Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Drivel

My Chalkboard To Do List

I'm gettin' there.
I'm in the Final Four.
Tomorrow is the Appreciation Dinner at a lovely garden center, Gardens on the Prairie.
Friday night is a Pre-walk for all the homeowners to view each other's gardens.
Saturday and Sunday, the Walk.
Monday - sit and stare at the walls after sleeping 14 hours in a Nyquil induced coma.

Just a few happenings around here -
The neighbor decided to mow his field day before yesterday.
He got stuck in the mud and Glenco pulled him out.
Now I have to look at this. It looked so nice before.
I was devastated the first day, but how can I go and ask someone not to mow their own property?

The other neighbor almost cut his big toe clean off cutting his lawn.
Was not a day to be cutting grass I reckon.

It's been so hot here the last few days - like - cook an egg on the sidewalk hot.
Even Buddy has been off his game.
Mrs. Puffington keeps worrying that he's grown tired of her, but I keep assuring her it's the heat, and that as soon as things cool off, things will 'warm up' again between the two of them.

Even the little banty chickens have gone to gossiping about Buddy's sudden drop in testosterone.
Screech, the little black and white rooster there has big dreams of being the Cock of the Walk soon.
Good luck with that Screech.

I gave my scarecrow girl a new outfit for the Garden Walk.
Did I get a new outfit for the Garden Walk?
Again I say, you might be a redneck if your scarecrow gets new clothes and you don't.

I finished the edging work today.
Oh my heavens, the heat.
I had to rubberband my glasses to my head.
Add that to the image I described the other day!
(the ringworm is clearing up pretty good)
The heat, the heat. It's drying up everything. I have the sprinkler running day and night.
Supposed to get some rain tomorrow.

I have a scooter.
Did you know that?
I didn't know if you knew that.

I do not however, have a goat.
I found two baby doe Alpine goats for sale.
The mother was the Grand Champion at the Fair for five years running.
I want them.
Glenco is saying no.
What's a wife to do?
Go against the wishes of Glenco?
I asked him in my best New Jersey accent 'Why are you being strong on me?' Then I gave him the puppy eyes and told him I'd never be happy with a goat. Next, I'm going to cook him a lavish meal and plead.

His reasoning is 'I'll have to build something".
'Twas foolish of me to spring the goats on him so soon after all the garden work.
It took me three hours to fall asleep Monday night, cause all I could think of was getting goats.
Last night I took Nyquil and slept nine hard hours. I'm still sleepy.

Maude and Claude are here more than not now.

See my guineas?
Neither do I.
Yesterday morning I woke to an empty cage.
NO sign of them other than three dime sized drops of blood.
I really have no words here.
At first I just gave up and thought that it was just not to be.
Then I hitched up the buggy and went to the feed store and promptly bought four more.
I shall not be denied.
I will have guineas.
I will ding dang it!

I really am just about ready for the walk. Just the staging is left, and I'll do that Friday morning. I'll sweep around once more to make sure I haven't missed any weeds.
I'm trying very hard not to be worried, or stressed, but to enjoy this whole thing.
The yard really does look pretty.
I nit pick it half to death.
This morning, as I was out there - I was singing that old hymn - 'I go to the garden alone - while the dew is still on the roses....'
Know that one?
When I got to the line that said 'and He walks with me and He talks with me and He tells me....
That's what came out of my mouth.
Get over it.
I just laughed and laughed.

I really do need to 'get over it' and enjoy the next four days.

I was out trimming and raking the path today in the 95 degree heat at 2pm.
A friend came by and told me I was crazy.
She said it looked fine-that it was rustic.
I dropped the rake and came on in.

If you are interested in attending the Lowell Garden Walk, you can check out their website for more information.
It's this Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 5
If you come on by, make sure to introduce yourself!


  1. I would love to be going on that garden walk. We call them garden tours up here. Also loving the scooter. Goats are subborn, messy, and eat your flowers. I know 'cause we had two of 'em. Just sayin. I'm sure Glenco will cave however, timing is everything!

  2. Oh how I wish I could stop by and walk in you sweet garden. I know it looks great. I hope you have lots of fun showing it off and chatting with all the visitors.

    Hugs, Dogwood

  3. Ahem,

    Jayme, (said in MY best Joisey accent, while cracking gum)

    The gadin looks gorgis, just gorgis.
    All your hawd work paid off.

    Tell me about the heat. It's 103 here!

    It's so hot...

    I saw squirrels fanning their nuts.

    the birds had to pick up the worms with potholders.

    I saw a dog chasing a cat and they were both walkin'

    Farmers are feeding their chickens crushed ice to keep them from laying hard boiled eggs.

    Glenco is right about the goats. Just say NO. My sister had a pygmy goat. He was constantly escaping and terrorizing the neighborhood. One day he never returned. I think he is roaming the pine barrens and keeping the legend of the Jersey Devil alive.

    I like your scooter. When you said you had a scooter I thought you meant an electric wheel chair! HAR!

    Your Jerseylicious Friend,

  4. *nodding head and agreeing with friend* You are crazy doing that in THAT heat. 99 here today and you couldn't pay me to do any weeding or watering even though everything outside is drying up and dropping dead.


  5. I just was hitting 90 here today. Starting to back off a little. I picked up my little garden cart, my clippers ect. Sit the cart back down and hand watered my potted plants. Came back in the house. So much for gardening. I think I would flunk the garden walk.

  6. Oh Jayme! I'd give my eye teeth to be there at your garden walk! What a beautiful job you have done! I have LOVED your posts and do not find them "drivel" in the least!!! Hot here too! Wicked hot. The pool is 89 degrees! What the heck???

  7. You're gardens will look splendid, Jayme! Enjoy the weekend!!

  8. "Mrs.Puffington was worried that Buddy was growing tired of her..."

    Oh my goodness, you crack me up!

    And going to buy new guineas two days before your walk?

    Down here in AL we have the heat and the humidity. I have just stayed inside today, except for a short time after lunch to pick the blueberries and blackberries.

    I wish I could come to your walk.


  9. Wish I could be there! As always, truly enjoyed this post. Perhaps some hardware cloth around the guinea cage? I am SOooo paranoid about predators. They seem to come from nowhere in these parts :-o Firmly attached hardware cloth has done the trick to keep my babies safe.. so far. I'm thinking of building a fortress to surround the whole farm with the stuff ;) -Tammy

  10. Your hard work has paid off so well! I just love drooling over your pics and I love reading every little word!

  11. At the risk of sounding rude, crude and socially unacceptable I'm gonna say this:

    "Someone needs to have sex with Glenco."

    YOU, girlfriend! Don't you know how to get your way?
    }}evil grin{{

    Would it be way too cool if I showed up at the garden walk?

    You need to remember the final words...

    "And the joy we share,
    as we tarry there,
    none other
    has ever

    xo, me.

  12. It is going to be SO good to have you back blogging regularly again once this Garden Walk is over! You are becoming the best part of my day ...especially on the days that are hard for me of late. Laughter truly is good medicine!

    Gotta love the "get over it" rendition of I Come to the Garden Alone! Don't you just love it when God makes something so personal like that! lol

    Just give Glenco a month to recover from this garden walk and he'll cave to the goats! ~wink~

    Love ya Girfriend!

  13. Jayme, I love the description of garden #3 on the Garden Club website, sounds enchanting but I knew that!

    Have a wonderful time, and remember to breathe and enjoy the moment; you deserve it and it will be over before you know it. Kind of like a wedding. : )

  14. How can guineas just disappear from a cage? WTH? Did a racoon open up the latch and have a snack? :-(

    So sorry about your silly neighbors... lord knows they could have waited for a bit longer. Pfft.

    I want your scarecrow :-D

  15. Cute post! I hope all goes well with the garden walk.

  16. You, darling, are marvelous...and your garden is too! I wish I lived closer and could visit on the garden walk. :)

    Buddy is gorgeous.

    And the hymn you were singing... "And He tells me....Get over it." I'm still wiping the coffee off my screen.

    Really, you should write a book.

  17. My step-daughter is a professional zookeeper, and she tells me I should REALLY talk you out of the goats. She LOVES animals in general, has lots of 'em, but she can't work up any affection for goats. She dislikes them. A lot. No redeeming qualities, sez she. Myself, I wouldn't know, but I thought I'd pass it on....

    Wishing you a wonderful -and COOLER!- Garden Walk.

  18. My oh my, you're wearing me out in this heat! I hope the garden walk is fabulous.

    I have a little something for you on my blog...
    Stop by while you're staring at the wall on Monday.

  19. morning, from a fellow hoosier in the southern part of the state....I too enjoy gardening, but only dream of a garden like yours...LOVE your blog, your a hoot....please post a lot of pictures from your "walk"...smiles, Linda

  20. I hope all goes well Jaym! Looking forward to the rest that will follow. I didn't know you had a scooter. I have scooter envy now! P.S. My hubs really wants goats. We've been researching them and alpines are wonderful. We met one at the farmer's market and you wouldn't believe how affectionate he was. He was a lap goat if you can imagine such a thing.

  21. Good Morning ~

    I just happened upon you delightful blog. I love it. I have really enjoyed my visit here and will visit again and again.

    Your garden is wonderful...I too would love to be on your garden walk.

    Happy Summer to You.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  22. Men - they always think of themselves and how NOT do do things for ya! Sad about the guineas - what got into the cage??? Would love to go on the garden walk with you!

  23. Your gardens look great. One thing to remember about goats is that their number one goal in life is to escape from their pen. Every once in a while our two pygmys will break out but they just stand outside the pen gate. I guess the fun is in the breaking out and not in the running off. Our goats follow us around like 2 puppies. I would like to get one more. We'll see. . .

  24. By the way... did I tell you how much I like your blackboard? I have one exactly like it in the upstairs store room. Now that I see yours, I'm asking myself why I'm not using mine! Must get the husband to get it out this weekend and hang it in the laundry room. I think it will be perfect there!

  25. By the way... did I tell you how much I like your blackboard? I have one exactly like it in the upstairs store room. Now that I see yours, I'm asking myself why I'm not using mine! Must get the husband to get it out this weekend and hang it in the laundry room. I think it will be perfect there!

  26. Okay, so I've been out of the blog loop for a few days (many) and I had some catching up to do. I didn't know I'd have to run to the bathroom cuz I was laughing so hard!!!! You do have a way with words and I enjoy every one of them!!!!!
    I'm so excited for your garden tour/walk! It's already so beautiful, I can't imagine that you'd have to do anything!!
    Hope your hair's growing and your ringworm is shrinking!!

  27. Gracious-you live a busy life!

    A garden walk sounds like near heaven to me!

  28. oh, how I wish I were closer than upstate New York... I'd be there! Be SURE to enjoy it!!!!

  29. I'd love to do the garden walk--but it's too hot.

  30. My daughter just told me about your blog because of your little camper.I am redoing an old camper and yours is so cute.The garden is so pretty but I live in Montana and com to walk thru.You truly have a gift for writing and I laughed till I cried reading some of your stuff.Keep up the good work.Billie


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