Wednesday, March 20, 2013

They Say It's Spring

They say it's Spring...this feeling light as a feather - 

That's a line from one of my most favorite songs by Blossom Dearie.

Blossom Dearie

Spring greeted me this morning with a cold shoulder though - ground frozen solid.
You know - that's one of the things that I love about gardening.  It really teaches you that things have to happen in THEIR time.  There are things that you just can't 'make happen' no matter how hard you try. I announce the winners of the last giveaway, and put up the next giveaway!  
This is fun.

First, I'll just tell you a little about the Open House.  
I'm glad it's over.
There it is.  The truth.
A few things I'm proud of myself about.
I didn't clean out the cupboards or try to tuck 
point the house before.
I really didn't stress.
I was dressed.

I was disappointed in myself that I didn't get more made.  I didn't like how I had things arranged, it just didn't feel right to me.  I was in a bit of a bad mood when I went to bed the night before - not cranky or anything - just really quiet - which is unusual for me.  I couldn't pinpoint what was bothering me.
Glenco came in to bed and said 'I know what's bothering you.'
He seemed all smug and smirky.
"You have failed to impress yourself - you set the bar so high - and you haven't impressed yourself this time."

What didn't sell is on Etsy now....just click on the link to the right, it will take you there.

The very best part of the day, well, there were two.

Exhibit A

Jan and Jai.
You know how I teasingly talk about kidnapping people and keeping them in the basement?
Jai would be perfect for me.
11 years old - and truly a special boy.
I know it sounds rather creepy for me to say I love pre-teen boys - but I do.
Especially boys like Jai, he reminds me so much of Aaron.  I want to home school him.
I want to keep him here and teach him beekeeping and chicken rearing.

Exhibit B

Mary Beth.
She looks frightened.
She should be.
She was another one I wanted to kidnap.  I tried to talk her into spending the night.
I think I've scared her off for good.
(Mary Beth - I can't find your email address...please email me!)

It is SUCH a delight meeting you guys.
I want to have a summer Open House - not selling crafts, but just a 'come and see the garden and chickens, sit in the Squirrel and let's hang' Open House.

In other news...I'm menopausal.

I can hear you laughing - you guys knew it all along.
Why am I always the last to know?
I haven't been sleeping well.
I have the heat turned down and I'm in a t shirt.
My face is breaking out.
I've finally come to the realization that I really don't care what anyone thinks about me.
In fact - there was a dead fly in the bathroom window for the Open House.
The windows are covered with plastic - so there was no getting it out.
I thought - "it's a dead fly in the window of a 150 year old farmhouse - get over it!"

It's ridiculously freeing to feel this way!

Pardon my French - but menopause is my bitch.
I'm looking at it like labor pains - a whole new life is being birthed.

Well, I could go on - but without further adieu - the winners of the Skin Serum are......

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas and roses, but my favorite flower to grow in my garden is zinnias. So easy to grow and so colorful. Love them. I hope I win! I've been wanting to try your serum for ever so long. I think it would be good for my aging skin. Love your blog! Pick me! Mona 


Hi Jayme,
My favorite flower is the iris - in all their beautiful colors.
Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!
(Joanie, I emailed you but it came back - please email me at

Congrats to you both!  I do believe you will la-ove the serum, and the lip balm is the bomb.  I've completely reformulated it.

Ok - this week, I'm giving two lucky winners half pound bags of my now infamous Coop Keeper coffee.

All ya gotta do is leave me a comment and tell me one thing you love about yourself.

Peace out.


  1. I love that I think I am basically kind. And I love coffee, but only first thing in the morning.

  2. Northern Michigan did not get the memo about it being Spring! It's cold and snowing. Enough already! Glad to hear your open house went well. I would definitely make the drive for a summer open fun. Then there's the what I love about myself question.....I'm nonjudgmental.

  3. I love that no matter how wacky I get I always have ones who love me regardless, and see the good in me, even when sometimes I can't.

  4. I love that I am generous and helpful. And I love COFFEE!! Crossing my fingers for a chance to savor the infamous CoopKeeper Coffee!!!

  5. Well, I love this post - oh, but that diagram hits way too close to home... Girl! What do I love about me? tough one! I am a kind person (most of the time).
    congrats to the winners! -Tammy

  6. I love how good I am at drinking coffee. ha! I love how I can make myself sound like I really know what I'm talking about when I really don't have any idea what I'm talking about. Okay, really? I love that I have a tender heart. I cry at commercials, cute puppies, and proud moments. I'm a crier and proud of it!

  7. Coop Keeper Coffee..... who woulda thunk it!!! From one chick(en) lover to another, would love to try some of your java!!!!
    BTW..... you need to try a Buckeye (the chicken, not the candy) sometime....our girl is just the sweetest!!!!

  8. I just love your no-bullshirt approach to things, Jaymie.. your realness is refreshing.

    I think Glenco is a genius!

    and I know menopause sucks. My body has been stuck in perimenopause for a while now... ugh to the tenth degree.

    I don't drink coffee anymore, but I think what you're giving away is awesomeness. You rock! .. congrats to your winners...

    One thing I love about myself is my compassion for humans and animals in need. You know, it's hard to admit you LOVE something about yourself, and that just should be!.. thanks :-)

  9. I love reading your posts! And maybe one of these days I can make it to your Open House! thing I like about myself?? Maybe that I don't judge..everyone puts their pants on just like me. :)

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  11. Oops! What did I do??? Anyway...Menopause...I'm glad it's over and my husband can stop sleeping in a snowsuit...and one thing I like about myself? I care...about people, about animals, about the planet. And I'm finally beginning to care about myself, too! Ridiculous, I know. Spending a lifetime caring about everything else but sometimes we learn late...but we can learn! I, too, love your outspokenness, Jayme! Oh, and I love coffee!!!! :)

  12. i love my sense of humor. it gets me through everything. tough moments. happy times. whatever it maybe i can do it. i love spring - glad it is here ... hope the warm weather will be here soon. i have been out working in the yard. & i need to get out there again asap. so much to be done. where are my warm days? please arrive soon. i miss you.
    i think you are a great roll model & i hope you get some one soon that will step into that position while Aaron is being schooled.
    big big hugs. ( :

  13. Jayme - I have to win this one. The problem is, if I did... is that I would just want to look at the bag. It's packaged so pretty. Love it!!


    I like my witty, dry sense of humor.

  14. Ha, Jayne :D
    I love your post, they are always wonderful to read.

    Take care of yourself girl xxxx

  15. I love that today I was a klutz. First I put decaf coffee in my cappuccino maker by mistake. (Kind of defeating the purpose there). So after that was corrected I went to make a pot of decaf for the blacksmith and spilled the opened 3 lb can on the floor. After all that fiasco, as his pot of coffee started to cook, the inside filter fell over and it was coffee with, let's say fiber!

    Oh need I say, my steel cut oats boiled over as I was cleaning up the coffee mess?


  16. I really, really like your Tales from the Coop Keeper . . . . you make me giggle, smile and downight laugh out loud. Bottom line, I like REAL people and you are one fabulous REAL . . . I like that I am kind and caring and truly believe it is "A Wonderful World.". I would love being a winner of Coop Coffee!

  17. I live in a western Chicago suburb and would love to come to an open house this summer!
    The thing I like about myself is that I don't fit the typical suburban mommy mold. That used to concern me. Now I don't give a flying fig! :)

  18. Jayme-you are the best! Hmmm, what do I love about myself???? I love that I feel so much. Sometimes this is terrible, but when things are good I feel it to the core and get overwhelmed with the love I feel for my family.

  19. I think the thing I like best about me is that I never give up. Ever.

    I would love a bag of your coffee! Thanks for a fun giveaway!!

  20. I think the thing I like best about me is that I never give up. Ever.

    I would love a bag of your coffee! Thanks for a fun giveaway!!

  21. I guess what I love about myself is my sense of humor. I find the weirdest stuff funny.

  22. I love that I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. Learning it a lot here lately.
    Enter me in your giveaway! I sure can use a good cup of coffee to get me
    going in the morning :)

  23. I will sign up for the coffee giveaway because you know how I go through coffee. What do I love about myself- my sense of humor-how it sees me through every phase of life-even finding a bit of the ridiculous amidst blinding pain.

    Congrats to the winners- they will love your serum. I know I do- xo Diana

  24. I would love the coffee! I love my laugh, which by now has gotten louder the older I get, oh well!!!

  25. Oooo, that coffee is calling to me. I love that God gave me a huge heart for children. I am a mama to many (3 biological and many others) and I wouldn't have it any other way.

  26. That I am a survivor! Not the easiest childhood, but I have been blessed with a great husband and I keep persevering with my health issues. I have not gone crazy yet, (but am menopausal, too, so that remains to be seen!), but try to be thankful and keep pressing on! As my grandfather used to always say, "Sugah, ya gotta press on, regardless!"

  27. I love that I am one of the kindest people I know!

  28. Congrats to the winners!!! Right now I can't think of anything I like about me...menopause sucks and keeps me from being the real me that I really am..been in the depressed mode for a couple weeks now...didn't even make it to your open house because of it...the cold weather hasn't helped me out of it either!! O well..what's a girl gonna do... Drink some of the Coop Keepers coffee if I'm lucky enough to win it!!!..Oh my goodness it's snowing now...will this winter ever end????

  29. I love that I'm 55 and still trying new things...ran my first 5k last summer, made and put up some wall shelves by myself today! :)

  30. I love that I can fix my own major appliances and don't have to call in the repair man who wants $75.00 just to look at it and tell me what he thinks is broken (min. repair man cost is usually $250 to $300 a whack!!!). This saves us bunches of money! ~Lynda

  31. Jayme,
    I love that I love to laugh! You make me laugh out loud! I love coffee too, and would love to win a bag of your Coop Keeper Coffee. Thanks for the chance!

  32. i love that as i am getting older, i have become less and less fearful, and more and more fearless.
    it is my word from the Lord this year....fearless

  33. Jayme,
    Yep, he is so very special, and you would keep him!! It was so great meeting you and coming to your open house. We want to meet Aaron. I think it would be good for Jai!! I did not notice the dead fly, and we just had a WASP in the house so who cares?? I think the best part of the open house was laughing with you!

    What I like the best about myself is changing as I age...I am trying to step back and look at things more kindly...even myself, and that is a very hard task.


    P.S. ME YOU the same place!! FINALLY!

  34. First thing that popped in my mind. I love (and hate) my big saggy boobs! They remind me of my mom :) who is no longer living, they remind me of nursing my 3 children, they remind me that I have lived a full life!

  35. I love that I now like myself! (Ican thank you in large part for that)

  36. I love the fact that I am a morning a new day, fresh start, yesterday gone and tomorrow not here yet...just this day! Attiude is everything!

  37. I love that I don't let other peoples crappy attitudes ruin my day.

  38. I love the fact that even though I'm knee-deep in menopause that I can still find the funny it stuff! I just wrote in my blog about the two major menopausal symptoms that have moved in for awhile. You should go read it. It's very informative and helpful. LOL!

  39. OMG I want to lock you in my basement. You crack me up. You always make me laugh. I love the chart. I'm turning 50 in May and have quite a few of the chart's symptoms. OMG the hair?? the back aches and the moods. Crazy lady over here. I told a friend UN-balanced hormones are the likes of alcohol. They take over your mind. She just gave me a look like OK whatever!!. But you my friend get it.
    I have to say that though you make me laugh you made me teary today yes raging hormone alert. I've been working on loving myself and I tell you it's so hard. I can forgive just about anyone for anything and move on but for some reason I can't do the same for myself. They say, be your own best friend , I find that hard. I'm a REALLY GOOD friend but not so much when it comes to me. I am working on it but it is a challenge.
    So here's a little self love.
    #1. I love that I am a really good friend
    #2 and though this is REALLY hard for me to say I am VERY sensitive and I love that about myself!!!!
    Thanks for blogging!!

  40. I love that I can mimic the terrible people in our lives SO EXACTLY that my husband and I laugh instead of cry.

    LOVE your blog, lady. Thank you for the diagram of the meopausal woman. I think I can mimic her exactly. LOL

    vikingjob at yahoo dot com

  41. Oy, how I've missed thee.
    You look stunning.
    And I'm jealous that you want to kidnap anyone other than me. Just keeping it real.


    (I just invented a new emoticon, fyi.)

    1. I do not think she will ever replace you!!! jan

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  43. I like that I was married for 50 years to a wonderful man, mothered 7 children that are mostly normal. Lost that wonderful husband. Thought my life was over, but after 6 years met another totally different man and fell in love again. Now have 10 children and 22 grandkids. Life is good.

  44. I'm tenacious!!! When I want to make something etc. I just never give up, I'm not sure how I came by this trait, but it's not been a bad thing! Just a word about Jayme's coffee, it's better then Starbucks, I serious here!

  45. I love my huge love of all animals~and would love to win your coffee!

  46. I do look a little scared, but it must just be because I was getting my picture taken. I was thrilled to finally meet you face to face! You are just as sweet and funny in person as you are in your blog. It was fun meeting Glenco and I loved your house. I can't wait until summer when I can see your house surrounded with flowers, your new vegetable garden, the bee hives, and meet your chickens! My email is

  47. SPRING? P-SHAW. That is all I have to say about that!

    What do I love about myself? I love to sleep. I get sick and tired of people acting like I'm lazy because I love to sleep. I'm tired, people! I never get enough sleep. My bed is my cozy nest.

    xo, Cheryl

  48. I love that I'm a beekeeper!

    Cindy Bee

  49. I love that I am trying to healthier and am doing the same for my hubby and kiddos by cooking things that are good for our bodies. I love your success! You should be proud of yourself :)
    Thanks, Karen
    lemontart5kb at gmail dot com

  50. I love that I love to laugh! I don't care tat I have crooked teeth or whatever! It does make people feel good too. Love this post!
    Cluck cluck, Rain :)

  51. I love that I don't need material things to make me truly happy. As long as I have the love of my husband, children and grandchildren, I can face anything!!


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