Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Feel Good Arsenal

I'm gonna spill some secrets here today.
I feel ridiculous.
I wake up ready to run a marathon most mornings.
I'm obnoxiously happy.
I have more energy than a two year old, and that's a true story.
I think this is the reason.
Real, unprocessed, whole food.
Lots of water.
B 12 levels finally getting right.
Liquid vitamins.
I've always been the kind of person that likes to be busy from sun up to sun down.
Always been naturally optimistic and happy.
I've always had pretty good energy.
Maybe it was more determination than energy - I'm not sure.
A couple of months ago - when I had some blood work done and found out that I had seriously low levels of B12 - I started getting weekly shots, and taking sub lingual B12.
It took a good month for me to be able to tell a difference in my energy levels, but my legs quit tingling pretty much right away.
The symptoms of low B 12 are many - from fatigue to mental confusion, no moons in your's really so much to list here...I really implore you to Google it and read up about it - please don't suffer like I did out of ignorance!
Methylcobalamin is the best source of B12 and that is what I take orally.  Most B12 supplements are Cobalamin - which your body has to convert to the methylcobalamin before it's used. I order it from Amazon where I get it shipped free when I buy at least two - I take about four a day right now, so I'm going through them quickly....
Methylcobalamin Vitamin B-12 5000 mcg By Bluebonnet - 60 Chewable Tablets
Since I have a wheat sensitivity that went unchecked for many years - my intestines do not absorb B12 from my food - I had the thought - "well then what about the multivitamin that I take everyday?"  I bought some liquid vitamins at the suggestion of my doctor - and I love these.Nature's Plus - Source Of Life Liquid, 30 Oz.
I had to man up to swallow it the first time - it's a thick green liquid.  I showed it to Glenco and he said it looked like pigeon droppings - which really didn't help at all.  I think of that EVERY time I take them now - but wow - I can tell a difference taking this.
I've started giving myself the weekly shots of B12.  It's cheaper, and the compounding pharmacy in town had the methylcobalamin that I wanted, and my doctor was injecting me with the cobalamin.  I hope to be able to go to monthly shots soon.
Exercise - I can't get over how it gives me energy.
You truly reap what you sow -
Sow energy - reap energy.
I find a direct correlation to what I eat and how I feel.
The littlest bit of processed food leaves me with a headache and a bit of a sluggish feel.
So not worth it.
Life is too short to feel anything less than fabulous!


  1. Well said and I could not agree more!

  2. Wonderful info. I too have to take B12 so I will order those you mentioned.

  3. yeah, so happy that you found what works. yiipppee! happy dance. you go girl!! (:

  4. I love hearing about someone 'finding' their happy spot and maintain that. When I think of a two year old, I feel you could try to hold the top of their head still and the body keeps moving ;-) Thanks for sharing your arsenal. Hugs!

  5. This is just the best kind of post to read, really!... I've been taking B12 and I also have a wheat sensitivity... maybe I'll buy the kind you're taking... hmmm...

    Thanks for the info!

  6. So glad to hear your success stories. I have one of my own~after 15 years of misery, 13 years since diagnosed with fibro, I was given a 13 day round of steroids and an antibiotic for a bad ear/sinus infection. I have not felt this good in years! From my brain to my bowels, I feel like I have been regenerated! Everything works. I spent 3 weeks sleeping barely 4 hours a night, my mind was racing with great ideas, and I have crafted a blue streak. I am finished with the meds and had the unfortunate side effect of swollen feet and ankles and have to take Lasix for a couple of weeks now, but man do I feel great. Just in the nick of time tho; hubby has been diagnosed with a very low T and has been struck down in his prime with muscle weakness, depression, and malaise. Hoping for a quick appointment with the busiest endocrinologist in the area to get that solved so we both feel good together.
    Thanks for your fun tales.

  7. You know you're probably hypomanic, right?

    I say this in all seriousness, since I know that I am, and you sound so much like me.

  8. Working on the motivation for my fitness right hard to make myself do it, I really dislike formal exercise and enjoyment exercise doesn't quite to it. Sigh. But, on the upside, I recently lost 17 pounds, so that should make it a little easier! ~Vonnie

  9. Going to ask the doc to check my B12 level when I go for my physical in Oct. I think all this time, I just assume feeling tired is normal? Maybe I'm wrong. . . I do take the sublingual? B12, when I remember, maybe I should remember more often, so I would remember to take it more often Ü

    May check into the vitamin liquid, although I do eat lot's of veggies, my doc I know, believes in eating healthy vs vitamins, but the thought of sipping pigeon droppings every morning, sounds SEW good. . . you kill me Jaymee Ü

  10. I've been eyeing the liquid vitamins, a friend who's an RN told me years ago that the body absorbs liquid form of medicines much more readily. I kind of grew up on Pepto for stomach/Alka Seltzer for sick headache and I would feel better almost immediately. We watched an Oz the other day about the epidemic of iodine deficiency. It just dawned on me I was using Kosher Salt, uniodized for YEARS. What was I thinking! Did the test and yes, I am low. Easy to fix though. My home ec teacher was the best, she really went over the nutrition part in classes and it stuck!

  11. Hypomanic? How about just a happy, fulfilled, feeling finally better great person? Dang, I cannot believe someone would diagnose you in your comments. My diagnosis is keep on the same track because you are FABULOUS!

  12. I wish I could be as strong as you! Unfortunately, I'm a ROCKIN' baker... I bake like nobody's business. And I love sugar.
    But I'm in my 40s and I'm starting to pay the price. I'm skinny (which is a hateful thing while eating all these baked goods), but I'm not healthy.
    I wish I was healthy.
    I don't know where to begin.
    Pigeon dropping vitamins? That is SO funny!!

    A woman who sold eggs from her pet hens told me once that scrambled eggs smell just like chicken poop in her coop. I can't get over it.


  13. I havent been able to read your post for a while, thank you for your inspration, I need to get healthy and its good to see that someone out there is having seccess, I love the post about the roosters, I personally have never been that unfortunate to get all roosters.

  14. you look beautiful!! jan


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