Monday, June 24, 2013

As the Coop Turns

Just another manic Monday.
Actually, it's not manic at all - it's quite calm about here.
The kind of calm that's palpable - the bees feel it, the birds feel it - and I certainly feel it too.

We are in for a hot, humid, wet week - with air you can wear, as my friend Lynda says.

Things were so peaceful this morning, and it was well enough light outside at 5:15am to get some photos.

I picked some cherries, laid some mulch, pulled some weeds, tended some birds.

Have you ever seen anyone with OCD and ADHD pick cherries?
It's awful.
I have a burning desire to clean each branch, and yet no impulse control so I pop from branch to branch exclaiming 'look how ripe this one is!'.

And then I only got about a gallon picked before I deemed mulching the veggie garden more important.

It's raining now - so some housework may actually get done!

I just thought I'd show you a few photos of the birds and gardens today - I'm in a really good state of mind over the whole thing.

It is what it is - and I'm not concerned about it being picture perfect anymore.
It's my garden.
I didn't plant it for anyone else.

The flowers are just starting to far there is just a lot of greenery, but it's lush and lovely just the same.  Nothing feeds my soul like the garden.
Except maybe music, or poetry - sometimes yoga - or maybe doing yoga, while reading poetry and listening to music in the garden.

This is the way most of the garden is looking...plain John, very plain.

The veggie garden is a delight.  It feeds my soul and my stomach.  My romaines are to die for.
I fear the broccoli may just bolt instead of head.  I planted it too late and too early.  I should have just put it in later this summer for a fall crop.  It's still pretty.

The meat birds.  Bless their little gluttonous hearts.
I have no attachment to these birds.  I can't allow it.  None of them can be pardoned.  They were born to die.  I'll do my best to treat them with respect, and honor the sacrifice they are making by cooking them well.

The egg birds.  Growing like weeds.
Born to be named, pampered and in general spoiled rotten.
See that poor gal on the far right?  What's up with that?  She's defeathered. I've watched, she's not being picked on, so I really haven't figured out why she, the only one, is nekked.

It's a beautifully mundane, quiet, average Monday.
Hope yours is too.
: -)


  1. beautiful, love the cherries, gorgeous, like you!

  2. Oh my goodness, those cherries look delicious. It is HOT and dry here in south Texas. Everything is wilting.

  3. Your cherry pictures are stirring memories of my in-laws sweet home and their cherry tree. My mother in law was a great pie maker. Will you be making jam, pies, what? Sad they are not with us anymore. Your chickens are so sweet. Maybe I'll become vegan. How does your heart allow to nurture them all and then slaughter some. I guess I would not be cut out for farm life. You've got things stirring in my head now...and oh how I love chicken dishes. Oh Jayme, but, look at that little oasis in which you reside. Definately a little slice of heaven on earth, I'd say. Happy Monday. Peace.


  4. The air here in Eastern Pennsylvania has become hot and heavy. Saturday was beautiful that I was weeding my garden at 5:45 my pajamas. (Either my neighbors sleep late on the weekends or they are very tolerant!) I would love a cherry tree. Those look delicious and so, so pretty. I probably would not even eat them. I would stare at them and plop them into bowls all over the house.

  5. Your garden is gorgeous! I had 1 of 4 romaines do "ok" but it gives me peace to tend the garden also. I'm just not very good at this veggie thing.. lol.. but I'll plug along! Those cherries look delish! -T

  6. Those cherry trees and cherries look gorgeous!! I don't think I have ever seen one before. My grandparents have gardened my entire life and they don't have cherries so I am guessing they don't grow well here. I bet they are delicious!!

  7. sigh......yum.....lovely.....awww......hmmm......:)

  8. I just got home from a week away with my girls. It was so much fun and I am ready for a Mundane Monday. Bless you, Jayme, for your realness- xo Diana

  9. Oh my . . . the cherries! Need I say more . . .

  10. Your plain John garden looks gorgeous to me. I know I would love your mundane days. Can I be your neighbor and best friend?

  11. Feeling sorry for the nekked bird. . . I know how it feels, I'm trying to figure out why my hair is disappearing hmmm,. . .but I agree, your romaine is absolutely gorgeous darling!

  12. Poor little chickens!! I love to eat chicken but like Debra said I couldn't nurture knowing they will end up on my plate. It's wrong but I don't want my potential food to have a familiar face. My Aunt and Uncle got piglets every year to raise to slaughter and she would name them, visit them and pet them enough where they would come by name when called. I am hoping to eventually become a vegetarian. We'll see.

  13. ohhhh..Your garden looks sooo nice. I will send you some sad pics of mine. hehee I think my problem is soil and lack of sun!. AND the cherries remind me of my grandma. Have not picked cherries since I picked on her tree...smiles.

  14. I absolutely love the picture with the cherrys and your purple bee boxes. That is frame-worthy. Thanks for the pic's.

  15. Lovely photos and you are so right in recognizing that the garden was not planted for anyone else. It is as you enjoy it. Hmmm...nekked chicken...we had one that did that, stopped laying and began to crow. Hmmm.....


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