Wednesday, December 4, 2013

7 Solid Reasons to Ask Santa for Chickens

Perhaps I'm a bit biased on my opinion, but I think everyone should raise chickens - at least once, even if it's just a few hens.  I personally shan't live without chickens again.  Even though right now I'm not too thrilled about going out on these cold mornings and dealing with frozen poo and water, I just can't imagine not having them.   

 These are my personal reasons for loving chickens.
If you've been extra good this year, and need help penning your letter to Santa, 
please feel free to use these reasons!

 Yard Ornamentation 

There is nothing more bucolic than a handful of hens and a proud rooster strutting about your property.  You'll pause as you're doing the dishes and look out the window - and consider yourself  the luckiest gal alive to have such a sight in your yard.  With a touch of OCD working in your favor - you can select breeds that complement the colors of your home and flowers.  Not that I'd know a thing about that.

They Make Breakfast For You 

Ok, this might be pushing it a bit - they don't actually scramble the eggs, but they do lay them.  Again, you will feel like the richest, luckiest gal around as you meander out to the chicken coop, basket in hand (or in my case a pocket - a bra works in a pinch) to collect the days eggs.  Each one such a treasure.  Lovely in color, still warm at times, fresher than fresh.  It don't get no better.  If you do collect eggs in your pockets or bra - a word of caution here - don't get distracted on the way back to the house and forget they are there.  Again - I don't speak from experience here : -).

Poo - And Lots of It

 Gardener's gold - chicken poo.  High in nitrogen - perfect for growing your greens, which in turn you give to the chickens.  In your moments of deep introspection you realize what a perfect circle life is and you are thrilled to be a part of it - witnessing it all in such a tangible way.  Frozen poo is not fun - but hey - it's the yin to the yang of chicken keeping.  Get over it.


 Say goodbye to your compost pile, or piles of peels sullying up your kitchen trash.  Chickens are recycling machines.  Your trash is truly their treasure.


Chickens are hilarious.  It's something that you wouldn't imagine until you keep them for a bit.  Each chicken truly has it's own personality.  Some you'll adore, others you'll flat out not like.  There's always yard drama.  You'll laugh, you'll cry.  You'll get mad and run after them with flailing dishtowel in hand - or so I've heard.

Mental Health

Time spent with chickens is never wasted.  Feeling anxious?  Go out to the hen yard with a handful of treats.  You'll feel better toot sweet.  Having troubles?  Spill your guts to the chickens.  They'll look at you and seem to understand.  Feeling depressed?  Chickens don't feed and water themselves.  You've got to get up and tend them.  

They Open Doors

You never know what can happen when you get chickens.  Next thing you know - you are getting fabulous ducks, and even consider - wait for it - a goat.  A pig.  A milk cow. Anything is possible!

 Truly, chickens are the gateway livestock that open the doors for others.  You might even start blogging about your chickens and meet terrific people from all over the world - or become obsessed with chickens and buy purses in their likeness, you'll learn so much too - like how to doctor up a pasty butt, how to set traps, or even how to shoot a gun.

I ask you - isn't it high time you got yourself a flock?
I think so too.


  1. I love looking at your photos of your chickens and other bloggers that have them. I unfortunately am scared to death of them unless they are in egg form or lying still on my dinner plate.

  2. I miss mine...need to remedy that in the spring.

  3. Pinning this to use as ammunition in my upcoming debate about getting myself a few hens. Not right now ... not even next year ... but some day. (BTW, the photo of you with the chick on your shoulder is one of my very favorites. Thank you for sharing it with us again.)

  4. I totally agree with you! :-) We love our chickens and I can't imagine life without them now. Not too long ago, hubby actually considered adding turkeys to the mix. I guess chickens really are the gateway livestock...

  5. I hear ya, Jayme. I never imagined, never ever, that I would want chickens. I've also been lucky to have a great rooster who really looks after the girls. It is amazing how calming they are. Love your photos in this post.

  6. I'm actually the proud owner of a brand new chicken coop.....all set for chicks in the granddaughters project!!! Which of course will mean chicken duty for me.

  7. I wish I could have a couple of chickens but hubs says nope :(

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  9. Love this Jayme. Chickens make perfect sense. Perfect pets. :)

  10. I want some so badly (but can't - HOA) yep...I got myself a chicken purse. Everyone loves it.

  11. Well said :-) I agree with you 100%!!
    I've never used my bra to hold eggs (chicks, yes; eggs, no ;-) but I have filled my pockets with eggs - and then rammed my hip against the coop door to close it. oops.

  12. Oh Jayme, that would be so fun but we live in a countryside subdivision with just an acre lot and I am not sure our covenants allow it. I would love to experience it once to try it though. I have to agree with Hartwood Roses above, love that picture of the chick on your shoulder. Oh girl, you are living the sweet life. Also just wish to say that I had gone through your archives and so enjoyed your Christmas Hen Tale ..Night before Christmas ...Jayme Tale. So cute. Tis the season. You should repost.



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