Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

A hot mess.

Am I the only one that destroys the entire house to decorate for Christmas?
It all comes together in the the meantime - good luck finding clean underwear and something to eat.

I'm just about done though - not doing anything new or out of the ordinary this year. A tree of some sort in every room, snowflakes all over the ceiling - Charlie Brown lights on the camper and chicken coop. 
As you know - I live for the vignette.

Honestly, I'm just not feeling super creative this year.  I toyed around with the idea of only putting up a tree in the living room and calling it a day. I fear that if I do that once, I'll just keep doing it, and then ten years from now I'll think 'what have I done!?
 I'll think that I missed out on something wonderful.  

I swear I just put all this stuff away!
96% of my Christmas lights didn't work this year.
I mistakenly bought one small strand of LED warm white lights.
My eyeballs now feel like Swiss cheese.
What's up with those things?
They are much too brilliant.

 I like the large solid color, old fashioned bulbs on the tree.  
It's a great source of heat in this cold weather.  
All the heat does dry the tree up pretty quick, but there's nothing like it to me.  I need a real tree, with Charlie Brown lights, vintage ornaments, tinsel,  popcorn and cranberries. 
 I think the most perfect tree is in the movie The Bishop's Wife

I can't decide for the life of me if I like that movie or not.  I bought it - thought it was one of my 'must have Christmas movies to watch' - and now - I can't bring myself to watch it.
I adored it for two years, now I'm indifferent to it.
I haven't a clue why.

Oh...before I go on - thanks for the compliments on my coat.
No, it isn't vintage, but that's the reason I bought it.  It looks vintage.  The collar is removable.  I got it at Target for $60 last winter.  It's a size small - which tickles me to no end...and still fits somewhat even though my body has decidedly settled into a size M over the last year.  

Me and my sisters - circa 1965

As far as baking goes this year, I've decided to bake three things.
Otherwise, my S coat will need to be L - and that ain't happening.
I'll make my traditional gingerbread men, and the peanut kiss cookies that Aaron adores - and I just want to make one other cookie - 

What would you suggest?  If you would - could you add a link in the comment to it?  Might give us all some new ideas for Christmas baking!

Til soon,

be well, choose happy, live slow


  1. Christmas Baking Links??? Way outta my league . . i come to your blog for my dose of holiday loveliness . . . and, I leave in awe of all you do - beautiful, Beautiful . . oh, maybe your movie preference goes in cycles - and, in another year or so - you'll feel the need to view again . . ya think?
    Happy Happy to You!

  2. I am with you on the decorating. Every post I read is about keeping it simple but that goes against everything I remember about Christmas. I know it is all about Jesus and his coming to save us but what better reason to do things up in a super big way! I want more lights. I keep adding and adding. I tried the new lights. Ug ly. I agree. I like colored lights and I like the traditional ones. Those wonky colors just feel wrong. I did find one set that are LED but look normal to me. WHere I them I haven't a clue!
    That movie is new to me. Never heard of it. Some of my faves are Little Women with Wynona Ryder and Elf. They make me happy.
    I miss you sweet pal. I wish I were coming for a cookie bake. I am not sure when I am doing that but the girls are set on sugar cookies.
    I am watching You've Got Mail and drinking some decaf wishing you were here tucked up on the sofa in your nightgown. Soon! Soon my pretty.

  3. I love "The Bishop's Wife".....the black and white one of course....I just like the message of it. I also put the old fashioned colored lights on my coop and it's my favorite decorations of all! Can't wait to see what you come up with....I love all things Jayme!..:)

  4. I find that so many of us are feeling the "less is more" this year! I have 8 totes of Christmas to donate...unfortunately I still have 25 to store!!! I told hubby this year that it looks like our house has been burglarized, but we'd never know what was missing! (I have since cleaned it all up!)
    I don't start baking til the week of Christmas because we eat it all! And forget about freezing them...I like them frozen better!
    Post a picture of the squirrel so I can imagine myself visiting!

  5. Jayme, I LOVE the picture of your hen house with the lights and the snowy background, how beautiful. it made me smile!

  6. A tree in every room...what a woman! We have 2...a skinny old-fashioned one that sits in the front window, then the big one where all the goodies go. It's an over the river and through the woods trek to get it, but it's always fun. Agreed...we decorate the coop and goat barn too, after all, the animals deserve a bit of holiday cheer! Crank the music & have fun decorating! -Mary

  7. There is something up this year.... I am normally a Christmas junky with everything done Thanksgiving weekend. Not this year. Did it this weekend though I really wasn't feeling it like normal... everyone I know is the same way this year. But I didn't let that feeling win. Christmas has now thrown up all through my house. :) Only took me 2 solid days!!! Not doing the outside this year... waited to long.... ladders, heavy garland, doing it alone, in th ice and cold didn't seem to smart to me. Sensible....damn.. must be geting old!!!!

    Cedar Lake

  8. I cant even find my tree. Seriously. Im printing out MISSING posters right now.

  9. You've inspired me, Jayme! I'm finally digging out my Christmas decorations and pulled out my Holiday Baking Binder! My holiday favorite is the Linzer Cookie: I use a star or heart cut-out on top!

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Love you and your coat and your boy.
    May I respectfully recommend crack bark, even though it shan't be a cookie?

  11. I just found these and I think they are sooooo awesome looking. Easy too! A kiss is just a kiss.. unless it's dressed like THIS!!....

  12. Hey Jayme-
    It's Tracy's daughter Kayla. Might I recommend a batch of this gluten free chocolate peppermint crackle cookies:
    I may or may not have made 2 batches of them this weekend. To share of course.

  13. I hear you on the mess all over. Good gosh Jayme, Totes, totes and more totes. I have the outside decorated, which included our new outbuilding sporting old fashioned lights and a real Christmas tree up by the new deck pad. I have a vintage Large Santa by the front door and a Frosty by the back light. We can sit at the kitchen bay and see our wonderland as we relax or eat. I love it. Now, the inside is yet to be tackled. I seem to be doing less and less the last two years inside. I need to host a Christmas in July sale this summer, as I don't even put a lot of it out anymore. On the cookie front, well, I have been baking cookies since before Thanksgiving. The cookies are always wonderful to have around, especially with tea at night, but oh the calories! I was making gingerbread and that butter/pecan cookie you roll in powdered sugar. Yeah, lets not talk calories. By the way, you do look fab in that SMALL size coat. Wow! Happy decorating Jayme and forget making another batch of cookies.


  14. I'm w you.....destroyed house-everything hidden- but wonderfully decorated!!! Love chicken coop pic!! I keep my lights on mine all year!!
    Rain :)


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