Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Winter of my Disconnect

I've been feeling it coming for sometime.
The end of blogging.
I've mentioned it several times.

Now - it's time.
There is no particular rhyme or reason for it - it just feels like the right thing for me to do.

I'm filled with such emotions of gratitude, thankfulness and happiness.
I've met the most incredible people via this olde blog - and one of them just happens to be sitting here right next to me.

Please know how much I appreciate the friendship, care and support you've shown me over the years.
It is and will always be considered one of my life's greatest gifts.

Please know that you can email me anytime, and I will answer.

I've left Facebook, Twitter - and now blogging.  I'm still on Pinterest a couple of minutes a day, but I haven't a clue how to tell you to find me!

If there is anything I can leave you with - it would be to encourage you to:

follow your dreams
don't take no for an answer
realize that you are worth more than you could ever imagine
anything is possible

get out
see things
do things

life is beauty full.


  1. Shocked. Sad. Happy for you, though. Perhaps our paths will cross again some day. Know that you have given us sunshine and hope and giggles. Good luck, Jayme! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Oh were one of the first blogs I ever read!!! You inspired me in so many ways and i want to thank you. I understand we are all on a path and you have to go where yours leads you....but will be greatly missed. Maybe after a few adventures you will write a book....:)

  3. Jayme,
    When we know it is time . . . it is time. You are teacher, comic, writer, giver, and a joy unmatched. One in a million. . . indeed.
    I am wishing you all of everything in your . . . "It is time journey!" The best . . .
    Love, Lynne

  4. you must do what you feel is best. i'll miss you. i really will. ( :

    please don't go ...

    but the kid in me ... is really sad, depressed & is screaming HELL NO please don't go!! but i will step back & behave. (i seriously had to leave the blog, just a bit ago, i did write a comment & then i thought i can't tell her how i really feel, she needs to do what is best for her, but if you never hear how we feel, that we love you so, that we will die without ya, you just need to hear how we really feel & i did a run around the living room because i couldn't believe you were leaving, of all the blog i read & i read a bunch, i thought you would be around for a long long time, i know you take your breaks, but i always thought you would come back & tell us where you had been & that you did this & that) i will miss your laughter, your funny moments, your stories of the "boy child" ... how will i know how Aaron is doing in school & his life??! how will we know how the bee lady is?!! i want you to know ... you are loved, and you will be terribly missed. my heart is sad today. the blog world is forever changed. love & big big hugs to you, Aaron, & all you bee buddies. ) :

    1. Can I just ditto what this girl said...

      Jayme... NO!!!!!!!!!

      But (I'm trying) I understa...n - blah! I feel too shocked to cry, but I want to. Buckets.

      I'm really, really going to miss you.

      You are such an AWESOME soul. Blessings on you and yours. See you on Pinterest. ;)

  5. Thank you for sharing with us all. Although I recently found you, you've been an inspiration and brought joy and laughter to those who read you. Best wishes in all you do. Peace out Sister.

  6. I am surprised, and not surprised. You are an all or nothing kind of girl....
    I won't say that I've never thought of putting my blog to bed, but in so many ways it keeps me grounded talking about my life to people I've mostly never met. It keeps it real. I don't think I would stop it cold, but maybe blog once a month or so, to keep the connection.
    but whatever you do, stay well, and be happy, you'll find a place for your voice to resonate. You'll almost have to.

  7. Will certainly miss your humor and have always looked forward to reading your posts. Best wishes in your next endeavors!!!!

  8. Wow, just found your blog and now its gonna be gone. It goes that way sometimes. If ya lost it you've lost it, no sense in continuing if it does'nt make you happy. Glad to meet your brief aquaintance and all the best to you.

  9. I'm going to miss you, but wish you the very best in everything you do.

  10. I enjoyed your blog so are such a talented writer and can show humor in your writing the way I never could. But I understand that there is more to life than sitting in front of a I wish you all the best and I will think of your blog with a smile!

  11. See ya and I hope (know) that you have a wonderful life!! It seems that I find blogs that I real enjoy just as they are going to peter out. My luck :)

  12. I am so sad to know that I won't find my favorite blog anymore. You have fascinated and inspired me so much in the past few years. It will be hard to not hear from you and know what you are doing. You are such a strong woman and someone I needed to hear from.
    I wish you well-dammit!

  13. Good grief, I'm going to miss you. You take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. You have given us so much. Thank you so much. Peg from Decatur

  14. I will totally miss your funny quirky posts! I don't know why I didn't expect this....I sure will miss you. You have been an inspiration for me...yes, I lost weight too. Thanks....for everything...what a bummer.

  15. I understand...don't like it at all...but understand it. You and this blog have more than touched my life, but you know that already.

  16. I will miss you my blogging friend. I have laughed and I have cried at your posts. And I feel like I know you in a small way, even though we have never met. But for everything there is a season . . . May God bless you and your family. Again, I will miss you.

  17. I only just found you recently and felt that if possible I would want you for a friend. You are such a joy to read and an inspiration to witness. Wishing you that best and the same for Aaron. Hoping you will leave your sight up for a bit so that I can continue to read past posts? All the best. Warm regards from Colorado. Pam

  18. Gotcha...but that don't mean I have to like it. Will miss you greatly, Jayme.

    In Christ alone,

  19. I simply CAN NOT watch the Carol Burnett video, for I shall cry. Going to miss you my friend in Indiana....but, I will try not to be selfish. If it makes you happy, I will be happy for you! If you are ever in Reno....(Ha!) let me


  20. There comes times in our lives when we have to let something go...we are ready to move onto something else...or just focus more on what else we already have going on in our lives. I greatly looked forward to your posts and enjoyed them. But I understand and wish you the best!

  21. NOOOOOOOOOOO.....say it ain't so!! :( This makes me sad because your blog is one of my favorites but I completely understand. Live your life to the fullest and feel free to start back blogging anytime!! ;) Now, how will I ever hear about your AT adventures? ;) I am already following you on Pinterest actually. Your account is: I will miss you Jayme. :)

  22. You will be missed...the progress of the boy/child - Man/child, your fun adventures in life.

    I do not have your email address as had deleted the last message from you, so take care, enjoy and THANK YOU for inspiring so many and for bring so much fun and laughter to our lives.


    1. wait..I see it on your page! will save it now.

  23. Just as all these other faithful readers confessed, you are one of my favorites! I am sad to see you close it down, but as a blogger myself, I do understand. I have sort of been circling around this idea for 6 months or so, for various reason. I seem stable in it for now.. so we will see. Just a few days ago, I was going to write you and request one more Helene video! I love those! You are an inspiration. And you have inspired many. We have jobs we are called to by our Creator.. maybe this job is done here, and now no doubt you will be on to your next one! May it be so that God go before you to lead you, God go behind you to protect you, God go beneath you to support you, God go beside you to befriend you. May the blessing of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be upon you. As you leave this "job" go in peace to love and serve the Lord

  24. Such a sad day today. I'm shocked to see that you are leaving the blogging world. Yours was one of a kind. You let us into your life where we fell in love and connected with an awesome lady of immense qualities. Although you don't even know me, I couldn't let you leave without me telling you that I enjoyed every bit of your blog, your life stories, your energy, your joie de vivre. I wish you the best that life has to give.......but I will miss you dearly. Chantal from Canada

    Good luck in all of your endeavors. You will be missed!

  26. I will miss you but remember we are still here if you ever want to come back! Loved your honesty, your journey, your sense of humor, your chickens, your family, your garden, your get the picture! And your inspiration! xo Cait

  27. I have to tell you, I feel very sad sitting here, reading this. With those healthy no bake (OMG avocados in the icing?? Seriously??) brownies sitting on my counter waiting to be thrown together.

    You have been an inspiration to all of us, and I don't want to know that you'll be here -no more-. But, I wish you well and I know that you'll be living your life to the fullest.

    with love from CT, Karen of This Old House 2.

  28. Jayme, I'm going to miss your witt, wisdom and humor...along with your blips off into your own zone. I will miss them all. Alas, you must do what you must do, but I am sure sorry I can't check in with your little corner anymore. I feel I have a friend in you and you in me, so don't ever worry if you feel the urge to come back...we'll all be here waiting for you! God bless, friend. Give the Boy Child a hug from us, too as we'll miss him and all his shinanagins as well. Peace to you and Glenco...~Vonnie (aka peacemom)

  29. Jayme, Could you at least like another commenter suggested, Please blog at least once or twice a month? We need your friendship, care and support. As an invalid I looked forward to your spirit of hope and inspiration, and we still didn't hear the second part of your adventurous trip. Please reconsider. Brenda.

  30. Jayme, Please reconsider.

  31. Bye Jayme.... you will be missed here in 'pretend land'. I've always enjoyed your sense of humor and Aaron's as well. Please pop in from time to time and let us know how the two of you are doing.. oh, and Glencoe too!!


  32. Have not been here for a bit, better read and find out what I missed! I do wish you the best! Aaron too! I do not read any other blogs regular, so you are the one and only blog person I know. I am honored to have been able to glimpse your wonderful life. Thank you!

  33. You know what? You go girl!! There comes a time when one has to make choices and sometimes that means moving do what you need to have been fun to follow, you and Aaron and Glenco...but, yes, it is time.

  34. Sorry but not surprised. I guess the only thing I'm really upset about is that I won't get to hear about how wonderful Aaron's life turns out, which I'm sure it will.

  35. Frankly, Miss J, I wish I were doing the same! I've been thinking about it for a bit as well...the FB thing is really bugging me. And I'm just spending too much time on the computer!
    You have blessed me beyond measure! I've so enjoyed your wit, and stories, your honesty and that adorable chicken!!! I've learned a lot from you and am better for it!
    Blessings to you, my friend, and if you're ever in the Pacific Northwest, there's a room all ready for you!!


  36. I never expected that at 25 years old I would be caught crying in my office over the death of a friggin chicken!!! (I didn't cry when the dogs got my own) Explain that one to your boss lol. This blog was my outlet when I needed to get away from work for a moment. Thank you so much for that. I was so eager to hear how Aaron's school/life was going to pan out. So many fun stories. We all loved it and we will all miss you :(


  37. I knew it couldn't last- and I will MISS YOU!! Thank you for inspiring me to make my own "good for me" changes, which is why I understand this change that you are making. Blessings to you, Glen and Aaron- so glad to have had a glimpse in to your world!

  38. I can't even tell you how sad this makes me. What if you just "come back" whenever you get the urge to write? I don't have a blog so I don't really know what it's like, and maybe when you have one, you always feel pressure to be writing.

    You will be missed more than you know.
    Blessings to you, Jayme.

  39. I'm going to miss you a bushel and a peck. Are you sure you won't do one more blog and give the recipe for the turkey sausage? My life is fuller for knowing you, thank you.

    1. I was a lucky one to get it, so here it is:

      Jayme’s Turkey Sausage

      1 lb of ground turkey breast
      2 egg whites (or one whole egg and one egg white)
      6 T oatmeal
      1/4 cup finely chopped onion
      1 t salt
      1 t sage
      pepper to taste
      pinch of rosemary and thyme
      1/4 t red pepper

      Mix it all up well - store in fridge - I cook one patty each morning - or it can all be cooked at once - makes five. Enjoy!

  40. NO you can't leave us now. How will we ever find out about that darling boy-child. Soon, so soon he will be famous, he will become a hair dresser to the rich and famous. You must stay!!!
    I will miss you :(

  41. Hi Sweetie, I've been feeling the same way for a few months too and think I'm going to stop blogging as well. I'll miss your great writing and photography but you have to do what you have to do!

  42. Oh Jayme, I am writing this with tears running down my face. i feel like I am losing something very precious to me. You have made me giggle, you have made me laugh out loud, you have made me laugh so hard I thought I would wet myself, you have made me laugh so hard I cried... but now there are just tears. love, Mary Beth

  43. Lord girl, you were one of my very favorites. When you commented on my Christmas post, I thought I had made it. I was now a blogger with friends who like what I had to say. Thank you for that. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you now choose to do. Sure hope you drop by once in awhile to say hello.

    God Bless!

  44. The first time I read about you was in the Times newspaper and I have followed your blog ever since. I have had the pleasure of meeting you in person and being in your lovely home. I have met your handsome nephew I just love his smile! I will truly miss your blog and hearing about you and Aaron . But I also understand when your done your done. I'm the same way. I would love some more of your honey when its available!! You take care girl. Your a very unique person ....don't ever change.

  45. Wow! I rarely comment, but have SO enjoyed your sharing! Have loved your humor, and your weight loss adventure, your family, the video of Aaron driving, the list goes on! Take care Jayme, enjoy life, and will love to hear from you again in the future if you so choose...God Bless!

  46. This is like when you were not going to buy gifts one Christmas....then changed your mind and quickly went shopping right? Right? Just blog when you want to, this all or nothing crap doesn't work when we diet why would it work with a blog? Please reconsider. I know its been said before but you really are an inspiration. I can't tell you how many times you have brightened my day. No guilt just appreciation. Wish you and your family the best but if guilt helps to get you to keep writing I have a Catholic Grandma who can give me some smoking hot tips.
    Should you decide to quit blogging could you please recommend other blogs featuring 50 year old, beekeeping, chicken raising, nephew loving, garden planning, weight losing folks who like to camp in a squirrel?

  47. Jayme,
    I feel like so many of the others who have commented before me. I enjoyed you and your adventures and the honest way you shared yourself with those of us who wished we could laugh with you in person over coffee...
    I feel shocked to realize we wont know "the rest of the story" to borrow a phrase, especially Aaron's journey through school and beyond. I will miss laughing til I cry, and smiling over your expressions and comments, and photos of your home and garden.
    Honestly, you have grown and blossomed and been thorough so many processes in the past coupla years, I am not really surprised at your decision. I feel like begging you to reconsider, but I know I mustn't. Time comes and you just know when you are done, it's time to move on... You have given us so much and I feel blessed to have been along for the ride.
    Blessings to you and yours.
    ... and if you ever want to drop by for a visit, we'll leave the light on.

  48. Dear Jayme -- oh the world awaits your next amazin' leap and it's gonna be smashing kiddo! Don't think I'm happy to lose a fabulous 'read' Jayme --- you are definitely one "light up the screen", you will just translate that same fabulous in a new direction. My highest compliment is "nobody did it like you Jayme" -- signing off with a huge boo hoo (has to be 'cause you tickled the keyboard with your style and I lub'd it!) Nothing but good/great days ahead for you and yours Jayme - keep the joy running full steam ahead!

    God Bless, Barbra

  49. I ditto everything that has been said before me. I have enjoyed so much. Here's hoping you come back, but how will we find you if you do.

  50. Jayme,
    Please leave the blog intact and don't tear it down... I haven't read all your silliness yet. Besides, from time to time I just know there will be shenanigans that you will want to surprise us with...

    I hope.

    Love you,
    (at the Farmlet)

  51. Ugh! Really woman! You can't do this. Your blog is the one I enjoy the most. Agreed, that from the beekeeping, chickens, beautiful sweet home, Aaron (our youngman/child too), yummy recipes, diet/lifestyle changes, peeks at Glenco (with those Foster Grants on), and that adorable squirrel that I want to snatch up......well, you might be an empty nester now but you need to continue. You are just starting a new page in life, like so many other moments you have written about. I feel so much more on the horizon and for you to deny more shares, well, I am sad. Your blog always touched my heart, in a way you will never know. The chuckles, the OMG moments, the inspiration, highs and lows. Yes, I teared too of the loss of Phyllis. There I said it and I don't even own any of those sweet creatures. I thought there would be so many more Jayme antics. You are our Carol Burnette. In this crazy world, well, an escape with my computer would always deliver a dose of Jayme that I so enjoyed. I will miss you if you must go, but please reconsider and say it isn't so.

  52. Well, this is a sad day to mark on the calendar. You don't realize how much you mean to us . . . reading about your dalliances with chickens and bees, the boy/child and Glenco, your cozy abode and your beautiful yard. Your humor and insightful comments on life were unique and entertaining. I'm feeling that a good friend told me she's moving away and I won't see her again. Cheers to you and your life, tears for us'uns you're leaving behind. Take care, take prayer, and live a happy life. We miss you already!~Patysue

  53. O my goodness and I was just getting to know my Indiana ya at a local campground ... with our little vintage campers soon I hope :)

  54. Heartbroken doesn't even come close to what I will feel when the blogger I enjoy the most signs off for good. Sniff, will be greatly missed.

  55. What??? Noooooo!!!! I've only ever commented once, but I visit often for to brighten my day! :) We need you. How will we find out what happens with Aaron, and the bees, and the chicks, and you? Well, I'll be happy for you if this is what you need. Thank you for the wonderful posts and the laughter!
    p.s. pretty please?

  56. Nooooo!!! I say selfishly, you can't stop. I would miss you so much even though I don't know you and vice versa. But yet I do feel like I know you. You don't always have to be funny, thoughtful, witty, etc, etc..... But if you must stop, now imagine Linus walking away with his head down and his dirty blanket draggin on the ground. That'd be me if you go.

    Donna, aka Bridge.


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