Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Chance of a Lifetime

Many, probably most of you know about my weight struggles.
In the past years, I've openly shared my triumphs and failures.
If you are a new reader - you can click on 'weight loss' under labels and read all about it.

I've lost 130 lbs.
I've gained back 30.
I've lost 10.
I've gained 14.
I've lost 4.


You get my drift.

Honest to Pete - if if weren't for this guy, I would be 287 lbs again.

Gosh, what was it?  About two years ago now?  Three?  I honestly don't remember when I did the 'Bootcamp'.  20 weeks of intensive teaching, accountability and support for weight loss, and internal change.

I've kept the weight off - other than that 20ish pounds that I'm fighting with since Aaron left.


I'm doing the program again.
I refuse to be a statistic and regain this weight - and I need a tune up of sorts - and I plan on getting this last 20lbs off for good.

For the first time ever - he's offering it starting in the summer.
July 24th.
You need to get on the early bird list so that you can get an email a day before it goes public to insure a spot.

This is the best part.
It's all new.
The website has been redesigned.
The program has been redesigned!
It's no longer called 'Bootcamp' - it's called Lifestyle 180.

It's not as 'hardcore'.  There are no fines for falling behind on goals, and there is no chance of being booted out if you aren't keeping up.

I've been coaching the last two - and I'm telling you - this is changing people's lives.  
It surely has changed mine.

My dear sister (Aaron's mom) is signing up!  I'm so excited.

Right now he's offering a 'taste' of the program - five days free - you'll get a short video every day for five days, and complete access to the website.
No obligation.

Also - if you sign up now for the Early Bird List - you'll also save $50 a month.

You know how I hate debt.  You know there are precious few things I would consider going into debt for-but this is one of them.

The program is affordable - and if you go through it - you'll find out it's worth ten times the cost.

Most people end up saving money at the end of the month - no more drive-thrus, junk food adds up!

If you have any questions or concerns at all - please, please email me.
I'll even talk to you on the phone.

I believe in this program.  
I really do.


  1. Congratulations for knowing what you need to do and doing it. That's half the battle. We have to accept it is a change for a lifetime. I am going to check out the site. I hope it's not to expensive. Keep up the good work. Kathy

  2. Those are NOT YOUR PANTS.
    GET OUT!!!!!!!
    That's impressive.

  3. Kudos for getting back on the horse. I guess we all fight that 20 pounds over and over.

  4. I am so proud of you, Jayme, especially for not becoming a statistic. You are amazing! xo Diana

  5. I am going to go look at the site and see if this is something I can afford to do. yes, I know I can't afford not to, but seriously,...not sure if I can afford it.

    Thanks for the post and you are doing great keeping it off.

  6. I'm going to do it! I have a week long camping trip in August and I'll be off-line. I hope I can keep it going for that week. I have to do it, I'm so tired of my extra weight. Maybe my hot flashes won't be so toasty if I were in better shape!

  7. I applaud you, but I don't think you need to lose anymore weight. You look great.

    Cindy Bee

  8. You are amazing!

  9. I ditto what Jayme said. I have lost just about 80 pounds doing the last two "bootcamps" and it was/is money very well spent. I look at it as an investment in my health and well being, and as Jayme alluded to, it's not JUST about losing the weight, it's about finding inner peace about your weight. Oh, and it doesn't hurt to have Jayme as a Coach :) She's pretty awesome, as you all already know!

    Chris from Canada

  10. Jayme, I signed up for the 5 days free, but having a hard time figuring out how to navigate the website once I logged in. All you need to look at is a little overwhelming. Any suggestions?


  11. Jayme, may I say your first picture is perfect, and I wouldn't change a thing. I know you have lost some serious weight and look at you. Your maintaining, right? A pot roast here and there or a few indulges of sweets should not take you back to jumping a pant size? I swear the "M", does horrible things to we women (around our waist). I am definately not burning my calories like I use to. My metabolism has changed this last year or two. That twenty pounds you speak of, I can atest to it too. I swear I'll have to exercise like a mad woman and eat like a bunny to lose these fifteen to twenty I am determined to lose. My daughter and I have started our own tag team program. I know your frustration. You go girl! It definately does help to have support/buddy system. P. S. That last pic I love too. Look at you, Aaron and Fiona...adorable!


  12. The site seemed to work yesterday but today, it doesn't seem to be working. I've tried with 2 different emails.

  13. Jayme, you look really great and you inspire me to keep on trucking with my weight loss. Thanks!

  14. I'm having a little trouble with the LL website too, sometimes I can work it, other times not. And I don't like spending so much time logging. I work full time and if I do all the "To do's" I'll never have time to cook and exercise and sleep. How do y'all do it?

  15. I am so happy for you. It is fantastic that you found someone to really motivate you. Keep up the good work.

  16. Jayme: I am going to do it. That's what I'm telling myself, but I can't do it. I'm terrified of failing, but I have tried EVERYTHING. My weight keeps going up and up, and I have no motivation on my own to do anything about it. I have the sign-up page on my computer, but I just don't know if I can go through with it.

    1. Oh girl!!! I wish I could contact you somehow, but you are a 'no reply blogger' from the only hope is that you see this and can call me - 219 696 0265. I'm here for you. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!!!

    2. Jayme: You're the best. Thank you for talking to me. It was the boost I needed. I went ahead and bit the bullet and I did it, I signed up. I'm trying to navigate the website before July 24 because I'm nervous that I will be able to figure out the technology. Have already hit a few snags, but I'm not going to sweat it yet. I've made a folder with all my printouts, and I swear I feel like I'm getting ready for the first day of school. If you don't mind, what is your sister's name and I'll try to find her on the site. It would be nice to have someone to go through this with. If you'd like to give her my information, I'd love to talk to her any time she would like.

      Deb Snyder

      P.S. Guess what. I got my first chicken egg today! Woohoo.


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