Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Welcome to the Institution

An update.
Seriously?  I'm not sure what life is up to.
It's got a sense of humor -that's for sure.

It's been a summer of menopause, poison ivy, reactions from medications, withdrawal symptoms from Effexor, and urinary tract infections.

Now - in the last couple of days:

I was chasing a baby turkey, and found myself behind the garage where things are piled up a bit, and the grass is grown over and *boom* I stepped and immediately felt a spike going into my right foot instep.

A screw was in a board, I stepped on it, and ended up at Express care getting a tetanus shot.
My left arm is bruised and so sore I can barely move it from the shot.
I limped all weekend.
While I was there I found out my blood pressure was high - thanks to a side effect of Effexor.
I immediately came home and decided to wean off again - slowly.
I must get free of this!

Today - I finally stopped limping, but felt flu like symptoms from weaning off of Effexor, and nearly passed out in Yoga class.  No matter how slow I wean, it's hellacious.

I did my cleaning job, and slipped - cleaning the shower and fell HARD on to my right side.
I can barely move at the moment.
I think I fractured the middle toe on my right foot.

Tomorrow morning I'm committing myself - for my own safety.
I'm going to find an old asylum where they still do things like:

It can't hurt at this point.

Wheel me out in the sunshine for an hour a day.

Not quite sure what they are doing here - but I'm thinking if I were tied down in a tub with a nurse watching me - I couldn't hurt myself any further.

I told Glenco tonight that I'm in 'survival mode'. 
 I'm not expecting anything out of myself except the bare minimum.  
Chicken tending.
Bed making.
Dinner cooking.

Oh - and Lifestyle 180 (formerly known as BootCamp) starts tomorrow.
I may not survive it!
But ya know what?
I'm still smiling.


  1. Obviously the Lord does not wish thee to hike next week!

    But if you do, I will wish myself along too.


  2. You give ah whole new meaning to gittin out the wrong side of bed. You poor thing. Reminds me of Indiana Jones where the girl asks where doesn't it hurt so she could kiss him. Don't commit yet. Hang on cause life gets more exciting. Be sure to carry a first aid kit to boot camp. Jist sayin. Love ya and jist joshin with ya. Get well!!

  3. When it rains it pours and it did that here too in the last few days. Sounds like a tough road ahead of you if you are going to continue with boot camp. Somehow, you will get it accomplished and I'm glad you decided to wean off that Effexor. I'll be rooting for you.

  4. Boy talk about Murphy's law eh! You better wrap yourself in bubble wrap before you step foot out the door :) BTW, Nancy sent me here...I'm glad she did lol.

  5. It looks like a very nice institution to me. Will send flowers.... And low cal cookies too!

  6. You can still put the giddy-up in my smiles Jayme while at the same time I'm feelin' so badly for all the assaults against your poor body.......I know that your humour is still intact and that my friend proves you're gonna be A-OK, Can I still leave a wee trail of "I feel badly for you truly and hope that you will be back on track sooner than soon.)
    God Bless,

  7. Well, how the heck did I miss those last couple of posts? Anyway, I read and enjoyed the ones I missed. Lawsy, girl, you have had quite a week of it. I think those tubs are full of ice -ice baths to "calm them". That ought to do you some good. Should I schedule you for morning or afternoon? You WILL notice that none of those ladies are looking at each other and chatting?

    I will come visit you whilst you are withering away in the institution. Shall I bring some honey and tea?

    Good luck on healing and starting your program tomorrow-xo Diana

  8. Jayme, I think you have had enough girl. I can't believe all you've gone through. I pray things get back to normal for you. I know side effects from meds. Sometimes the things you have that you are taking meds for, is less of a pain than the cure. I have had a sinus cold something...not sure what it is. Had a "Z" pack, was fine for about ten days, felt a dry spot in my throat and it just got so bad, I thought it was strep. The drs. gives me an ATB, side effects watery diarrhea for 4 days...then stop that med get a new ATB(the dr says sinus infection)...Now I had diarrhea and a headache...and all of them can give you thrush mouth or yeast infection..I am miserable...so I can't only imagine what you are going through. The med you are trying to get off of, is scary..I am praying for you. xoxo, Susie

  9. Can't stop laughing at the tub scene...

  10. Saying a prayer for you! Id say rejoice...you're getting all of the bad over. It will be all good from here! (I hope!)

  11. Wow! You are really having a time there. Hopefully it's out with the bad and in with the good now. Keep smiling.

  12. Sorry for your mishaps and misadventures but woman you are sooooooo funny!! You're like the today version of Erma Bombeck! LOL

  13. Oh.my.goodness! You sure are having a time of it. I'll send some herbal tea and some good books to read while you're in the institution, haha! Seriously, take care girl!

  14. I hate to say it but but you might as well say "This is my life" for the next couple of years. I spent two years on the couch reading...that is all I wanted to do when I was in full blown meno...Everybody would say "What is wrong with Sheryl"? I would say "Nothing is wrong....I just want to be left alone"...and so I did.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7gLJr03vNQ&list=RD028wdMlQn9Msg

    At the above...copy and paste..and enjoy a little bit of Roseanna Roseannadanna!!!

    On a serious note....just get through this....something huge is awaiting you at the end of all of this. I just know it!!!

  16. Why is it . . . you have all this "stuff" going on and happening to you . . . Yet . . . You write a piece, with photos and I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Forgive me, you sweet thing girl . . , it has to get better for ya . . . and soon!

  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qd_syuD-N_k&list=RD02zKxjBsO-Bvk

    If the above clip of Roseanna Roseannadanna didn't humor you up...maybe another clip of her will keep you entertain while you're reclining in your chaise lounge!!
    Take care girl......and hang in there!!

  18. One day at a time, Miss Jayme. You will survive. Hugs.

  19. I needed a good laugh...

    I feel like you. Only I have Lymes... it's dreadful. This was newly diagnosed... and I think it ticks me off (pun intended) that I have it.

    I don't wish this on anybody.

    I'll be praying for you...I'm glad you still got it in you to send some humor all around.
    love to you..

  20. I'm sorry you have had such a rough go of it recently. God's stretching you and growing you in ways He has never done before. :)

  21. Jayme your camper just popped up on FaceBook...https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=678777212136912&set=a.624444514236849.1073741828.624384600909507&type=1&theater (The Road to Glamperland)

  22. Oh Lady! Geez! You've had a rough one for sure. As my daughter would say..."Coo coo ca choo"...60's version definition...(Everything will be alright.) Wait and see.... Hang in there Coop Keeper!!


  23. oh, holy crud. Well I sure hope things begin to look up for ya. My son just stepped on a nail too and had to go to the clinic to get it cleaned out. Tetanus was up to date, he was spared that ugly thing.


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