Friday, March 9, 2012

Who Told You to Use a Balm?

Any Seinfeld fans?
If so - you'll get the name of this post -
If not - why?  Why aren't you familiar with the greatest show ever made!?
I can only hope that you are now watching Modern Family - the second greatest ever sitcom.

Your words were a balm to my soul.
An ointment.
A tincture.
A mustard plaster.
A poultice, even.

Thank you.

I Googled famous high school dropouts.
Aaron is in some mighty fine company.


He's not a drop out - he's a transfer student.

We are so danged happy.
Somber -
When it comes to Mathematics.
Professional help is being brought in.

I'm just a bit too busy for my liking - but when you consider all things - I'd rather be busy than bored.

I worked in the yard on Wednesday - and it was maddening.  So windy, that everything I put IN the wheelbarrow would promptly blow OUT.
I got the perennial beds cleaned up though.

Took a peek at the bees.
They sure weren't happy with the wind.
I was wearing a beard of bees!
They were MAD.

Bootcamp is going well.
Aaron helped me make this little video - some of this might not make sense to you - but if you think about it - how much on my blog DOES make sense?

Aaron is insisting that Helene help him with homeschooling next week, and possibly a little driving instruction.
Stay tuned.

I feel like I have so much brewing in me at the moment - but there's no time to sit and steep my thoughts.  There's no time to write it out.
There just be no time.
A dear friend put it into words perfectly yesterday when she said "I feel overwhelmed - and underwhelmed at the same time".
This weekend I celebrate 29 years of being married.
My wedding dress is too big now.
That's rather fun.

Talk about time - 29 years - wow.
Flew by.

Glen called me this morning from work and asked 'What do you want for your anniversary?' - I just told him - "just to spend some time with you" - and then I asked him "What about you?  What do you want?"
"I want you to change the oil in the Maverick."
It's been 29 years.



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I know exactly what you mean when you said Yep 29. I will be married for 31 in May. If you are married less then 20 you really won't "get" it.

  2. Happy Anniversary!!

    By the way, tell those bees that I'm down to my last jar of their honey. They better get busy!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Quite the accomplishment these days! I will be celebrating 29 in May. The video was hilarious! ;)

  4. Ha! Love the video. You're nuts. That's why I love your blog. Good luck with teaching Aaron to drive. My daughter is 16 and not really into learning to drive. We have a big truck and every time we've gone out with her driving around the neighborhood it's a scary time. But I try really hard not to scream or look scared. Don't want to break want little confidence she has. Maybe boys are easier, born drivers.

  5. Happy anniversary! Mad and bees don't make for a nice combination.

    Ugh, math, I always had to get tutors...

  6. Math?? What's that?

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both!! enjoy the day. being married for some many years this day & age is a true blessing. love your video ... but i think you are not drinking enough water. please be sure to adjust that immediately. ha. ha!! to cute & funny. (:

  8. Ugh! Math. I feel sorry for him. I never understood it. Now almost 60 and my mathematical manager thinks I will benefit from a business math class. HA!!
    The way I view least I will get time off work. I will be bored as heck and it will be high school all over again. Blech!!

  9. Well, maybe Glen can sit in the car while you change the oil...that way you could at least SEE

    I am so with you, gal. Too much to do, not enough time to do it all. Proud of you that your wedding gown is TOO BIG! Mine is still TOO SMALL but I am headed that way. Still no sugar or flour for me since July 18th. I keep telling you because it helps keep ME on track and honest. I boxed up 4 big boxes of clothes that are too big and sent them to a friend. She was thrilled to get them..and I was thrilled to have her get them.

    Keep up the good work..and that Aaron boy..well, he is gonna be just fine cuz he's got a great Mama Hen right behind him! xo Diana

  10. Happy Anniversary!! It was windy here in VA yesterday, of coarse I haaaad to clean out the coop, not a good idea, after the 5th face full of coop dust flew in my face I said forget it! Love the video to funny :) LOL

  11. Happy Anniversary! I kissed my hubby for the first time 24 years ago today...yes, we keep track of that. I am heading out to the garden this weekend...our wind has died down, finally...much to do...think I am rambling.

  12. Congrats to 29 yrs, we just celebrated 40 and they said it wouldn't last!!!

  13. Absolutely loved the video. Pretty much sums up my days! Love the packing the scale... my friends were so impressed that a hotel provided a scale until I told them I brought it from home!!!

  14. happy anniversary!!!! that's awesome your dress is too big! get to changin' the oil woman!

    i've yet to use it, but check out Teaching Textbooks for Aaron's math. it's online, and supposed to be fairly self taught watching the teacher online do it.

  15. happy anniversary! wow... i don't know how i missed helene!! what a hoot!

    ate that frog? lol

  16. The part about being so sore you can't sit on the potty.....story of my life! I take 2-3 bootcamps per week. And the water, oy. So sick of the water.

  17. You bet that boy's going to be ok. It's too bad that so many kids that don't fit "the mold" have to go through it but he will be perfectly fine once he can go on with his life as he wants to live it.

  18. Dang. I can't get the video to play for me.
    Happy Anniversary, Jaymes! I think we're coming up on our 28th this summer, but to know for sure, I'd have to do math, and we don't want that.
    So happy the boy child has found his path and will be starting to walk down it once that annoying high school thing is out of the way!
    Have a fabulous weekend!
    p.s. Heard you got to visit the Betty Draper house.
    Mucho jealous here.

  19. Just got to tell you Jayme, you look fabulous. Keep up all of the hard work!!

    Did you really burp?

    Oh, and we could all use a refresher driving course from Helene!

    I can't believe your really burped!

  20. Glen cracks me up. You picked good kid. Happy Anniversary. Loved the video...I wanted you to burp and you did. I love a Jr High boy trapped in an adult woman. haha
    Let's wear our wedding dresses to the BC grad party. We will put giant clamps on the backs to hold them up. Well, mine might not be too big. But I need an excuse to wear it. It will go good with my trophy :)

  21. My favorite "shit" video

  22. This post makes me happy! Change the oil...what a hoot! And your wedding dress, too big...that is impressive...good for you!


  23. Happy Anniversary!!
    This post is way to funny!!

  24. Words of wisdom in every single Seinfeld episode! I can watch and never tire of that old show. Hope you have a very happy anniversary, a night out is how we celebrate after 41 years! After this many years we like the same food, vote the same way and I think we are beginning to look alike! It's all good though. Tales is my Balm... many a time I've read your post and it was just what I needed!

  25. Happy Anniversary!! Been 33 for us!! Help him change the oil!! With your new body he will be distracted...even after years and years!! No Video?? Will close your blog and open again. High School Drop OUT?? to a better school! jan

  26. Happy Anniversary!!!!.... and you're a nut. A good one tho.

  27. love seinfeld, so unique, lines from that show stay with you forever. . . one of my favorites I say all the time, is "Was that wrong?" when George got fired when caught with the cleaning lady on his desk. . . love it

    "Honey. . . can you get me some toilet paper". . .lol ya killin jayme, ya killin me. . .Ü

    I don't know Glenco, but I can tell he's a good man, and your lucky to have each other. . . Congrats, 29 years, it's 32 for us in june. . .lucky when you find a good man!

    Marriage is sort of like an old favorite robe, it's warn in spots, has a few holes in it, but man is it warm and comfortable.

  28. Congratulations on 29 years and your wedding dress being too big! That is wonderful! Love your blog, it is always so uplifting and encouraging to me. Thanks for always sharing.

  29. Law. I love being "got". Come back, Helene! Bumble needs a little more barf!


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