Monday, July 1, 2013

Just a Bit of Monday Miscellany

I ate some really crappy food for the last two days - Taco Bell, a chicken salad sandwich on a croissant and some gelato to be exact.

Interestingly enough, my esophagus was filled with phlegm after I ate it.
Why did I do it?
I don't know.
Sometimes I like to just switch my brain off and eat what I think I want to eat, not what I should eat.

I always pay for it though.
And today - I'm paying.
I'm scattered. 
I'm tired.
I'm nauseated.

This post shall reflect that.

Random thoughts, in a random order, with random photos - and nothing will make sense.
You were warned.

Let's see...where should I begin?

I did something last week that I said that I'd never do - I bought me some fingernails.

My hands were looking so bad, so work worn, I just didn't feel much like a lady - so I bought these.
I'm embarrassed to tell you how much I'm loving them.
I hope they can hold up to the garden.

I just had this weird day last week where I felt completely sad.  Aaron had been here for three days, then he up and left - went back to Chicago - and last Wednesday the house just felt so quiet.  I'm sure some or most of my mood was hormonal, but I just thought 'screw it all'.  I couldn't pull one more weed.  I felt lonely and sad - and even though I had at least a half a dozen friends that I could have popped over and visited to soothe my loneliness, I just didn't want to.  I guess I just wanted to feel the loneliness.

I hopped in the Bug and went to town.  Treated myself to a Wendy's Summer Berry salad and some fingernails.  Visited the library.  Came home and laid low the rest of the day.
It passed.

Pulled about six gallons of honey off of the hives - with nary a sting.
Glenco has been busy bottling it up, and now the sign is back on the road and I need to remember to keep m'self dressed.

The honey is beautiful.

phot from last year
Went to Gurnee, IL this weekend for a Leanness Lifestyle picnic, seeing my Coach, David Greenwalt and many of the members of the club that I had the privilege of co-coaching.  AMAZING people.  Glen finally met the Coach - do I have one photo to share?  Nope.  Not yet.  I hope some of my friends will email me a few....

My thoughts on Pinterest lately.
Too much pressure - especially for the engaged, pregnant or new moms.
All of these 'gender reveal' photos - engagement photos, new baby photos.
Entirely too much pressure to be clever, creative and unique.
I was the fourth child.
I think I have two baby photos.
Enough said.

Yesterday I went to the Lowell Garden Walk.
I really didn't take many pictures - just a couple of things I wanted to remember.

A cool variegated plant with yellow flowers - I'm a sucker for anything variegated...or purple and spiky.

A rose bush that I simply must have one day.
Please note how lovely my nails look in the photo.
Thank you.

There were a few things that impressed me - I was hard to impress yesterday.

Believe it or not - big bark chunks impressed me.  I've never liked the big bark chunks, but totally loved it in this application.

I was really impressed with Wayne Gruber's garden - the owner of Gardens on the Prairie.  He makes me swoon anyhow - there's just something about a man gardening.  It works for me.  : -)

And then.....there was this tree.
I'm sorry.
It's funny.

The end.


  1. I did as you did, threw caution to the wind and ate ice cream Saturday night and some potato chips, I have not had either for several years. I paid for it dealy with acid reflux big time at 4AM, woke me up and then spent the next 30 minutes throwing up what looked to be the chocolate ice cream. I too was feeling lonely and thought this would help.

    So I guess we have a lesson here, do call those friends instead of trying to sit it out alone and try praying for that answer as to what got us down.

    LOVE your nails, they doooo loooook goooood! I do hope they hold up while gardening.

    GOD bless and keep you safe.

  2. LOL.. that reminds of other trees I've seen... I've thought of doing a little coffee table book entitled "trees behaving badly". your photo would fit right in.

  3. Hilarious. (the tree)

    Have a good week!


  4. Absolutly love the nails. Just keep in mind when you feel blue the follow: "drink plenty of water, don't forget to breathe, if you pray, pray alot" and remember that "this too shall pass." Love the tree, too.

  5. Funny "he-she trees" :-)

    Love your nails....I have mine done every two weeks, I garden, I sew, and I scrub and clean with them.....Since I was young, I have loved pretty hands and nails...well, mine weren't so pretty, so 30 years ago, I started having mine done (acrylics) and have them to this day....they make me feel dressed up...and feminine!

    Have a wonderful week and enjoy looking at your hands fingernails! :-)

  6. Maybe that's what I need today...fingernails! I think I am feeling bluesy because of the weather today 'cause I had a good weekend. I really, really want to drink a Diet Mountain Dew. Water ain't cutting it!

  7. OMG-I think that is funny, too. I think I want to do that to one of my trees. Do you think the neighbors would talk? I hear you about the fingernails. That is the one thing I do for myself- I don't buy things for myself-never-and, because I work so hard with my hands they always look crappy- so I have been having my nails done and I must say it makes me feel so much better about ME! Isn't that weird? Well, weird or not- I like it. Blessings to you- I hope you have a really good week! Love ya-Diana

  8. Ha ha, the tree is hilarious! x

    Have a hug for your down times xxx

  9. Your nails will hold up better than you know. Polish on acrylics doesn't chip, which is a bonus. (I had nails for years until about five years ago. Gave them up when I realized that I was resenting having to make time to keep them filled. Perhaps I will go back to them, because I really like pretty hands. Anything that can make gardening afghanis pretty is a GOOD thing.)

  10. Okay ... iPad autocorrect changed "hands" into "afghanis" ... Weird. I don't think I have ever typed "afghanis" ever ever.

  11. Are they stick on nails or did you pay to have them done? They are gorgeous... if stick on, please share the brand!! I used to have my nails done but tired of spending the money on them and they totally ruined my nail beds. ugh. Sure looked nice though... :)

  12. I Need "Liquid Gold"!! I miss having your honey in my cupboard..I have sent you a private email about purchasing Honey! ( Please look for email that asks to purchase Honey)
    Thanks In Advance

  13. I'm with you: love beautiful nails, thumb rings, and anything variegated. TheYellow Brick Road, fantastic rose name! Don't be so hard on yourself; tomorrow"s another day. "Instead of living in the shadows of yesterday, walk in the light of today and the hope of tomorrow."--someone smarter than me said that, but it's oh-so-true!~Patysue

  14. Love the girly nails and yes they look lovely in the rose photo!! I recently started treating myself to a nice acrylic manicure. I needed a girly pick-me-up as I dealt with empty nest and mid-40s. I likey! It's not a necessity but it is a nice-Ity!

  15. Great nails. Let's be friends.

  16. Jayme, you always make my day :) Wonderful post, as always.. and that is a boat-load of honey!! -Tammy

  17. Love your post Jayme, it helps to read about others who are human too (since i just finished eating an ice cream sundae :) ) I know what you mean about those "sad" days......they just sometimes creep up on ya. i usually blame mine on hormones a/k/a aging.....which i'm not handling well :( Your nails look great and the tree picture is a hoot. Keep smiling, I really enjoy reading your updates!

  18. Love your post Jayme, it helps to read about others who are human too (since i just finished eating an ice cream sundae :) ) I know what you mean about those "sad" days......they just sometimes creep up on ya. i usually blame mine on hormones a/k/a aging.....which i'm not handling well :( Your nails look great and the tree picture is a hoot. Keep smiling, I really enjoy reading your updates!

  19. Its ok to have a sad day. Whatever sparked it, as long as you pick yourself right back up. From the looks of it, you did a good job girl! Wow, those are some pretty hands. Sounds like you picked yourself right up, driving in that cute bug of yours, a meet and greet and ending with a tranquil walk through a beautiful garden. Sweet, Good for you. P. S. I slipped too. Ate a Jr Whopper this week. Ugh! Can't handle fast food anymore.



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