Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Miscellany

I'm in quite a random mood today.  
The sun is shining, and I can't quite remember when the last time it did.  It's almost painful on the eyes.
I'm sitting here now - which is actually the last thing I should be doing.
I have no idea how I'm going to pull the Open House off.
My Christmas wreath is still hanging on the door.

Here's a peek at my friend's creations.
Unbearably adorable.

I'd love to show you some of mine, but they are all half done. 
: -)

Thank you all for warning me about the Rhode Island Red roosters temperament! 
I shan't order such an ornery bird.
I'm going to go with a Buff Orpington.

Oh!  Don't forget to comment on that blog post from last week, the book giveaway, tomorrow the winner will be announced, and there will be a new giveaway tomorrow!

Today, I just wanted to check in, and show you a few of my favorite pins from 
the time suck we call Pinterest.

F. Scott Fitzgerald
My favorite quote pin this week.
The vibe is perfect.
My favorite vintage camper pin.  : -)
Squirrels of Privilege

Muzzle Safeguards Chickens - what in the sam hill?
I have no words.  This is bizarre, and pitiful.
This is just fabulous.
Korean beef
My favorite recipe...it's DELICIOUS!
Here's a link to the recipe:
Have a fabulous Tuesday!
Don't forget to enter the book giveaway!


  1. oh, i going to try that recipe. look so delicious!! ( :

  2. Love the picture of the boy with the pacifier. Looks like he should be smoking a cigar. Hope you get your projects finished soon- xo Diana

  3. Trying this recipe tonight! Sounds Delish!!

  4. Don't belong to Pinterest. I have enough trouble with beautiful Tumblers and of course blogs. So many of you are so talented. From Decorating, recipes, thrifting, gardening, etc., your blogs are such a wealth of information, visual stimulation, and inspiration. Love yours. I have a feeling you will be burning a bit of the midnight oil? It was such a strange day today, wasn't it? Blue skies to gray clouds and beautiful little snowflakes. Oh, the good ol Midwest!

  5. The Afro and pacifier did me in.


  6. Feel sorry for the person whose job is "chicken muzzler"!

  7. Cute,so much lovely inspiration in here. Definitely trying that Korean beef recipe. Got my eye on your next posts.

  8. Good luck with getting all your stuff done for the Open House. It's a shame I'm across the country cuz I'd love to pop in and see what goodies you've created.

    So far, I've been able to avoid getting sucked in to Pinterest. I have enough projects already running through my pea-brain and don't have enough time to do them all so I surely don't need any additional outside influences that would pack my pea-brain any more, hahaha! (Although I have noticed quite a few gorgeous things that friends have posted on Facebook from Pinterest....)

  9. Have 2 buff orp roos and they are sweet, no fighting, no squabbles, just strut around lookin' good. I get chicks by mail from McMurray and they are always healthy. Check out Lavender Marans for a pretty chick. Wish I could come to the open house. Love your gardens. June

  10. I made the Korean Beef recipe for the family and everyone loved it! Thank you! I'm always looking for a different way to serve ground beef because we've lots of it this year...bought part of a beef order from a friend that didn't realize just how MUCH ground beef comes from a side of beef. I did just want to add a little something on the chicken front...my two red chickens are so much more aggressive then any of the others. They are fine with people, but are the feather pluckers of the bunch and have taught the others how to do it too...culling them this year, me thinks. I think I'd like some Buff Orps this year, let us know how each of the breeds work out for you, I'm interested to see if you note any differences. By the way, love my little White Rock Roo...he's a sweety to the girls and friendly to people. Be well...~Vonnie


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