Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I Ran Today

Because I could.
I could end this post right here, couldn't I?

But y'all know me WAY better than that.

(The pictures throughout this post are ones Aaron just took - I need your help deciding what should be my profile picture, ok?  Is he not a fabulous photographer!?)

Thanks for all of your fun comments on Helene!
Basically - that is a snippet of how goofy Aaron and I are on a daily basis - we just happened to film it.
When he gets here today, I'm going to ask him to make a blooper video of it - and maybe I'll mention to you how he ran off the road and if it weren't for Glenco's eagle eye in the backseat, someone on North Holtz Road wouldn't have a mailbox right now.

Good times.

I'm still way too happy.
Perhaps it's the temperatures here in NW Indiana.
Record highs.
I do believe the magnolia will burst forth in all of its splendor today.
One can only hope that some rogue wind from the North won't strip it of its blossoms tomorrow.
It's March people.
I don't trust March.
I never have - and it if thinks I'm going to start now - just by wooing me with these temps that make you want to strip naked and run through the corn stubble - well, its got another thing coming!

Perhaps my hormones are swinging wildly - perhaps I've just been too busy counting my blessings - perhaps, perhaps.
Perhaps I'm so happy just cause I'm eating so well.  My hair is growing so fast you can almost watch it grow - perhaps, perhaps.

Perhaps it's emails like these that I get so often -

I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a minute. I'm trying to take a few pounds off and am really struggling.


When I feel this good...make that GREAT...I can't imagine ever going back to eating all of the other stuff I used to put in my stomach. That would be TORTURE to me now. I get what you've been saying over the last year...I REALLY get it! :) (this is from one of my dearest readers who's lost 20#'s now and still going!)


a sweet reader emailing me telling me I've inspired her to walk the Chicago Half Marathon.

I am blessed.
Each of you here means the world to me.
I wish that there were a way to sit with each of you and become BFF's.

Isn't that a cute sweater?
Got it in a bag sale at the resale shop, so I basically paid .50 for it.
Still had the tags on it from New York & Co.
Yesterday, I washed it.
70% wool.
My bad.

This weight loss journey is coming to a close - the weight LOSS part.
Not too far to go now.
My goal now is to be FIT.
Not just thin, but fit.

I ran today because I could.
I don't mean that to be 'inspirational' or anything - I just mean it.
I have friends that I know would love to be able to run.
Heck - they'd be happy to just go through one day with some energy.
I think of my mom - not much older than I am now when she was diagnosed with emphysema.

I run cause I can.
I run sometimes because I feel too good to walk.
Isn't that ridiculous!?
I sure don't do it well, and I don't run far - but I run the best I can.
I'll keep getting better too.

 I feel fantastic.
This journey of growing on the inside and shrinking on the outside has been so worth it.
When I think back of how 'deprived' I felt in the beginning because I
 'couldn't have my favorite foods' - I almost laugh -
because you know what?

To have them now would deprive me of THIS.

Vibrant health.
A clear mind.
A 29" waist (ya baby!)
and too many benefits to list.

THAT'S deprivation - not turning down a brownie.


I really miss this sweater!

Somewhere in the last year - in the midst of all the hammering away at changing my life - it changed.
Funny how that happens.

Have I been perfect?
Absolutely not!
I'm not perfect, but I am fabulous.
That's my new tagline, by the way.
Feel free to use it.

These days, I'm feeling confident.
I'm feeling that what I have to say has merit.
I'm feeling very little self consciousness.
I'm feeling like I have so much I have to give it away or I'll burst.

I is kind.
I is smart.
I is important.

And so is you.

Please take care of yourself today.
Life is short.
There are so many people counting on you.



  1. Jayme I loved this post! You is kind you is smart and you is important. Just got back from the gym and you made me feel like going back out and running!

  2. You are such an inspiration to all of us! Whatever you do, you do marvelous! And now I feel upbeat and ready to enjoy my day the best that I can, all because of you.

    You go girl!

    Nanc, NW IL

  3. Ohhhhh to have a 29" waist again! As soon as I get this new house painted, all our junk moved in, and feeling somewhat settled, maybe, just maybe, I'll start in on that healthy lifestyle you keep blastin' in my face.... :)

    As for the fav-photo, I like the first one posted best. :)

    Enjoy your day! It IS a fabulous one here in Indiana! But I, like you, don't trust March. It did, after all, come in like a lamb. You know what that means..... the roarrrrrrrr is yet to come.

  4. All the photos are wonderful! It's hard to pick, but I think I would go with the first one. :)

  5. All the photos are beautiful! The last one is gorgeous. You are a beautiful woman. Aaron has a great eye for phtography.

  6. All of the photos are stunningly's because YOU are!!

    I'm proud of you and your story and you truly are an inspiration.

    As for which photo? For sure, one with a chicken. (wink, wink)

    After all, you STILL are the Coop Keeper. I do love the first photo you posted.

    Blessings on your day.

  7. Hi, Jamyme,
    Love the photo of you sitting on the bench looking down on the chicken - the light reflecting in your hair is so pretty! (P.S. - Just this weekend I watched "The Help".
    Enjoying record temps here in Southeast Michigan (but not the tornado) as well. Joanie

  8. Pic #1 stole the show. You look fabulous, darling!


  9. you both are so talented. aaron is such a great photographer. wow!! such great photos. you look fabulous darling!! just FAB!! hot lady you are. wishing you all the best. (:

  10. All images are great! But I love the first and the last best.

  11. Yep, the first and last ones got me....I LOVE the last one but it doesn't show your pretty blue eyes!

  12. You is fabously beautuful . . . Great photographs . . . I vote for #1 for your profile pic . . .

  13. Oh Jayme, do you know what I see? Peace. You look so much at peace. Great post. So happy for you!! :)

  14. Beautiful! Now to improve your warshin' skilz! xxoo

  15. You look younger in the recent photos. Good for you.

  16. shamefully put on the 30lbs I's so much work, I need to get motivated to do it again. You look fabulous. I love the 1st photo the best.

  17. You've come a long way, baby, since I first started following you..and I love you just the same as I did in the beginning because the INNER YOU has only gotten better. Chubby, or thin, you are a good person. It is sad that sometimes people can't look beyond the outer skin to see what lies beneath.

    As far as profile pictures? Any one of them will do you proud. My favorite is probably the very first picture...xo Diana

  18. Wow, what a beautiful new you. I loved the last photo. You have achieved what we all are seeking. Congratulations! Please keep inspiring us. P.S. Just got back from an hour walk. Not bad for an out of shape 69 year old.

  19. Jayme, what a great post, for it is is photo 7 the black and white! Your post is inspirational and I love the sayings Im not perfect but fabulous!! And depriving yourself of that brownie is so worth THIS! Thanks for this post!! You look and sound awesome!!

  20. Gorgeous photos. Sorry about the sweater. Such enjoyable reading. Hugs.

  21. All this is why we love you so much!

  22. Oh girl you look great and sound so dang happy on life. Have ah great week ahead. I loved your video.

  23. Aaron is a really great photographer. He has a very artistic eye. And of course it helps to have such a beautiful subject as yourself. I love the first photo of you with the chicken. The colors are beautiful. Love the chicken. Love your hair. It's a great photo!

  24. I am so happy for you. Your enthusiasm is contagious. Really! You look as fabulous as you feel.

  25. Great post.
    Makes me happy.
    I need energy.
    I like the first picture, and
    the last picture, so pick from those two!

    Cindy Bee

  26. First picture please. I love you, you are so great in every way!

  27. I'm so proud of you!!!!!

    I like the photo where you're looking down at the chicken and smiling.

  28. P.S. You should definitely choose a photo with a chicken; I mean, you're the coop keeper!

  29. You are so gorgeous....inside + out. Dang, that is too bad about the sweater. And awesome photos, Aaron!

  30. I'm in agreement with Karen. The first and the last photos are da bomb!

  31. You is right! I love the very first one, with a chicken... it's the you we love!

  32. first and last photos are my faves! beautiful post--thanks!

  33. You look absolutely beautiful! I watched the video twice, and laughed so hard each time. It's funny seeing Aaron trying to hold in his laugh!!
    Bless you.

  34. Wonderful post- wonderful person!! Thank you for sharing your journey- can't wait to see what this next year brings for you!!
    Love the 1st and last photos the best!

  35. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look sooooooo great!!!!! Have not been on my computer in a bit!!!1 WOWWWWWWWWW


  36. Also...The black and white photo is stunning! jan

  37. Jayme you crack me up. I have been following you for ever (say it just like in Sandlot). I want to know how you get your hair so blonde? Do you do it yourself or do you have it done. It is just beautiful and goes perfectly with the new you. You are so blessed and Aaron is a beautiful soul...
    Love you!

  38. Aaron did a fabulous job on capturing you & your personality! That's a natural gift. I hope he pursues it.

    I'm so proud of you and all that you've accomplished over the last year... the weight loss, discovering the new you, loving life, etc. I know that you are an encouragement to me and lots of others.

    I made a reference to you in my post today. You once made a comment about why you loved doing laundry and how it restores order to your home. I've never forgotten that and it has put words into how I've felt about laundry and housecleaning but could never describe it.

    Oh, and good luck choosing a profile pic... they're all fantastic!

  39. Jayme, It might be possible to un-do the damage to your wool sweater. Go to: I accidentally shrunk a wool sweater once and was able to save it by soaking in cold water and reshaping it. Good luck!

  40. The first is my favorite because you look so happy and relaxed. The last one is good too, but my vote is for the first one.

  41. jaimie , Jaimie Jaimie, thanks for the encouragement to do things like getting to the gym , and from your words of wisdom encourement and really good belly laughs, from your blogs. I gave up smoking,,,,,,,, well it's only early days exactly 50 days. :). !!! But thanks something you said made me do it, cant remember what !!!!!! Memory goes first.

  42. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! You look fantastic! I can see all the strength, self confindence and determination in your beautiful blue eyes. You inspire me!
    Aaron is a great photographer, love the black and white picture...

  43. Congrats to you for closing in on your goal Jayme. What a huge accomplishment. I am still at 30 lbs lost...60 -70 to go. I haven't lost any weight in 2 months. I haven't given up, just feeling like I have already lost so much and am a tad discouraged. You are inspiring whether you try to be or not :o)

  44. Man....I haven't contacted you for so long!!! But I still think of you often...don't know why I'm so out of the bloggy world, but just can't seem to get back on the wagon!
    I love the last picture, but I love the color of that sweater so much (and it looks so pretty on you :)) that I think you should put it in color.
    Don't throw that sweater away! Use it for something crafty! I have bins of purposely shrunk wool just for the day when I get off my duff and create!!!!
    Great pictures Aaron!

  45. A wonderful post, one I needed to remind myself of the best in myself today, so thank you, friend. I like the black and white photo for your profile pic...what lovely eyes you have! ~Vonnie, NH

  46. Jayme you are beautiful INSIDE and out!! Can I borrow one of your chicken children sometime?? It looks like great therapy.

  47. Thank you for inspiring us! I love the top photo with your hair in your face and the bottom photo in black and white! Such clarity! I went back to the bootcamp gym. I'm not doing bootcamp, but I'm doing the tough classes. Tomorrow is #5 and I'm stronger already.
    xo, Cheryl

  48. Well, Jayme. I'm so glad I dropped in to read your post today. I now feel like a million bucks! ...I didn't run today, but I DID use a chainsaw to prune giant branches off a crab apple tree. I sweated, so that counts.
    Re: the lovely photos - I like the one of you gazing down at your lovely black hen. It's a portrait, but it's also an illustration - an interaction. Great sweater !

  49. Thank you for coming to the Joliet Area Garden Club's Garden Day. It was so nice to meet you, and yes, you look fantastic! I follow your blog and like to read about the shenanigans you and your sweet nephew are up to! I hope we meet again someday.

  50. You

    I love the black and white, I think it was the last one. . . but they are all just stunning.


  51. Love the first picture of you. Love your Blonde hair now too. You have loss so much weight and are beautiful, but you were beautiful before as well. It is our spirit/soul that make us. Thank you for always sharing a bit of the Jayme world to remind us that the everyday living, our everday moments, high or low are what we are really all about. Your such a spirit! Really!


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