Tuesday, July 9, 2013

More Cell Phone Drivel

Ok, just one more post about this, and then I'll stop - for now.

I'm really glad I cut the cord.
Really glad.  
Yesterday seemed so peaceful to me.
I will admit that one time, while I was out with Aaron, and he was driving - I looked in my purse for my phone - I had this overwhelming urge to check email.  
: -)

I miss knowing what time it is...:-)
I need a watch now.


Man, am I glad I did this.

I have an addictive personality.
I just do.
I'm all or nothing, go big or go home.

I think I'm addicted to gardening.
You think I jest.

I completely aware, or at least I try to be, that I have this tendency.
That's why, I think, for me - a smart phone was a bad idea.

Granted - it's a great tool.  So is a computer - so is a fork - and yet - so many times, we use these tools to our demise.

Aaron seemed glad that I got rid of the cellphone.  He's been emailing me - and we've promised to talk on the phone. 

I will miss sending him goofy pictures.

I'm just really, really, really done with the whole phone thing.  I think I'm going to start slapping them out of people's hands.

; -)


  1. Well! I give you credit. And hey, whatever works for you, WORKS!.. I agree that we spend far too much time on those dang things and they can be unsafe if used inproperly, but I know that for me, they are also a great way to stay in touch with my kids, peace of mind too.

  2. Nothing bothers me more than when I am at lunch with friends and they keep their phones on the table and continue to check it, update fb, and text while I am sitting right there trying to have nice conversation with them ... GRRR.

  3. I'm SO with you on the cell phone thing. I don't even think people realize how rude they've become by constantly being on or checking their phones while they're in someone's presence. When I worked as a bank teller (drive-thru) several of my customers would drive up and be talking on their phone. I got to the point where I didn't even acknowledge them. And, if I had to interrupt their conversation because I had a question about their transaction they would give me a 'how rude' look. Really? I'm being rude? Grrrrr!

    Good for you! And the 'needing to know what time it is' thing... yea, that was me for the longest time even after I became a housewife. I got over it though, eventually, lol!

  4. Glad you reposted. I left my response yesterday and at the end made the remark about being glad to still be able to talk to my kids, via texting. Well, let me say, the phones are a comfort to me. I can quickly touch base with any of them. A quick text gives me piece of mind. One in Chicago, my second oldest who gave up her land phone and is a momma of our twin grandbabies,(love the quick pics she sends us) and my last two in their early twenties, when they are still out at 1:00am, they do text back. They still reside with us. No empty nesting here yet. Yes, I don't have an iphone, they do, but I feel it gives me comfort. Do I over use. Definately not, but the kids, yep, probably. I get where your feelings are though. I have felt this for sometime. I have repeatedly told my children that my generation grew up in the best of times. 60'..70's you didn't have all this technology. I tell my kids it was when family/people really connected with each other, you could be out for hours in your neighborhood, and Momma didn't worry. Everything was simpler, laid back and definately more wholesome. Ugh! I want that world...but, giving up my cell phone won't change where society keeps going. Oh, Jaymes, if it works for ya sister...go for it. Now facebook, this computer and you all with these wonderful blogs..now that is my weakness. So much at our fingertips no matter what the technology. Your next post can be to challenge me to not be so addicted to those medias...(please don't though) I love your blog girl!!!


  5. I love my cell phone but I use it as a tool, not as an appendage. I would never be so rude as to ignore a guest in my home or a friend having a meal with me. I do not allow cell phones at the dinner table...ever. I need to check email periodically and it is very convenient to use the cell as opposed to dragging out my laptop. I use it for making lists since I rarely have a scrap piece of paper on hand. I do not clip coupons...I use my cell for that. Truth be told - I use it more for computer access than for anything else.

  6. Kudos to you for giving it up. I've always thought they were ridiculous as does my husband. We didn't have to cut the cord... we simply chose to never live our life that way, with the phone needing to be near us or on us at all times.

  7. Glad you figured out it was an addiction for you and that you were able to give it up cold turkey. haha! I personally love having mine and being connected to my kids and friends. As for checking it all the time....I just don't. I do enjoy getting Instagram photos and regular photos as well from family & friends but I only check emails, Facebook and my ever-lovin blogs when I am alone so I can enjoy the face to face company of anyone I am with.
    As another replied, I too use my cell phone as a tool. Since I cannot remember half the things I should I rely on my phone to remind me, I use it for lists and I always have my calendar handy. Love that!

  8. Happy you are Happy without the cell!

  9. I'm with you, Jayme. AND there are so many people that DO text while driving. I see them all the time. It is scary and unfathomable to me that people are still doing this. I use mine but I rarely text on it and I leave it in my car when I am home. It can get crazy. Good for you AND Einstein. xo Diana

  10. Girl,
    You will pry my cell out of my cold, dead hands.

    I've always wanted to say that! :-)

  11. Whoa girl. You got it right. You hit the nail on the head. 'Nuff said.

  12. OH MY. I feel the exact same way. This is why I do NOT have a smart phone. I would be the exact same. I am so annoyed by people and their cell phones.

  13. Some people (MANY people!) are compulsive with them, and it's a stupendous problem. I'm not one of those people (in fact I'm not exactly sure where my smartphone is at the moment - it's somewhere around here....) I do consider it an invaluable resource, and would feel very inconvenienced without it. But if you're one of those who use it obsessively, more power to ya for giving it up. I have a step-daughter who has it on her person 24/7 - she sleeps with it, and if I tell her she can't bring it to the dinner table, she becomes so anxious that dinner is a disaster. I stopped going to the movies with her because she can't put it away during the movie. Makes me sad to see her so addicted to what is supposed to be a just a helpful convenience. My total usage for a day is maybe an hour, but Big Kudos to you, Jayme, for dumping it if it had become a problem for you.

    your cousin Debbie

  14. Howdy-
    Off topic! I'm using this format to contact you since I don't seem to have your e-mail address on my phone - you can delete this since it has nothing to do with your post :)
    I'm here in MO and I'm thinking I'd like to go see Vivian while I'm here. I have her address, but how should I set up a visit? Do you have a phone number for her? If you e-mail me I'll get it on my phone.....thanks.


  15. I'm with you Jayme.... Why can't we have ' The Great American Cell Off Day' .... just like the smokes....


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