in humility, servanthood and a stronger love for the Lord.

    Jayme -- blessings over your 2014.....most sincerely. Take good care.


  15. hope you feel better!!



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