Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dream a Little Dream

Had the craziest dream last night.
For those of you that don't know - my dreams are very vivid, usually have a plot, and are in full color.

I dreamt that I was on horseback, following a big tour van on the way to the airport for a trip, where, I do not know.

Also, if you've been around here long enough, you know I'm afraid of horses.

So, here I am on the expressway, riding a horse like a car, following a bus.
Directly ahead of us - there is a huge, gruesome accident - my horse is hurt in the nuzzle - is that part of a horse?  I'm not sure.  It's what I call their mouths.

Thirty are dead - there is blood everywhere - Tom Petty is among the dead.
(I just watched Walking Dead right before bed - FYI)

My horse is lying on the ground hurt badly - and I'm in tears - I have to leave it - I have to evacuate the area.
Now I'm on a yacht.
I find out that the horse is in the infirmary on a lower deck, and I go.  I'm crying over a hurt horse, and the horse understands that I'm worried about it - so it gets up, and I put it's bridle on - and I'm thrilled beyond words that he's feeling better and walking around.  I'm so proud and showing everyone that the horse is OK.
There are many people on the yacht trying to sell me a cell phone.
The horse does ballet - vomits and drops dead.

It becomes a German Shepard dog that then becomes my best friend.
I get off the yacht and go directly to a house where my Spring Open House is going to be held.  It's full of things that I would never want to own, let alone sell.  There is nothing there that I've made - no snacks to serve - many of you have come - and I'm not even in my own house - but I'm in some other house that has a REALLY dirty oven, and I'm trying in haste to make baked beans to serve you.  I find one thing that I made to sell and it's broken.  No one wants it.

I try to use the excuse that I was in a plane crash and had no time to make anything, and explain that I'm still in mourning over the passing of my horse, and by the way, did you know that Tom Petty is dead?

A young African American boy comes into the Open House, he's a bit rapper like - and he's all like 'the Coop Keeper!!  Girl, I read your blog all the time - you are the real deal!'

I'm shocked that a teenage boy is reading my blog.
I look out the window and people are coming by the droves, and I'm dying a death of embarrassment, and I want to holler out - 'it's cancelled!  I'm sorry!'

Someone named Lisa Funt comes to the show - she's come from Kokomo, Indiana.
I apologize to her that she's driven so far and there's nothing to buy.
She eats beans.
I give her a McDonald gift card and thanked her for reading my blog.

Interpret THAT.

The Spring Open House will be held here
 - on March 16th from 9 til 2 -
Unless my horse dies.
Or Tom Petty.

2600 W 153rd Ave
Crown Point

I'll have aprons, paper mache sculptures, ridiculous chicken dolls, vintage items, cupcakes, cookies for sale, and possibly baby chicks to hold.
You can also meet my new refrigerator.
There will be a donation cup inside - please feel free to open and donate.

My friend Julie makes the most adorable glitter creations, and she'll be here too.

I'll be posting photos soon.

I hope you can stop by - I hope I'm dressed and my oven is clean.

Keep commenting for a chance to win the books from yesterday - winner announced soon!


  1. Oh dear girl, that is an awful lot of trauma for one dream.

  2. Awesome dream, wow! I can't begin to interpret all of it, but I have heard that trips in dreams represent life (life's a journey, right?) I would say that since you are afraid of horses, that the first part was you were tackling your fears (saddling up and taking off in spite of fear). I have found that lots of my dream imagery is extremely literal (like the saddling up), so I'm thinking of your dream like I would my own. Anyway - most of what I'm seeing in your dream is facing fears and when one has been faced, another one appears (lost the horse, now it's a dog) until you feel overwhelmed (wanting to cancel your open house). In the end, Lisa is satisfied with what you have (a bean) and it's enough and your worries were for naught. Bottom line, no worries girl, you're the real deal!! (umm, except the McDonalds - do you really want to do that to someone :-) )

    Good luck with the open house, wish I could come


  3. Oh, my word, you make me giggle! What details! You should write for a TV show/movie: it would win all sorts of awards, including top viewership!

    A horse nuzzles with its muzzle!

    Love you!

  4. Oh my stars, Jayme!!! What DID you eat before you went to bed!!!

  5. Oh my stars, Jayme!!! What DID you eat before you went to bed!!!

  6. Good grief! Did you wake up rested after that?!

  7. I'd love to stop by, but honey it's a little out of my way!


  8. I am falling on the floor laughing at your dream and Hubby is looking at me in amazement as though I am crazy. I LOVE dreams. Now pass the baked beans please.

    1. My husband also just said "what's so funny"? Thanks. Loved it.

  9. You are such a nut! It's a muzzle by the way.

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  11. What an exhausting dream! (But hilarious!)Recently for some bizarre reason David Bowie made an appearance in my dream. He casually appeared at my house for a coffee. I would love to come to your open house if only I lived in the same country as you! Have fun and don't stress!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  12. Oh- That poor, poor horse!;>O Aren't dreams amazing? I'd say all the transportation in your dream means you are trying to you are concerned you will not have enough product for the show and that you just aren't ready. Love it- Anything else, ma'am? xo Diana

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  14. I cannot interpret that but now I am singing this damn song...

    I've been through the desert on a horse with no name,
    It felt good to be out of the rain.
    In the desert you can remember your name,
    'Cause there ain't no one for to give you no pain.
    La, la, la la la la, la la la, la, la
    La, la, la la la la, la la la, la, la

    Thanks for that. I'll be at that show to check the oven. I'm bringing Lisa from Kokomo.
    And now there is this.

    Everybody knows
    A little place like Kokomo
    Now if you wanna go
    And get away from it all
    Go down to Kokomo

    Aruba, Jamaica ooo I wanna take you
    To Bermuda, Bahama come on pretty mama
    Key Largo, Montego baby why don't we go
    Down to Kokomo
    We'll get there fast
    And then we'll take it slow
    That's where we wanna go
    Way down to Kokomo

    You have done it now. I despise the Beach Boys.

  15. Did you wake feeling rested? Or like you had to check the stove to see if it was clean? Your ability to remember the details of your dreams is amazing! I would come for your open house, but I don't get my spring break for another week. It will be a huge success!

  16. Amazing . . . a dream . . . detail . . . baked beans . . . OH MY GOODNESS . . . You are a delight!

  17. OMG! Your killing me. Your hysterical. That was the most busy dream ever. You couldn't have woken very well rested, you poor thing. I was exhausted just reading all that! You definately have alot on your mind. I am getting a vision right now of you in front of your bathroom mirror this morning looking rather disheveled. Not pretty Jayme. Your such a stitch. Calm down. Your open house will be wonderful. I wanna come. How far is Crown Point from Kane County Illinois? Road trip?

    Analize my dream... a recurring one over the years. I'm always in a storm and racing up the hill to make it to my childhood home and yes, a tornado is coming right behind me. Ha..Ha...guess what my fear is? I think an easy guess, and no I am not dressed in blue and white check though, with a little black dog, or a tisket, a tasket basket. Just a little share back at ya. Oh, Dreams.

  18. Nothing like a crazy dream to make real life seem...boring!

  19. Your dream meaning:
    You feel bad you are afraid of horses and really want to make friends with them.
    Deep down you wish you had a German Shepherd. You are anxious about the open house and want to be
    a good hostess. You miss Aaron and you have a lot to do.
    So there you go!

  20. Just a thought, but did you eat anything funky right before bed? If so? Don't do that again!


  21. Oh my gosh that is too funny! I very rarely remember my dreams and when I do they are nothing like yours!

  22. Great Dream!!!


  23. Will Aaron be at your Open House? He could cut hair for a donation and get some practice in. I'm sure he would be overjoyed to help you. He seems like such a sweet and likable young man.

  24. I have been away from my computer for a few days, so when I opened my Google reader I was so excited to see two posts from you. Then lo and behold (does anybody say that anymore, besides me?) not only do I get to read about what's happening in your world, I get an invitation to come be a part of that world. I will be there... Unless the weather is bad and I can't find a snow plow to drive behind or I can't find a team of huskies to pull me, or an helicopter to drop me in... well, you get the idea! Can't wait to meet you in person and maybe we can discuss these dreams you are having. I've got no idea what your dreams mean, but I know I will laughing while you describe them to me!

  25. My dreams have always been vivid too. You're scaring me with the pot 'o beans though!!! I've posted the event to the Lowell FB group page. Hope we get some peeps. Now about those beans, perhaps they should be jelly beans :)

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  28. Hmmm...have no interpretation of the dream, but what a doozy! Would love to visit on Saturday, but will have to live vicariously through your pics and stories.


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