Monday, March 5, 2012

All the News Worth Printing

This photo has nothing to do with this post.
It's just a bathing suit I'm considering ordering.
The last time I ordered anything in a two piece - it was an extra crispy meal at KFC.

For those of you that don't have a blog - you might not know how difficult it is to blog after a week of not blogging.
You lose your mojo, your rhythm.
It's a struggle.

I've had times this week that I thought I might never blog again.
As if.

Not sure where to begin - so I'll just start -

Still working on my goals....Bootcamp is going well, and it keeping me busy as well as homeschooling.

We are fine.
THANK you for all your emails and concern.
The tornadoes that have ravaged Indiana were far south of us.

Despite having a little snow on the ground at the moment - I spotted a Robin on March 2nd, and it's set me in a tailspin of excitement.

It's really happening.
It's 6am and it's light enough to see outside.
My strawberries and daisies are making a foolish attempt at growing.
The chickens are cranking out eggs.
I've got deep hankerings of the Spring cleaning kind.

It's coming!!

During a hot bath last night I perused a poultry catalog.
The FINAL decision has been made.
There will be meat birds raised.
There will be much drivel ahead about this subject.
Thoughts on the moral battle I'm having.
How I can blow dry and cuddle with one chicken, and kill and eat another.
I can't talk about it right now - or I shan't order my 'rainbow broiler pack'.
Oh dear God.
Help me.

My trip with Aaron to Chicago went off without a hitch - well, except for the Navigation on my phone took us to a VERY sketchy area in Chicago initially.
Home girl was a little scared.

Find the school we did, and it was beyond fantastic.
I want to go there now!
I told Aaron I'd need a career when I finally raised his rear end - and why not hair?
I told him I'd go to school with him, and then we'd open a salon.
Could you imagine?  The poor kid, never rid of me.

I thought I'd fill you in on our 'plan'.

Aaron was really struggling in high school.
There was talk by his guidance counselor of sending him to some 'alternative' school - which, I don't even know about that - but between his struggles, and his impending move to another county - where he'd have to switch schools yet again - the decision to homeschool again was made.

Why did Aaron struggle so?
I don't know.
When I ask him - he tells me
"I'm too social"
"It's boring"
"I don't care about it"

I was so torn initially because, hey - guess what?
Sometimes jobs are boring and you don't care about them, but ya gotta do them.
I thought perhaps he NEEDED to just suck it up and do it.
And then I thought about the years....alllllllll the years he'd struggled in school - like since Kindergarten.

I don't think a child CHOOSES in Kindergarten and 1st grade to struggle.
Medication was given in fourth grade - he did better in school, but was personality less, so he was taken off the medicine.
Better to have a personality and sub par grades if ya ask me.

Struggled again in 5th grade - was told he'd be placed in a 'transitional' Junior High situation where he wouldn't switch classes with all of his friends, but he'd have lunch with them.
Screw that.
He flourished.

He wanted to see what 'real highschool' was like, and you all, if you've been reading my blog for anytime, know that it was pretty hard on me.
I have to say - after the initial shock - I really settled in to quite a nice little routine around here and loved my time alone here at the house.

All good things must come to an end.

He loved the social aspect of high school - but his grades, well - I quit looking at his grades last year.
Bless his heart.
He went on Vyvanse last fall and there was some initial improvement.
He didn't sleep, barely ate, and was 'temperamental'.
To me?  Not worth it.

The child lives here Monday - Thursday now, and we homeschool from 9am to 3:30pm.
It's taking me time to adjust.
I have to say, I'm loving him here.

Our plan is to get Aaron his GED as soon as possible.
That was hard for me to type.
You know why?
I know there are MANY of you out there that will frown upon that decision - and even though I know in the deepest recesses of my heart that it's the best thing for him - and everyone that truly knows Aaron agrees -
I'm still sensitive about it.
GED has a negative connotation.

Aaron is 16.2 years old.
He can enroll in the Paul Mitchell school when he's 17.
That's the plan.
Get the GED, get into college, and get on with life.

Given his history of struggling with school - I also worried about him possibly struggling in college.  I mean - what was going to be different about that?

My fears were put to rest - when after looking at the Rules of the Road book for about 45 minutes - he walked into the license branch and passed his Learner Permit test.

He's driving.

He also has some cosmetology books that he's been given by people in the industry, and he devours them, and retains every. thing.

You think "I" drivel?
How would you like to listen to endless drivel about hair texture, color and style?
Be told that you need a deep conditioning treatment?
Be told that you need more highlights to really pop out your eyes?

I love it.
I love his passion and his drive for it.

I look forward to a future of a well coiffed do whilst I cry over butchered birds.


  1. Hi Miss Jaymers!! Hannah 2 has struggled even with homeschool at times. Has the dreaded ADHD as well. We go today to get the learners permit! Yikes. AND she's enrolling in cosmotology school next year. After she gets the all powerful GED. She and precious Aaron are on the same path! You are an awesome auntie that he's so blessed to have. Hugs my friend! HUGS!!!

  2. Aaron will be an amazing adult....sometimes kids are just not meant to be in a school situation. That kid is going to flourish! And someday I believe he just might be famous!! Gotta love someone with that much spunk!!

  3. Jamie....I don't know you...but I kinda feel like I do;) And you don't know me. But believe you me...Aaron is me....15 years ago. I struggled all through school. On and off medications that caused me to lose that Zing that makes me ...well me. Except I didn't have a you. Someone to get me. Understand that. Love me even more for it. I had all the same reasons for not doing well in school. On my own I dropped out of school and then completed my GED. My parents kicked me out...disowned me for a time. But that is when I flourished. I started into community college. And found a bright future. I can firmly say that I don't regret even a smidge of my decisions and I'm a better person for it. Some of us just aren't cut out for the mundane tasks of life. We see things in a different color. So hold tight...HE.WILL.BE.FINE. Promise:)

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  5. He is just cute as can be, no lie.

    Oh me. As I sit here with my (nephew) first-grader watching the requisite pre-work "Cat in the Hat" I am exhausted just thinking about eleven. years. more!

    Which is why we take life a day at a time, we do. It also doesn't hurt that you make it look easy as pie :)

    I'm praying for you and your boy this morning! Happy Monday :)

  6. Sounds like you guys have a well thought out plan. I say, get on with his life if high school doesn't work. We have a son who is struggling in college, so he is taking some time off. Hard for us, but he needs this.
    Have a great week! We are going to be ordering some chicks soon. Want some of those Morans for the chocolate eggs.

  7., love, love the suit....order it!!!!

  8. Jamye,You need a hairdresser , now that you've pulled your hair out..I have been in your shoes for a short distance. Funny how well a kid learns when it's something that grabs their interest. He will be fine...that socializing thing will fit right in . xo,Susie

  9. My mojo has died but I love yours. and that kid. and you. but you know.xoxo

  10. I've been following your blog for a year and a half or so and just love you. You have inspired and encouraged me in so many areas. May I encourage you? Our middle daughter is our "creative soul". When we were looking for options after highschool, we visited many cosmetology schools in our area. We walked out of all of them with her feeling very disappointed/discouraged. Finally, we found a Paul Mitchell school... her face LIT_UP the moment we walked in. It was PERFECT!! She Loved it and now has a successful career in a big city. She is able to use her creativity and her love of people.

    Your nephew will thrive! And cheers for you as you finish up with his home schooling. Huge commitment, hard work, Blessings galore!

    Steady on!

  11. You and Aaron are amazing :) not everyone fits into the "box" and go yall for going for it and doing whats right for him!! :) I struggled through school looking back I know I had some attention issue, got married at 16 GASP the horror and am still married almost twenty years later with 4 wonderful straight A students (they got that from their father) unless it is something I have a passion for my kids, chickens, gardening, crafty stuff :) goats on the horizon, then I absorb everything about it and leave my husband shaking his head cause you know I cant remember where I set the mail lol
    PS Order that suit it is adorable, oh please share where you found it.
    PSS I think it would be wonderful to be your meat chicken, no other meat chicken would live a better life till freezer camp day :)

  12. Aaron knows what he wants and will flourish! My opinion is that forcing kids who don't fit into the mold required in most schools is the cruelest form of punishment ever. Conform or be labeled negatively!

    I used to work in the GED program at our local community college. I can tell you, I met some amazing 16 - 17 yr olds who knew that they HAD TO GET OUT of the high school rat race. And off they went, passed that GED, and enrolled in courses at the college. The perceived negativity associated with the GED is bogus, IMO. Besides, once you've been successful in college/career, does it matter then what kind of diploma you got to escape high school? :)

    Meat birds...some day, I want to do this, too. I have to say that no names can be given, or personalities assigned to said birds. Plus all butchering might have to be up to my husband, as that's the part that might be hard for me. At least til they are nekkid and I can't tell who's who on the way to the freezer. :)

  13. I so understand all your angst as you look towards a GED. Our youngest son is GED. He disliked school but has a genius IQ...what to do...what to do... He left school early- tested out to get his HSED (high school equivalancy degree) Do this instead of the GED-it carries a lot more weight in the world. Anyway, at 30 he is one of the top 20 recognized in his field in the COUNTRY (and has the awards to prove it)...AND he has personality...AND he is FUN.

    I don't think college is for everyone and he has certainly proved it. I think your Aaron is gonna do just great in the "real world"~ xo Diana

  14. How exciting for Aaron! And you too -- ya just don't know what I would give for a little free cut n color right now :) He's a lucky boy, to have such support. You are amazing.

  15. Our 2nd oldest has been a stylist for about 15 hair pretty much always looks great! As I have gotten older, however, I wish she would have pursued becoming a doctor!!!! (just kidding...I wouldn't have it any other way!)

  16. You ARE THE BESTEST AUNT in the world...Homeschooling sounds like the destined path for in- his destiny for education...My kids were homeschooled...I wouldn't change it for the WORLD!!! Everything Aaron said about school...yep...he's spot least for what most homeschoolers say when they go over the threshold and get a taste of the other side...My youngest is doing his junior and senior years in "real School" here in IA. He wanted it...and I welcomed it. With all that was going on in my life the last two years, I could not keep up and homeschool him well. AT ALL. He is thriving and enjoying school, but he would certainly agree with Aaron about the difference of sitting in a school of same-age peers for 6-7 hours...not used to that, and not always what he prefers to do, but accepts it. LOTS of homework, which we didn't push obviously in the home - school. *not necessary.
    BUT you are doing the right thing to let him come back out of there. He WILL flourish. RAH! cheering for both of you. {{hugs}}

  17. If I could change one thing about my life it would be not to go to high school the last two years...a total waste for me. All wanted to do was work but no ...back then you really didn't have the choices. One of my nieces quit high school at age her into nursing school as she was turning 18 and became a registered nurse at the age of of the youngest ones that ever graduated. Almost all high schoolers in Az are now taking some type of trade school in addition to high school..high school is definitely not for everyone.

  18. This right here...

    "During a hot bath last night I perused a poultry catalog.
    The FINAL decision has been made.
    There will be meat birds raised.
    There will be much drivel ahead about this subject.
    Thoughts on the moral battle I'm having.
    How I can blow dry and cuddle with one chicken, and kill and eat another.
    I can't talk about it right now - or I shan't order my 'rainbow broiler pack'.
    Oh dear God.
    Help me."

    had me a chucklin'.

    You make me want to have some chickens running around, although I cannot imagine cuddling up to one and clipping it's toenails, running a blowdryer through it's feathers, etc.
    however - eating one? Devine...not by myself... but that is something you'll be glad you did. You're chicken nuggets will be truly be the real deal then. ;)

    Seriously. Raising your own, to eat, are so good. Don't do this though. We raised them and they started having heart attacks - one right after the other- which meant they were getting too big and needed to be butchered right then and there. Nothing like having mini-turkeys (13 lbs.) to cook up.

  19. You look awesome sitting there in the gym!! YOU go girl!

    Aaron will do great! School was not for me, boring for sure. I had to study all the time just to make B's and some C's. But hand me a medical book and I was all over that book in no time. I knew I wanted to be in the medical field. Its what is in our heart and soul, we can learn. Cant make a living as a history buff if "History" if its not in our soul. He has proven to all that he can learn, his passion is hair then go for it with no regrets. You will be looking hotter and have your own personal consultant too.

    Good to know you all are okay!

  20. Aaron seems like a great person and to me that's far more important than a great student.I hated high school, did poorly in high and it didn't effect(affect?) my adulthood. I went on to college and am doing fine. Except that I don't know the difference between effect and affect. But let Aaron be Aaron. He'll be fine. I've homeschooled my 16 year old daughter since 2nd grade and I think it has really allowed her creativity to blossom. She loves art, music, and languages. I don't think she would have had time for that in public school.

  21. In this great big world there is a place for everyone. In the big spectrum of things, a GED, or HS diploma it doesn't matter, as long as he gets training somewhere. Tech Schools also offer a lot of careers that he would be interested it. My saying is 'never get good at something you don't like.' He will go places with his quick mind and charm.

  22. I think you are doing the right thing on all fronts! Go with your gut, let God guide you. The Indians love animals, respect them, pray to them, and still eat them! So it's not exactly a crazy idea. And being a homeschooler myself, I understand that each child has their own strengths, and we don't have to make them do "busy work" just because it's what everyone else does. I say, go for the dream! Skip the fluff. I hope you two enjoy this journey together!

  23. Glad to see you're okay. About the chickens just have someone else to the dirty work if you're anthing like me I couldn't kiss and kill. About Arron, I'm a cosmetologist and always loved doing hair and could always find work. I've moved on to other training in different fields. There isn't huge amounts of money to be made unless you own the salon or are the next big thing. Happiness is great but you can't eat it. Does Arrons Mom support his decision for homeschooling? If cosmetology makes him happy definetely he should go for it.

  24. I homeschooled my boys k-12. My oldest got his GED, the twins used an online highschool and got a Vt. state diploma. Oldest graduated from the CIA and FDU, Suma Cum Laude. Twins both have 4.0 gpa's in their 3rd year at UAT and Drexel universities.

    My point? None of this really matters! What does matter is that they are happy and healthy... that my oldest twin (middle child) is 4 years 2 months post heart transplant and doing well... that my oldest is happily married and he and his wife are going to grad school.... that my baby (youngest twin) played Div I soccer at FDU and now is coaching, ref'ing and managing his own semi-pro team AND loving it! GED, diploma, no diploma, who cares???? We want them to be happy and healthy and living.

    I grew up on a chicken farm. I REFUSE to eat chicken or eggs... grosses me out... just makes me nauseous thinking about it - lol !


  25. I used to work as the registrar of a technical school. They didn't give a rat's butt whether diploma or GED. Just sayin'.

  26. Hey Jayme! Good to hear from you again- and I am "stoked" to hear about Aaron's life plan. High school DOES NOT fit everyone and only fools say it does.Good for all of you for making the courageous, right choice for this specific child/young man!!

    Love the suit- think you should get it!

  27. You and Aaron know what is best. Leave the rest behind. When one has passion for what they do, they are a success! Love that you support him unconditionally. Love!

  28. Could you have him brainstorm a plan for your friend with 1) baby fine, thin hair 2) large, protruding ears and 3) a fivehead?

    I'm so ferreal. I trust him already.


  29. Find something you are interested in and reading is so much easier and more fun. I think you are doing just fine with this delightful young man. He is finding his passion and you have his back . . .

  30. What a wise woman you are! I understand the what the GED connotation is, but who cares. Just the fact that he is devouring the books that iterest him shows that the correct decisions were made. Good for you...will attempt to send you more hours in the day. :-) (My navigation system has led me to some pretty interesting locals, too)

  31. It sounds as though Aaron is going to really love being a hairdresser, and that's all that really counts in my opinion! :)

    Congratulations on the weight loss, AWESOME!! Yes, buy that bathing suit! :)

  32. How exciting that you will have a driver for a while... and it may be exciting!! You are looking good on the exercise equipment too. I am already missing all the support--and even the work from leanness lifestyle. But I did sign up for my fitness pal, which I can record calories and exercise on. And am also still reading Leanness Lifestyle book. Will need to work through the feelings a failure, but still feel it was best decision for me at this time. Oh, I'll be thinking of you every time I eat a chicken breast, wondering how you are doing butchering the chickens!

  33. marytylermotorheadMarch 5, 2012 at 4:09 PM

    Yay!!! If Aaron needs someone to practice on...I'm his girl...:)

  34. Well holy hell, woman.. you look SKINNY now. I mean SKINNY!!!....

    I think you're doing the absolute best thing as far as Aaron's education. WHy is it that some folks believe just because a system was set up that best suited the needs of..oh, say.. atleast half the population anyway..., it would be great or workable for absolutely everyone? I couldn't wait to get the heck out of Dodge either.

    I look forward to the opening of that Salon, I hope you'll still blog then..

    And Law.. can you acually slit the neck of a chicken you've been loving on for a while? I decided I can't. Not saying there's anything wrong with it.. I just don't have the ....courage. Or something.

  35. Girl!! are Hilarious!!!
    What a great plan in place for your nephew!! Awesome!
    Yup!! He's going to do just super in the Hair Career!!!
    Sounds like he's got all the personality, creativity, and want-to in becoming one of the best-ies in his career choice!!
    Don't worry about the GED thang....funny...5 to 10 years from one including yourselves will even be talking, thinking or much less asking about it!!!
    Take care and so glad you found your Mojo to write!!!

  36. Hi Jayne, enjoyed your post and wish you and AAron lots of luck. You have so many visitors might not have room for one more blogging friend. If you don't visit that's ok. I do enjoy visiting and reading your post. Wish you all the best with the chickens. God Bless

  37. I'm a "traditional" teacher, but with non-traditional thoughts!!! I teach gifted children, mainly because I love the non-conformity of it and of them!!
    I think the path you are helping Aaron down is wonderful!!! How blessed is he to have someone who cares enough about him to not put him through the misery of "traditional" school!! He is going to have an awesome future and I look forward to hearing all about his college days!!!

  38. Jayme, Jayme, I love you and The Boy and the swim suit. Keep it up. The blog, the home-schooling, the chicken farming and the Boot Camp. We need a fearless leader to look up to and I choose you for mine.

  39. Jayme....just let me say, my husband and I both "only" have our GED's and we did fine in life....ironically I worked for years within the school system working with special needs kids, my husband went into the
    Air Force and did his 4yrs then worked 25yrs with Southwest Airlines as a mechanic retiring at the ripe old age of 48yrs old!!!!! Yes, we have been retired for 8yrs now and living life and loving it!!!!

    Aaron will do fine, especially following his passion. I'm not here to say everyone quit school and run out and get your GED, but for some it just makes sense....both of my children excelled at school unlike their mom and both are now working on their Master's!!!!

    Hang in there....he will do great!

  40. It's best if I keep this short--homeschooling works! You are doing a great thing! Love you. Love your blog. Love Aaron. Cheering for you both! yay!

  41. Dearest Jayme and Aaron, you both are living proof that being true to you is the bestest life plan. You radiate joy! I may be biased but I thought I should chime in for the GED... I myself excelled at school and was in advanced placement w/high SAT scores. Hated. It. I received early acceptance to several fine colleges. Ugly family divorce and passion for horses led me to leave school and take the GED. I went to apprentice with an Olympic horse trainer. Best decision ever. FOR. ME. It's not always an easy path but it's well with my soul. I wish the same for That Boy and his amazing and supportive Aunt. (I'm jealous as my mom s still telling me it's not too late to return to school and get a degree!)
    And as for the meat chickens... Have you seen Fresh, The Movie? (Growing Power ~ "Now I like to know my dinner's name!") I pamper my birds A LOT and am happier knowing I'm not a hypocrite eating miserable meat.
    Be well. You look it!

  42. FABULOUS! You both look beautiful and happy!

    My daughter was very unhappy at our local high school, so I sat at my computer and prayed for God's help as I researched alternative programs. I discovered that our school district has an on-line school! She takes French and painting at the high school every morning and then comes home and does the on-line for her core classes. I'm so happy to not be responsible for teaching her things like math and science!

    It takes bravery to go "off road." You two are blessed to have one another! Best wishes!

  43. If its something he loves, which it sounds like it is, he will do fantastic! Good luck to him!

  44. Jayme,

    GEDs might be misunderstood by some, but my husband was homeschooled & got his at 15 and is in law school. So clearly colleges don't care. Aaron is going to have the opportunity to expand folks' minds about education - which, from what you have shared about him - seem right up his alley. Ps - you look great & it looks like you feel great too!

  45. Jayme,

    GEDs might be misunderstood by some, but my husband was homeschooled & got his at 15 and is in law school. So clearly colleges don't care. Aaron is going to have the opportunity to expand folks' minds about education - which, from what you have shared about him - seem right up his alley. Ps - you look great & it looks like you feel great too!

  46. I love the swimsuit. I hear you on losing the blog mojo. Mine might be gone. Yay for Aaron finding his passion in life. You are so cute working out.

  47. My daughter has ADHD and struggles in school. I'm happy if she gets a C. At home she is a computer super-wiz, and I wonder sometimes why I can't just let her do that all day...that's where she's going to find her future, in the thing that she loves and motivates her. Stupid school! You are looking great! And now I'm craving KFC.

  48. Jayme -- good to see you blogging. I've had a couple breaks in my blogging career.

    As far as meat birds go, we raised them and I did not find them nearly as sweet and easy to become attached to. They grow FAST (we raised cornish x's) so aren't around for long and are not as personable -- at least those are the things I told myself :)

  49. There is no one right path to becoming a contributing grown up in this world. Your boy is taking his own path and it is what is right for him. Good for the people that love him for having the good sense to see that.

  50. Ok Dame's time for you to hear my's my theory on school. WHO, in the very beginning, decided that ALL kids shall benefit from structured 7am - 2pm (give or take) five days a week schooling. Math, English, Science, Geometry, etc. Yes, it's important, but not everyone fits the mold that some group of people met over coffee and came up with. Maybe the majority fits that mold, but not everyone. MOST, not all, artsy people do not fit that mold. Several adhd, or add, children do not fit that mold. My Dad, growing up, did not fit that mold. He has a GED. My nephew doesn't fit that mold. My faux' child doesn't fit it either. And neither does Aaron. But girl..when he is doing hair for the stars...I'm gonna say I knew him when....sort of!
    Oh yeah - did you know Nora Roberts didn't go to college? The author. Nope, she didn't. I asked her! And one more thing...I sometimes think we are not 'ready' for some stuff that is given us in high school. I could do math now, not then. I love history now, not then. So, things change, life goes on, and he will be fine.

    As for those chickens, at least you are giving them the best possible life they can have, which is way better than the chicken you are eating from the store. So do it. The more people who raise their own birds, the better lives those birds will have!

    Stepping off my soap box now!

    Cindy Bee

  51. If that's what makes him fulfilled and happy, then it's the right decision. Glad to hear all is well there after the storm.

  52. Go for the GED. I did it later in life, enrolled in college, and it counts as if you've gone through all the BS of the classes in school. Not one college (and I applied for four and was accepted to those same four) blinked an eye at my having a GED.

    Your boy-child has a plan!!!!! That in itself is worth celebrating! As for homeschooling: Isn't it amazing how these kids who find themselves "struggling" in public school flourish in subjects they hold an interest in? I homeschool my two, and it's more of an Un-school. If they have an interest in a subject, by god go for it.

    Congrats to you and Aaron. May you be the wind beneath his wings.

  53. Hi Jayme,
    I think it's amazing that Aaron has found his passion so young in life. It's a great thing when that happens. I think he's a very special person (I have had others in my life like him, that don't fit the "traditional" school/society profile). He's going to do great things when he has the chance to move on from school trying to fit him to their mold. And, you're an amazing and dedicated Auntie...inspirational on so many levels, you.

    We're doing meat birds this year, too. It's a touch decision, but I feel I need the hand in raising my food, moving on to more self sufficiency. Blessings to you! ~Vonnie, NH

  54. After I graduated high school my parents insisted I go to college. I wanted to be a hair stylist. So,I spent four years earning a degree in medical technology during the day, and I spent my evenings doing up-do's on my mannequin head named Nancy :)
    My dream didn't happen until my very understanding hubby supported my decision to become a cosmetologist. I was 41 years old. Now at 54 I wish I could have convinced my parents that this was my dream. I would have had more time to do something I loved.
    I'm so happy for your boy!! And I'm so happy he has a mom like you!
    He's going to jump into his dream and be able to enjoy it for a long time. That's priceless!

  55. Nothing wrong with getting a GED. Whatever fits the circumstances. My daughter left high school at 16 to go to college. The high school would not let her graduate with her class. The college helped all the young girls who were students get their GEDs. My daughter then earned her Masters and her PHD and now works at a college. Nothing wrong with a GED so be proud!

  56. Hey Jayme, did you know Peter Jennings doesn't have a HS diploma? Pass this on to Aaron:
    Peter Jennings started broadcasting when he was only nine years old. He followed the footsteps of his father, a respected radio broadcaster for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and operated as the host of a CBC children’s program called “Peter’s People.” Surprisingly, his father was out on assignment when Jennings was chosen for the gig and he was furious at the network for hiring his son solely because he was the son of a broadcaster.

    When it came to schooling, Jennings was a great athlete, but a terrible student, which he said was due to “pure boredom.” He failed to pass the 10th grade and dropped out as a result. He tried to attend Carleton University, but “lasted about 10 minutes” before he dropped out there.

    After school, he started working at The Royal Bank of Canada, but he dreamed of being a professional broadcaster. I’d say did pretty well at meeting those goals, wouldn’t you?

  57. omGOSH!! Aaron looks GREAT!! jan

  58. I can't believe the man child is drivin. . .oh me oh my oh. . .

    Jayme, that child is so lucky to have you, there are no right or wrong ways to raise a child. . . they don't come with manuals, alls you gotta do is love them, be understanding, and teach them to find the humor in it all. . . which makes you the perfect auntie eva,

    I personally think half the crap you learn in HS is BS . . .
    You may not see it now, because he's in teenage mood mode, but when he matures to manhood, whoa mama, what a human he's gonna be, thanks to you being there for him, teaching him the real meanings of what's important in life, to love, to laugh, to be loyal, and keepin it real. . . lucky boy I say!

  59. Playing catch up here. I am so proud of Aaron, he is an awesome guy. Its funny how spending one afternoon with him makes me feel like his foster Aunt. You go Aaron, and don't look back, except to smile at us.


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