Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Most Fabulous People in the World

Ok - I just had to pop on real quick like and tell you all -
I quite possibly had the best time of my life.

I can't begin to tell you how tickled I was to talk to everyone.
I adore people.
Well - almost everyone - Fake Accent Lady - I'm sorry - your head doesn't get warm all the way around.

I'll tell you about her in the next day or two.
I hope she doesn't read the blog.

See those smiling faces above?
Brenda, Jade and Kelly.
I adore them.
They came here at 9am, bearing gifts of bacon and cookies. Just wait til you see the cookies Kelly made.
I was so excited to meet them and talk, that I didn't have the camera set right.
So much to tell you all.

See this picture? Glen was in the garage and took the photo of a bus full of people from Joliet, IL coming for a visit.

I just about wet my pants - it was so fun.

More in a day or so - I'm seriously so tired right now I can't talk.
It's been incredibly fun, and worth every mosquito bite, every sun freckle, every bit of poison ivy, every sweat drop stinging my eye.

What the heck am I gonna talk about now though?


  1. Jayme, I'm so glad your garden tour was such a great success. And people coming over at 9:00 bringing bacon and cookies - whats not to love. Get some well deserved rest, and then please tell us more about the weekend. :-)

  2. OH...My ..GOSH!!! This is amazing. You are on a bus tour route. You get people bringing you bacon and cookies. This is like being in Beverly Hills with the throngs coming to see the Stars.. They Have Heard about the Chicken Whisperer...You may get your own gardening show....You might even get your own reality show...OH...boy now that will make one wet their pants. You better go get a bunch of new ones to be ready!! WOOT!
    I am so happy for you. and I say the sky is the limit...Who knows what will come your way next, but I am sure you will handle it with all the grace and gusto that you have done this go-round, and keep all of us on the edge of our seats out here in blogland with excitement and laughter! You Rock, Lady...and what a keeper Glen must be. Hang on to him. and most assuredly some high fives to Aaron for being your worthy assistant through all the sweat, and mosquitos and bee stings, and ringworm and poison ivy and all that STUFF!!!! Hugs. REST GIRL!

  3. So glad it was a success after all your hard work with the yard and the flowers.

    Now that the tour is over you can always go back to talking about the chickens! They are quite funny. First tell us all about the tour and the lady who's head does not get warm all the way around. I LOVE gossip!!


  4. So glad your walk was such a success! I can send you some Depends for the wet pants moments. I'm pretty sure you'll find something to talk about. Chickens, perhaps?

  5. Jayme, so glad you've enjoyed yourself. Bacon, cookies, bus load of folks from Joliet. Were they seniors?? Just can't imagine you not having some exciting thing(s) to talk about!

  6. "your head doesn't get warm all the way around." Possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. Can't wait to hear more about that.

    So glad it went well. Plop into bed and dream sweet dreams. :)

  7. Thought of you all weekend....wondering how it was going (though I knew it'd be fabulous!)

    Can't wait to hear every ding dang detail.....

    Hubs and #3 daughter are in Chicago for the week. I'm tempted to drive over for a day with the boys, but my week is filling up fast with stuff I gotta do for other people. Grrrr.

  8. WooHoo!! You did it! Can't wait to hear all the details from sun up to sun down on the garden tour. That should give you fodder for a couple of days anyway, right? Seriously, you could write about the grass growing slow and it'd be entertaining. In the meantime, we'll try to wait patiently while you rest up.

  9. Every man, woman and child lucky enough to happen upon you and your garden should absolutely consider themselves blessed. Cause that's what they are.

    ps- I am dying - DYING! - to hear about fake accent lady.

  10. SO SO proud of you and tickled for you, Jayme. Now get some good rest!

  11. I am SO relieved for you, and happy it was a success. But heck, WE all knew your gardens would be the star feature of the walk :) Can't wait to hear more... get some rest, then fill us in! (A tour bus?! OMG!). -Tammy

  12. I love your excitement, can't wait to hear more.

  13. Gosh I wish I was one of the ladies getting off that bus to see your gorgeous garden!

  14. hi jayme,

    i'm so glad to hear the garden walk tour was a success. you thought it wouldn't be? if you had only one petunia in a pot and people got to come visit, they would love it, love you! fun, fun, fun! i know you worked hard and now you can relax and savor the memories!

    love ya,


    p.s. i don't think you'll have a hard time coming up with something to talk about!!!

  15. Can't wait to hear all about it, and you have me on the edge of my seat with the fake accent lady!

  16. Fake accent ladies head doesn't get warm all the way around? That's awesome. Thanks for the snorting laughter so early this morning. I can't wait to hear more. And I'm just sassy enough to hope she DOES read your blog.

    So happy everything went well and that you enjoyed yourself. Wish I could have come.

  17. Wow, sounds like it was a great day. I can't wait to hear more about it, including "fake accent lady"-bless her heart!

  18. Jayme...get that much deserved rest. Can't wait to hear all of the details of what must have been a fabulous weekend for you and your visitors. Thank you for your much needed advice during my "crisis".

  19. Coop I like your blog and reading of your adventures...I am gonna put you on my favs list...I want to hear more about that bus load of people

  20. Jayme I am sooooo happy for you!
    When I saw the photo of the bus full of people I squealed!

    Tell us all about it!


  21. I bet...I garden looked beautiful. Did you tape all the "ohs and ahs" as people strolled around your sweet garden.


  22. I was one of the ladies on the bus and let me tell you, Jayme's garden was my favorite stop! All of the gardens were wonderful and beautiful, but Jayme has chickens, and duckies, and bunnies, and bees! I was soo inspired! Thank you Jayme, for opening your garden to us.

  23. I can't wait to hear about this fake accent lady! How funny!

    Congratulations and I bet you are relieved! You should be so proud and I'm SO, SO mad at myself for not catching up on your blog or reading the local paper, because I could have made the garden walk. It was Sunday at 2 when I found out. :(

    Darn these children and this house keeping me from keeping up with my favorite blogs. lol

    I'm glad it went well! :)

  24. You got a BUS load of visitors! Oh! My! Lordy!

    I hope they didn't touch your bacon.

    Bacon is sacred.



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