Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This, That, and the BoyChild

I'm long, long, long overdue a BoyChild update.
Mr. Fashion would have a fit if he knew I posted this pic!
But this is my boy - this is the boy I love through and through, this is my heartbeat.
My sweet nephew Aaron.

New readers might want to read this - 

Aaron is doing terrific.  He's 17.5 years old now and adapting to Chicago pretty good.  He wants to come home every weekend though, and that just thrills me.  His mom (they are really getting along well!) picks him up and drops him off here on Saturday evenings after school, and then I have him til she picks him back up on Monday evening to get him home in time for classes Tuesday morning.

The child is obsessed with hair.
This is the boy that never brought a school book home, and caused me to go prematurely gray trying to homeschool his behind.  Thank goodness he can now color it!
This is the boy that wouldn't memorize his multiplication table even when I offered him $100 to do it.

He rolls out of bed on Sunday morning and hits the books and plays with dummy heads and talks to me non-stop about vertical slices and color formulations.
If he's awake - he's talking about, doing, reading about, or watching hair tutorials.

Here's a terrible picture of my extensions so far.  What a flipping process!  They aren't done yet.  He is now color matching them to my real hair - and then he'll attach them next time he's here.  I'm thinking I might love this.  He had it in a fishtail braid at one point.  Mercy.  I'm scheduling an appointment for breast augmentation as soon as I get my spray tan and gel nails this afternoon.

Aaron continues to break my heart and put it back together again.
He treats me to Starbucks now.
Breaks my heart for some reason - it's hard to let him spend his money on me.
On Mother's Day he bought me a card with his money.  I think that was the first time my sister didn't buy it for him.  : -)  

Here's what he wrote in my card:
My heart was trashed.
Father's Day?  He bought Glenco a gift.
Heart trashed again.

I loved what he wrote in his mom's card, and if you knew all what my sister has gone through with the child...well...he wrote 'Thanks for loving me through all of my bullsh*t'.
What I loved more than anything was his acknowledgement of his bullsh*t.

So, growing up he is, and I have to ask you - how do you let them?
How do you not remind them to wash their sheets, and eat right, and get plenty of sleep.
How do you remember what you were like at 17, and how grown up you felt?

This is what I know for sure.
I love Aaron.
It's an absolute, unconditional, I don't need anything in return, kind of love.  He's opened my mind and my heart in more ways than I knew were ever possible.
My chest is literally aching now, just typing this.

Law and mercy.

I should stop now...but just a quick this and that.

My poison ivy is much better!  Three more days of steriods.
I just look completely scabby.
Now - I have a bladder infection.  The antibiotics I'm on gave me diarrhea.   
My hormones are keeping me up half the night.
I'm swollen from the steroids.
My crotch is on fire (I'm sorry - it's just the truth)
I'm urinating blood. 
Again...sorry TMI.

I have about 14 things half done today.
I keep trying to work, and I just don't feel well.
Ya think?

Sat in the inner sanctum office at the Dr.s for a good half an hour yesterday - and I couldn't take the mess.

Good thing the furniture was bolted down.

The cleanse has started and is officially closed for now.  I'll let you know when I'll reopen it to more people.  I actually have a plan for it (!!) and it would be too hard for new people to keep jumping in during it.

So there's my update.
It's gorgeous here in Indiana and I should be out on the tractor, but it hurts my innards.
I'm trying to allow myself rest time to heal.
Why is that so hard?


  1. Loved hearing all the newsy news about Aaron, but truth be told, the funniest thing I read/saw was your compulsive re-ordering of the Dr's office! 'Bout fell off my chair!

  2. You are truly blessed beyond measure Jayme. Its hard to let go. I know, as I have four, besides a son in law and two grandbabies now. Love the extensions Aaron is having fun with. My third daughter made some for me from Sally's for the wedding of our second oldest. They were fun to have and made my hair a little fuller, as hair thins a bit through the wonderful "M" years. Have to agree, that rearrangment at the Doc's was a total Jayme moment... Great the Ivy is doing better but sorry about the rest. Oh WOMANHOOD!! Hang tight girl!


  3. Oh Lordy you have good bad an ugly news today. I love your boy-child. You should invest in velcro as he will make you prouder every year and without bifocals it's hard to pick up the buttons.
    I hope your innards heal quickly. Take care!

  4. I have tears after reading Aaron's note . . . he's a keeper!

    Re. the bladder infections: been there so many times. What's working for me now is cranberry gel caps twice a day . . . haven't had an infection since I began this routine! There is NOTHING that's worse than a BI!!! (I've had the blood, too, - scary and icky!) I feel for you, lady! I get my cranberry stuff from swansonvitamins.com.<<<good company

    Be blessed. ~Patysue

  5. Nice to get an Aaron update and can't wait to see the finished "project hair extension". Aaron is indeed growing up. And yes it's hard. At an optometrist appointment the other week, the Doc mentioned getting Nico in before July next year since he'd be turning 20... WHAT??? My son will be 20 in July 2014?? Kind of hit me...my baby IS growing up. It's hard to accept, but so wonderful to watch. Aaron, will always be your baby.

    Hugs girl...

    P.S. Hope your innards are back to normal soon!

    Chris from Canada

  6. Oh, I am loving this story of Aaron's growing up. And My boychild is 17.5 too.. I still do his laundry, make his breakfast, make his BED even, yes I know you want to slap me... They will ALWAYS be our boys, doesn't matter the age, don't ya know.

    Sure hope you're feeling better soon - one word.. Cranberry juice.. like a quart a day!... to flush all that out.

  7. Oh Jayme... we may be related. I went to Omaha last weekend and couldn't stand the way the hotel room was arranged. I kept asking my guy if he thought anyone would notice if I rearranged it. He said he had to put his foot down if I started redecorating. I waited until he was showering to "tweak" it....

    Pam (Colorado)

  8. Oh sweet Aaron, love the young man. You can remind him to wash sheets etc.. as long as you want, they secretly love it.
    Love the dr. office picture, I would have untwisted the phone cord. Yes I am OCD like that.
    Sounds like all is well on the farm. xoxoxo

  9. Jayme - Great post - LOL!!! I've re-arranged rooms before, too! What? You didn't uncurl the phone cord on the wall?
    P.S. Try Fem-dophilus fer yer bladder health.

  10. Jayme, I thought I was the only one who straightened up the exam room at the doctor's office! Alas, someone HAS to do it! I always want to tell the doctor that the cleaning service needs to work on the marks on the walls from chairs (may just take them Mr. Clean Erasers and show them how it is done!) and the corners of the exam rooms. Of course, I would also clean the bathrooms at restaurants if I had the right supplies in hand!
    Please take the time to feel better. We need you to keep us laughing!
    Thanks for the Aaron update!

  11. Oh man, that boy.
    Or maybe I should say: Oh boy, that man.
    He's kinda in between. Right?
    Don't tell him I said so b/c he probably thinks he's "grown". Like Robert does.
    I'm so glad I know him in the reals.
    What would he suggest for my flat, thinning mop?

  12. Ah. Teens growing. Not for the faint of heart. But when they have their nice moments, they are "shining"! And it offers us much hope!!

    I'm glad the poison ivy is clearing up. It is just. so. miserable. But so are all the follow up maladies.

    This too, shall pass. Hang in there!


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