Thursday, January 17, 2013

Good for you Brownies?

Thank you all for your kind comments about my hair!
I didn't reply in all of the comments this time - I thought I would just thank you here.

I'm loving the stripe, and I want more - I don't care if I'm considered too old - Aaron told me he would put them in places that were 'age appropriate'.
Speaking of Aaron - he leaves for Las Vegas tomorrow.
I'm in denial.
I refuse to call him and ask him if he's packed enough underwear and the like.
I will not.

Aaron told me the cut he gave me is considered the 'Heidi Klum bob' - but I have bangs with it - she does not.

She's such a beauty.

I watched the some of the Golden Globes on our new HD TV - it was our Christmas present to each other this year - we'd been without a TV for a few years - we still don't have cable - in fact, I need to do a TV post soon (and I know I still need to finish the AT post).
What has me shocked is how old everyone looks.  Is it the HD?  I mean - Kevin Costner looked quite old - even though I still consider him quite dapper.

Ways in which I know I'm getting older?

People use the phrase 'age appropriate' and my name in the same sentence.
I hear 'ma'am' much more than I care to.
I've been told I look great 'for my age'.
My vagina has its own drawer in the bathroom.
No matter how long I keep my battery powered exfoliater on my face - the wrinkles won't scrub off.
I say what I think.
I find 60 year old men attractive.
I think getting a good night's sleep is WAY more exciting than ringing in the New Year.

But this post isn't about getting old - it's about brownies.
I'm just now able to start playing around with recipes like this - I still have to be VERY careful not to eat them all - I have to make things like this on days that I know I have a strong resolve.
Last week when I made my uber healthy banana bread - I did not have the resolve - 
and I ate the whole loaf.
Not good.

Trust me on this recipe and just make it - do not turn your nose up - you will be ah-mazed at how good they are - and they are full of good for your brain fats, fiber, and antioxidants.


And get this - you don't bake them.
If you don't have any cocoa powder in the house - I do suggest that you buy the raw - if however, you do have cocoa powder, I'd say just go ahead and use it.  That's what I did - and when I run out, I'm going to buy the raw from now on.

Here be the link:

Have a spectacular day!
I'm off to my cleaning jobs for the next couple of days - and then the fabulous Janie Fox is visiting for a few days.

Life don't get no better.
(unless you make these brownies)


  1. Mmmm, sounds yummy! I've made 'chocolate pudding' from avocados too... delish! In fact, I may make some tonight. I have a couple of avocados that need to be eaten up.

    And as far as age goes? I think it's a state of mind and from what I know of your mind... you'll be forever young, woot!

    Oh, and have fun with your guest. I'm sure the two of you'll be finding some trouble to get in to, lol!

  2. oh, i will have to try that recipe ... looks yummy good.
    have fun!! ( :

  3. Some times I do not feel old till I look in the mirror. So sad. You look fab with the new do.xo,Susie

  4. You make me LAUGH! At 51, I too have become bolder in the last year (not Quite as bold as you), and having a whole lot more fun than I've had in MANY years. I will definitely try the brownies. Today. DH expects dessert...EVERY. DAY.

  5. Random comment...I found your blog from Flower Patch Farm Girl, and in a round about way heard about your friendship with Janie Fox, and wouldn't ya know it, I went to college with her daughter Annie. Just thought I'd share. Things like this make this whole internet world seem a little smaller. Have a wonderful day!


  6. Haha, I had to laugh at your list. I hear ya about sleep! :) I'll never forget the first time I saw HD on tv. I was at my cousin's house and looked over to see a football game on and could not believe how much better it was!! We are huge sports fans in our home so we Love it!! Somehow, I don't think that applies to you. ;)

  7. You are way too your list! My Noah left today for NYC and then for three months to Australia...I know just how you feel! And I'm on day 4 of no wheat. Taking it one day at a time!

  8. I laughed so hard at your vagina having its own drawer! You crack me up....and I love your hair!

  9. Jayme, you make me laugh out loud! I am still giggling as I type. (My vagina has its own drawer in the bathroom. That is hilarious!) So glad to have you back in my life on a more frequent basis. Hitting 58 in two months and I agree with Susie above: the face in the mirror surprises me daily. I still feel 35. And the older I get, the more I say what I think. Love it. Love your hair too. I think Aaron so blessed - to have you, to have this creative gift and to fulfill this dream. Enjoy all that the next few days bring. There are sure to be more good stories for you to share!

  10. I am sooo gonna try those brownies, thanks for sharing. And I'll say it again.. i LOVE your hair. Might even ask for it next time I go for a haircut. I'm lazy about that though. Love your list. I can relate. *sigh*

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