Saturday, July 17, 2010

Without Further Adieu

I absolutely cannot believe that it has been a week already since The Garden Walk.
Summer is so fleeting.

I've been decompressing this week.
Wandering around, not sure what to do with myself, and yet not wanting to do anything.
It's been a busy week, and actually Wednesday and Friday were the only days I didn't have bushels of things to do.
I've come to the conclusion that I just have to have a project.
'Taint happy otherwise.

Let me just say that your comments have had me rolling.
I must have read them all three or four times!

And let me just say again - those other gardens were really wonderful. I do believe that the homeowners did do all the work themselves. They were a marvel.

Exactly one week ago to this minute - I was not yet dressed, and roaming aimlessly around the yard looking for weeds I'd missed.

I'd hoped so hard that I would have looked nice for the walk, but it's not in my cards to be one of those non-sweaty, perfumed, put together people.
I'm beginning to accept that.

It was so humid, there was no point in fixing my hair.

At precisely 9am, a car pulled up and these smiling faces emerged.
Kelly, Jade and Brenda.

I just couldn't have asked for a better start to the Garden Walk than this trio.
Jade reminded me SO much of me at that age. I'm not kidding, I looked just like that.
She seemed like the kind of little girl I would just love to have around here. She wanted to hold the ducks, and loved the chickens. I just wanted to put an apron on her and roll pie dough.

Kelly brought me a tray of the most beautiful cookies I've ever laid my eyes on. She made these ya'll. Kelly, promise you'll come and show me how! And look at how she decorated the tray!
She also brought me bacon.
She's my new BFF.

The cookies were too cute to eat, but eat them I did, and in fact, I had to take a quick pic while there was some left. It was the only nutrition I had that day, so Kelly, I thank you!

I absolutely had a ball talking to everyone.
These two ladies were a hoot.
I could have yakked with them until dusk.

Debra, Jennifer and ? -I'm so sorry, I didn't remember your name.
Debra is a blog reader, and she liked meeting the chickens.
Thanks for coming!

Here's Cathy Jo.
I couldn't get over how smooth her hair was on such a humid day.
It was so great meeting her.
We'd emailed a bit back and forth.

Here's Cathy Jo with the friend that she'd come with.

Two more ladies that I would love to know better.
I think their names are Carolyn and MaryAnne.
I gave away so many starts of a plant called Perilla.
I told them not come back and fuss at me when it over took their yards.

This is Debbie, she's the mother of a girl I used to work with at Pier One-Erika -
She's a blog reader and a true gardener.
So great meeting her.

Jan and Kara - I didn't get or I just don't remember the little boys name, but they were so much fun to talk to.
So much fun.

I still have theses two tied up in the basement....
No, no, no, no....there is no room left. I have Shannan and her family down there.
Ok, now - that is just creepy, so I'll stop.

This is Marilyn and Kim.
This is the Marilyn of Marilyn's Pies in Hobart.
I bowed to her when I found that out.
Oh my goodness was she cute and sweet.
Kim had a smile that lit up the whole garden.

I suppose now is a good time to tell you that my neighbors had a big fight right about this time.
They are quite a distance away - not like right next door - 300' or so down the road. Sound seems to travel out here. It was ugly, and embarrassing. The woman I was talking to at the moment looked at me - and I just said 'Oh I forgot to ask them not to fight today'
Sadness, really - breaks my heart to think of a home having so much turmoil.

Just when I thought it couldn't get no betta - here come 'da bus!
I was in a whirlwind of excitement. I watched it unload.
I don't know why I had the reaction I did, but I got so tickled and excited that I wanted to give everyone hugs.
I enjoyed them thoroughly.
A few of the bus gals emailed me and said my garden was their favorite.
It's probably because they didn't get hugs at the other garden.

I wanted on that bus.
I hopped on, signed some autographs (joke) and took a photo.
You can see how I completely captivate an audience.
I heard that the stars in Branson do this - get on the tour busses and sign autographs and meet the fans. It just seemed fittin'.

Let's talk about Smoking Lady now.
I must preface this story by saying - I'm sorry if you smoke and I offend you.
It's not my intent.
You must understand that cigarettes claimed the life of my mother, and so I just have this 'thing' about smoking. That and I seem to be allergic to it - as I get an incredibly sore throat, and if I'm exposed for more than a half an hour or so, I get an upper respiratory infection.
Plus, I just can't stand the smell - just can't stand it.

Smelling a cigarette in the garden is kinda like having someone poop in the punchbowl, or laying in a hammock and find a scorpion - it's just not pleasant.
Being the non-confrontational person that I am, I just stewed in my juices for a while.

OK friends, the tour is almost over - I'm not going to post pictures of the garden again, since you've seen it so much here - did I get a photo of the vintage aprons on the clothesline? Nope. Did I get a picture of the 'outpost' set up with quilt and blanket, vintage binoculars and bird books? Nope again. Did I get a picture of the table set? Well, shuck the corn, no I didn't.

I did however get a picture of the Ant Farm Glenco made.
It's the cutest thing ever - and it's sitting on a big ant hill on the nature trail.

Here's a photo of the nature trail. I'll take you on a guided tour very soon. I've been picking blackberries lately - it's so serene out there.
Glenco made a sign - we are calling it Milkweed Way - during the walk I noticed he'd put another sign up there too - I don't like that - but I didn't say anything - yet. I'm coming to realize that sometimes it's just smarter to keep your mouth shut.

Like when he started weedwacking during the walk.
There were only a couple people here, and he'd just repaired the weed wacker, so I guess he wanted to try it out.
My first thought was 'Who gave you crack?' - and then, I just thought - let it go Jayme, let it go. It only lasted a couple of minutes. Not worth the fuss.

This was my little bee display that I'd set up. It had my 'Adventures In Beekeeping' with some photos, my bee suit and tools. That darn bee suit scared me silly a few times when I'd catch it out of the corner of my eye early in the morning. It's a bit Grim Reaperish.

If there ever was a truer portrait of what I look like on a daily basis - I've not seen it.
I put my Billy Bob teeth in for Terry Smutniak's benefit, and I was laughing so hard, I couldn't keep them in right.

All in all, I had a fabulous time. People were very complimentary about the garden, some saying it was their favorite. A 'real' garden is what I heard alot.
Even though I don't garden for other's benefit - it's just an extension of my soul - it was nice to hear the compliments.

I put out a frame with photos and the house story.
I wanted to encourage people to never give up on their dreams.

My good friend Laurie stopped by right before the walk was over.
I call her LuLu.
It blessed me. She said she wanted to see it all 'staged'. She really gets me.

Did you think I'd forget about Fake Accent Lady?
Perish the thought!
I'm running this gal in the ground.
She actually took a blanket and laid down in someone's garden on the Walk and was asked to leave. She fussed at someone for talking on a cellphone during the Walk.
She didn't do that here - but only did this:
Like I said - I do believe it was a fake accent and that her head was cold on one side.
Bless her heart though- she's given me some blog fodder, and I constantly go around now saying "I can just feel it"

My next post will be about my day with the Farm Girl from the Flower Patch.
Can't wait to share her with you.


  1. You are so crazy! In a good way I mean. The fake accent lady is a real character and I'd love to meet her someday. Your garden is absolutely wonderful and right up my alley in terms of style. I wouldn't mind being tied up in your cellar with FPFM either!


  2. Jayme,

    What a wonderful weekend filled with flowers, friends and a cast of characters! I adore Glenco's Ant Farm. Everything looks so serene. If you do this again next year, I say we make an event of it -- put up some tents; one selling food; one selling crafts -- HA!
    Seriously, your yard is amazing. I feel at peace just scrolling through the photographs, I can smell the lavender and hear the bees. Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven.

    Your Friend,

  3. I've been waiting on this post and it didn't disappoint. Your place is just gorgeous. I was surprised that an entire bus load of people came. That's amazing and must have been so much fun for you. Your comment to your guests about the fighting neighbors is priceless and the video of fake accent lady is hilarious!!! You're a hoot!

  4. OMG Jayme!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really think you need to drink decaf. You are a blessing to me. Your fake lady reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket on Keeping Up Appearances. Don't know if you have ever watched it or not, but it is in reruns on PBS. (It is a BBC program.) She is as fake as can be! Thanks for sharing your pics cause I couldn't make it either day! Work and church commitments. :(

  5. The vid made me cackle. So glad I was alone when I clicked. I can't believe that someone smoked on a garden tour. That's just stupid. Your garden is so gorgeous and you just make me happy. Do I say that every time?

  6. Wonderful walk and your garden is beautiful!!
    Smoking...can you imagine? the poop in the punchbowl comment...where do you come up with this stuff???
    PS. Glenco's ant farm...very creative!

  7. You're not going to like this: My favorite thing is Glenco's Ant Farm. I'm sorry, that's just too creative--and practical. It tells everyone where the ant bed is so they won't step in it and get stung.
    I would have slapped that fake accent lady.

  8. Jayme,
    Everything in your yard is beautiful, and how wonderful to be able to share it with so many lovely ladies. Those cookies are so cute, and I loved the photos sharing the history of your house and not to give up your dreams. Wish I could have been there!

  9. "who gave you crack" LOL thanks for the laughs and the tour

  10. Well, this just made my day. It made my eyes water, for all the laughing. And it will please you to the moon and back to know that Calvin is now impersonating YOU impersonating FAL. So now I'm calling him Fake Accent Asian Boy, which makes him errupt in belly giggles every time.

    Also, he'd like to know where a picture of Aaron is. I told him there isn't one on this post, to which he replies, "Just keep scrolling down! Just scroll down!"

    Also, That Glenco. Did he whack weeds with a wife beater on? I hope so.

    ps - It's cold down here and we're hungry. And we can smell Saturday Farmgirl cake and roasted beans through the floorboards. I always thought Coop Captivity might actually be nice, but that's when I assumed you'd feed us well...

    pss- That bee keeper suit is Frea-Kay!

  11. You are a riot..."I can just feel it"! Hey Jayme, I know you've been really busy, but just wanted to see if you received my email (with pic attached - What Is It), and see if you've figured it out! I really want to send it to you!
    FAL (Fake Accent Lady) is right...."there's just something about your place" (from me, it's a Southern Accent!)

  12. LOL How you come up with this I'll never be able to wrap my warm head around, but it cracks me up.... There's just something about you... I just feel it. LOL

    Oh, and that cigarette smoking thingie you have, well I'm the same way. Can't even stand to smell the things since I quit smoking in 1994 and my dad had esophageal cancer in 1995. The side effects of the radiation were that it damaged other parts of his body and we lost him 5 years later.

    Cigarettes are disgusting.


  13. Your garden is absolutely gorgeous -"there's just something about it"! Thanks for sharing the lsughs and the beautiful pictures. Can I take up residence in your garden since your basements full? I have my own tent!

  14. Loud maniacal cackling.... THAT was going on here after I watched your video... HEY I KNOW THAT LADY!!
    I know I have seen her on tv. She's some actress... I just know it. I can feel it.... There's something about her... I can feel it. I just know it!! See if you can find out who she is...
    Keep that video - it may make you famous eventually. To think that she was on YOUR garden tour....
    LOL!! And I'm with you girl. Smoking on someone else's property in the beauty of their hard worked paradise is simply a disgusting sign of disrespect. She must be really hooked to need one while on tour. Sorry. I am pretty opinionated about cigarette smoking too. Notice I didn't say smokers...smoking! People are People, but their choices reveal their character....sorry...
    Love and hugs to the Gardeness Queen of the decade. What a beautiful yard. Can I come live in it....maybe the Squirrel???
    Have fun decompressing. Watching for the next project that we all knew would come soon...since we KNOW you!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

  15. Your fake accent lady was hillarious! And.... 'there's just something about her' that looks just a little bit familiar. *lol*

  16. Was she practicing or what???? Did she ever say anything else???

    I'm enjoying this garden jouney so much!! Everything is so beautiful, including you, so stop already!!!! You're too cute for words!

    Love the cookies...amazing...

    The ant farm is adorable and I love all the detail...

    Tour bus cracks me up and I hope you really did sign some autographs...I know I'd want one!!

    Can hardly wait for more!!

  17. hey Jayme could you just do one more thing? breath.........nancy settel

  18. Hi Jayme!
    Your garden is beautiful, all your hard work payed off! I wish I had your green thumb, mine is brown at best. I love, love, love the video of the Fake Accent Lady, I still think a talk show with you as the host would be a hit!

  19. You are a serious risk to my health right now! I have to be so careful not to cough, sneeze or laugh and then I decide to read your blog... ;-) The 'who gave you crack' comment almost did me in... You are one of the funniest people out there and you ALWAYS put a big grin on my face! Your garden is STUNNING by the way, it has so much more charm and character than any of the other gardens on the tour. BEAUTIFUL!!
    Glenco's ant farm is the cutest thing. Can he come over and built me about 10 of them for my backyard? Ants seem to really like it here...

  20. You are amazing. That's all I gots to say....oh, and I love Glenco's ant farm. Seriously, we all need to get a life. :)

  21. marytylermotorheadJuly 17, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    There's just SOMETHING about this blog that makes me want to smoke a cigarette! HA! Jayms, love the garden, LOVE your hair. Wish I could have made it to the walk.

  22. Excellent post. I love the story of the fake accent lady, your video is hilarious. You're hilarious. It's a good thing.
    I used to have busloads of people come to 'my' place! LOL...i was a cook on the Alcan Hwy years ago...
    they all wanted to eat, i was busier than all get out.

  23. you make the world a happier, crazier place :) all of it was the cookies, the ant farm, and the video was the cherry on top!

  24. Well, shut the front door! You just have laughin' out loud over here, and folks are wonderin' what is goin' on in the bedroom!!! Grim reaper? I can SO see that!!!
    And the Billy Bob teeth??? What a hoot!

  25. I have my 4 grandsons this weekend and it took me 3 tries to get this post read. I kept getting interrupted. Love the ant garden, to cute! And of coarse all the people gardens. Not a fan of bees, today I was stung twice looking in some bushes for youngest grandsons swim trunks. I thought they had fallen between a bush and the deck. Seems there are bees there. Or something that stings. Did not stay around long enough to identify the culprit. The fake lady looks so familiar to me!? Your a hoot! Glad you had such a great time participating in the garden tour.

  26. ditto with the smokin'. I mean, really.
    Thanks for the encouagement, though. Sometimes I look out at my yard and get so mopey (selfish!), I forget what I have. I will try to remember to look out there and see the vision!

  27. You are just too funny!!!! I hope fake accent lady does not read your blog or you and me both are going to have to hide!

  28. Girlfriend you are a hoot!!!!!!!!!!Oh, how I would love to sashay through your lovely gardens with a mint julip in hand. Man alive those cookies, I think I would have had them framed! Glenco's ant farm, adorable. Do you rent him out?

  29. Fabulous...wish I would have done the walk, but seriously I just wanted to see yours! I'm glad it was a successful day. It sounds like you enjoyed every moment. I still cannot get over that a BUS came to!your are Garden Diva!
    Forgot to mention that my son Jake was PAID to feed the neighbors animals for a week. He loved watching the goats fight! My hubby even went with him once to watch. I thought of you every time he went to check up on them.
    Happy Weekend...breath in, breath out, relax.

  30. Oh, my goodness, I could live in your garden. The chickens, the neighbors, and the bees, it just makes it sound like a home I would want to be at. Then the gardens, you are very talented. I just started reading your blog, and I can't hardly get enough of it.
    Former cash/wrap employee of Pier1.

  31. Jayme,
    Loved this post so much! I almost felt like I was there. And that video was a hoot! I loved it, Maddie loved it, Jim loved it! I'm not even sure how many times we watched it! I think I might have to go back for one more though! And I'm totally with you on the smoking. I can't believe somebody had the audacity to do that!

  32. haha… you're killin' me! too funny…

    and those cookies! you mean someone actually made those in their own home, with an ordinary oven? did you get her address? or better yet, give her mine? i'd like a plate of those babies!! lol

  33. Jayme ~

    I didnt see much of the of the other gardens on the walk (only through your few photos) but I am willing to bet none had the creative elements and sweet touches that yours does :)

    ~Andrea in NH

  34. oh, you are truly the funniest lady. i love you. oh, and i love your garden. how do you do it? you are a wonder to me and i hope to meet you in person some day. have a fun and very silly day. dogwood

  35. okay, had to share a funny with you. i showed my husband your fake accent lady a few days ago...tonight I was telling him about a woman I met last night at a crafty social who talked real "breath-y" and with a pseudo-British like accent. He just stood up, threw his arms in the air and said "THERE'S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT IT...THERE'S JUST SOMETHING ABOUT IT!! (with a volume crescendo!)" I laughed SO HARD and yelled, " I CAN FEEL IT!!"

  36. I can just feel it.... That I might need to get fresh undies after laughing so hard! ;-0 "Who gave you crack?" is soooo me! Love you and your gardens and want to join Glenco's harem after seeing his creative side. Basement, trailer, coop, I'll stay anywhere...
    BTW - I'm pretty sure I used to work for F.A.L. years ago!

  37. Don't take this the wrong way, but I have a crush on you. You're awesome. I wish you were my neighbor (I promise I wouldn't be yelling during your garden walks!). Shuck the corn! ROFL!!! I love it. Gotta use that saying sometime soon. Love Glenco's ant farm ... the fact that he made that for an anthill is endearing ... wish he was my neighbor, too! Not that you'd move here without him or anything ... "There's just sssssomething about you, I can feeeelll itttt!"

  38. Just getting my FAL fix for the day...don't mind me.

    ps- Mom and Aunt Jan watched, too.

  39. Looks like a wonderful garden walk! I just found your blog not long ago through Shannon! You are a hoot... i watched the video like a thousand times... so funny!

  40. My kids must think I'm cuckoo when I am sitting at my computer just laughing. Well, I guess I am cuckoo. You just crack me up! I love your garden and the little vignettes that you set up all around. You are truly an artist of nature! Wish I could have been on that garden walk!

  41. OMG Jayme, you crack me up! I just watched your video!
    Your garden is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    And there is just something about your house that I feel.....

  42. Poop in the punchbowl.....oh that got me! I sprayed iced tea out of my nose a tiny bit!!(my husband's parents were smokers and he feels the same way!)

  43. Oh, how I love thee,l let me count the ways!!! My life will never be the same having come to know my new little sis....Jayme!

  44. Oh, good golly! I just found your blog and have been reading it for the last hour! Love it! My mom has had her house on the local garden tour a couple times...the stress leading up to it is eased by the lovely people and the kooks that come through!


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