Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eat Like a Caveman!

Cooking Club was yesterday - and I was the hostess.
My turn!  My turn to turn my friends onto the wonderful world of paleo - or as we like to say 'eating like a caveman'.

I had the fleeting thought of building a fire in the yard, and as each guest arrived, handing them a bow and arrow, saying 'Have at it! You catch it, you eat it - oh, and by the way - I do believe the dandelions are up now in case you are hankerin' for a salad."

But I just had a feeling that wouldn't go over with this crowd.

In fact, I even gave them forks, knives, and plates.
This is some high falutin' primal eating.

Isn't this table that Glenco made for me awesome?
It cost us $3.
All we had to buy were some screws.
The lumber was 'reclaimed' from a dumpster.
That Glenco - he's worth his salt.

I really had fun with the tablescape.
Nothing like walking around the yard finding things to slap on the table.

The food was extremely delicious.
Please know that this is not a way that I eat every day - nor do I suggest that this is 'healthy'.
It's much higher in fat than I eat, or suggest eating.
But if you are looking for something that is non-allergenic, something that will sway you into getting away from grains and dairy - something that you want to use to 'celebrate' a certain event - I'd endorse it then.
Except for the cake.


Bacon wrapped dates.
Chicken with a Mushroom Sauce
Mashed Cauliflower
Kale Salad
Caveman Biscuits (made with coconut and almond flour)

Dessert was stretching things a bit - but it was Cooking Club after all.
A flourless Chocolate Cake with Strawberries.

The meal was higher in fat than I typically eat, but it was a nice treat.

I took all the recipes from this cookbook:

Here's their website

I truly hope that you are either:

A.  Changing what you feed yourself
B. Seriously thinking and planning on changing what you feed yourself
C.  Getting a really good health insurance plan

I just watched this documentary online, and it was worth every minute.
VERY eye-opening, and if it doesn't motivate you to change, I'm not sure what will.
It's free online until March 31st.

Please take the time out to give it a look see.
Life is too short to eat crap, feel like crap, and look like crap.
Take care of yourself.
No one else is gonna do it for you.


  1. My husband is a big time hunter, and the idea of inviting folks over and telling them they have to kill their own food doesn't sound as far-fetched as most respectable people might think.

    That is some high-falutin' caveman decor. And some pretty food, too. Which I think food should be, if at all possible. Gonna go click that link thingy now.

  2. My favorite thing about this blog is you didn't snap up pics of the guests! God love ya. The food was delicious. The company even more wonderful. Thanks again, Rho xoxooxox

  3. Amen sista friend! Love the table too.

  4. Beautiful setting. I would have loved to have seen the expressions on your guest's faces when you told them they had to gather their own food!! I don't know who is next in line to sponsor the event, but they will really have to rack their brains to come up with a theme.

  5. Hi Jamie....The front porch/dining room turned out gorgeous. Probably a good thing you didn't give them a bow and arrow. You might have been short a few chickens. Thanks for the info on the cook book. It's hard to find good ones that don't include ingredients I can't eat. Thank you. Let me know when the bees are giving up their honey so I can come down to get some more. And as always thanks for making my day and making me laugh.

  6. Everything looks gorgeous! The table is wonderful, you did a great job with the table setting and the food - oh my, it looks delicious!

  7. Great table setting and I still want your table when you are done with it.

    I eat differently too... have lost 12 pounds and shooting for 12 more. A healthy life is a process, isn't it?

  8. Yummy Dinner and what a great theme! That documentary sure is eye opening...scary, in fact. Will Glenco come to my house and build be a table? Please?

  9. Ugh..I will never say no again. Never! Ever! Ever! Looks divine JANE! Ahem..Jayme! P.s. Glenco rocks!

  10. Okay seriously, the decorated table looks fabulous!! How creative. Lucky you...cooking club!! How fun. The food looks delicious! :) And that porch and table...LOVE!!!!! ;)

  11. OH MY OH NY OH MY! Well, I knew you had a purty table in you, Jayme! Gotta love a dinosaur and rocks for pure theme setting. I swear that I have never seen anything like that! I love it. Everything looks perfect.

    Ah...as to the bow and arrow idea by the campfire. I'm pretty sure your chickens would all be dinner...poor things! xo Diana

  12. I love everything you did to prepare for this group, Jaymers! Glenco's table is to die for and I love the color of the chairs!

    Paleo...it's fun...it's satisfying! Some of my favorite breakfasts come from a Paleo breakfast cookbook that I downloaded on the Kindle for FREE several weeks ago!

    You already know that I'm on board, Sister! =)

  13. I'm loving this tablescape! The Paleo recipes are all over Pinterest right now, I may need to buy that cookbook. Deer or Elk are low in fat, bison too. We ate the Paleo diet growing up... and I didn't even realize it!

  14. The dinos are so fun! You're such an amazing hostess!

  15. Your table looks amazing! Every bit of it! Wish I was there!!! I'll have to check out the book as the food looks amazing!
    Have a happy day!

  16. Wow, Jayme, everything looks so great! I love that your hubby made your table. Mine made ours too from wood from trees here at the ranch. Our men...they're keepers ;) Your food looks devine. Glad it's close to supper time here!

  17. looks beautiful and fun and delicious!

  18. You and your table look delish! So happy for you!

  19. That table is fabulous!!

    I need to repeat your last paragraph over and over....

    xoxo Debbie

  20. It was all so lovely. I wished I was there the whole time.


  21. You are wise and I wish I would have listened to you sooner. But I am now on my way....eating clean is the bomb diggity!

  22. Amen, Jayme, Amen.

    And your meal looks really really delicious :-)

  23. My hubby and I watched FORKS OVER KNIVES last night. As a nation, we depend entirely too much on processed foods! It got me hankering for a bowl of minestrone soup (with beef stock!)and a big salad!

  24. Wow!!!! Loving this...from the table to the yummy looking vittles!

  25. Love your charming and inviting porch. Does Glenco do mail orders? I am only a quick drive away in Illinois. What a fun luncheon for your club. You are so spirited and creative. Fun times Jayme style:)

  26. Holy cow! I watched that movie. I was horrified!! I love your tablescape. :)


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