Wednesday, January 30, 2013

God Knew I Needed Her

Do you remember the part in Anne of Green Gables where Matthew and Marilla are talking about Anne Shirley - and the stoic Marilla Cuthbert says
"God knew we needed her"?

Wait, what?
You've never seen Anne of Green Gables?

Although this photo makes it look like Anne is an amputee - she is not.

Please get off the computer now, and don't come back until you do!!!

I'm beginning to think the same thing about this stinking little kitten that I got on my birthday.

She's attached to me like glue. She sleeps with me, sits with me, follows me and tolerates my affection.

Jax - a most fabulous cat - that I love dearly - he doesn't tolerate my affection.  He balks at my kisses, pulls away from my hugs, and doesn't sit or sleep with me.
Homeboy ain't no lap cat.

Aaron took this picture, can you tell?  : -)
And that's ok - cause we are all different, and it doesn't make him any less of a spectacular cat - and his little funny quirks more than make up for his lack of affection.  And he is a sight to behold, such a beautiful cat.  I still hold out hope that as he ages, he'll take to my lap.

But this one...this one is what my heart needed.  I really needed something to love and hug and kiss and squeeze..and.....

I wish I could get some better pictures - perhaps if I actually got the camera out, I could.
Ain't nobody got time for that.

The life lesson that this little gal has taught me already is this - the human heart apparently has no limit on the capacity to love.  Just when you think you can't love anymore - along comes another pet, another friend, another child, and your heart is more than ready to love it - and there seems to be plenty of room.  Where there's room in the heart - there's room in the house.

Unfortunately she's already to big too put in my brassiere like a baby chicken, but I'm thinking of making a little papoose so that I can carry her all day.

: -)
Not really - but it sure has crossed my mind.

Open your heart, you'll be amazed at how much love there is inside.
Live your life with reckless abandonment - free from the fear of rejection, hurt, ridicule or jealousy - 
adopt a cat, have another baby, friend another person.
The only thing you can take with you - is what you give away.


  1. To quote Anne: "Oh Marilla, how much you miss". In reference to one not having much of an imagination, etc.

    To the rest of you... I agree with Jayme. If you haven't seen Anne of Green Gables, then to you I say...

    "Oh (friend), how much you miss".

  2. i knew i loved you for some reason - lots of reason, don't worry my friend, i love Anne of Green Gables. i was raised on it for sure. it's the one movie i have seen a zillion times. had on VHS, then got it on DVD ... i think a rainy day like today might be a good day for watching Anne of Green Gables again. you know that i've seen a bunch if the hubby says you are watching that again? why men can't understand a good movie i will never understand?!? ha. ha!! ( ;

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  4. Our pets, and our friends, come to us when we need them and are ready to accept them. All we have to do is to listen to that little voice in our gut that guides us. It's how all of our furry creatures came to live here, and you are well on your way to a houseful of your own ... all sent to you. It's true.

    Sweet, sweet kitty.

  5. LOVE that movie!

    Lap kitties are the best! I think she knows and appreciates the fact that you adopted her. So sweet. Enjoy her.

    (By the way, black cats are hard to photograph. I have two of my own that unless the light is just right it looks like a black blob.)

  6. You are so simply multiplies.

  7. Somehow they just find their way into the heart and carve out their own space:-)

  8. Your post makes my heart sing!

    Thank you, Jayme!

  9. I have never read Anne of Green Gables in it'e entirety. Yesterday at a thrift store I bought a beautifully illustrated book of the same. I will make it my winter project to read.
    We lost our Chloe the cat this past fall. It was so hard. You have me thinking....

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  11. I have never seen Anne of Green Gables but always wanted to. Maybe I need to get it. I have a rescue kitty of my own. She is very much a lap cat and craves more attention than I have ever seen a cat to have. Took my last post off because my picture doesn't show up on your blog.

  12. Dare I admit, I've never seen Anne of Green Gables! And is that Captain Kangaroo in the first picture? Looks like him. Maybe it's his brother...does he have a brother....what do we know about Captain Kangaroo anyway? And that luggage Anne is sitting on would probably go for a pretty penny now a day! Somebody'd use it for a coffee table or some such thing.

    About Sybil...I'm sure everyone knows by now. Guess what happened to us. We were watching the first 30 seconds of the show and the station went out on us! My Shug went upstairs to the garage on such a cold night to see if it was the tv or the antenna...Twas the antenna. It turned about 1/4 of an inch...yup, we have an antenna. So anyway, I saw about 20 seconds of the seizure and texted my Sister pronto. I HAD to know.

    About that camper thing you made your friend....are those meatballs you used for the campfire? Interesting.

    On my 50something birthday - 1st, 2nd or 3rd....I think 53rd, my husband went to look at tractors...while I went to have a vaginal ultrasound. So don't feel sorry for yourself! I did the cat thing once...not on my birthday, but close to it. We had Dusty (the most adorable kitty in the world) for 14 years. All summer long Dusty would follow my SHug around the yard, so he started tucking her into his bib overalls at the top. He'd be working in the yard and she'd be peeking her head out the top. CUTE. He said it was ok that I got her, BUT SHE COULD NOT COME IN THE HOUSE. In November, in came all of her stuff. HE brought it in. I miss her. Now I've done gone gotten all lemme' think...I musn't be sad today. It's been rough lately...

    Oh yeah - the picking and junking....which is what has made things rough lately. STOP! STOP NOW! It has overwhelmed my life. I'm still moving....still......still.....because of all of the junk. I'm getting rid of it all if I don't use it. I'm in the process...wanna come over and go shopping at my house?

    Cindy Bee

  13. Your words of love, were the exact words I told my grandsons after their grandfather, my late husband passed away and I found love again....Love is an awesome thing, there are no boundaries or limits to it.

    And ....
    and the later version....hmmmmm, maybe I will sit down and watch it the next gloomy and rainy day..

    I am so happy for you and your kitty....nothing like our furry creatures who warm our hearts.

  14. Oh, Oh..I deleted some of my post about how much I love Anne of Green Gables....I have the original version and the later version...

  15. Peeking in again. Loved Anne of Green Gables as well. Going to have to pull that one out again, only better have the kleenex nearby. I'm Downton addicted and what an episode! My daughter and I loved also watching Emma on PBS. That was a good one too. Oh, Mr. Knightly. At least i had a good ending. I hope Downton does too. I'm so happy to see that she has stolen your heart and that she will receive such good care. Your both giving so much to each other for sure. Our first cat Maddie was from our local shelter. She actually looked very much like Jax. I miss her. Its amazing how these little creatures add so much to our lives. Oh, so happy for you Jayme.

  16. HEY! What's wrong with you all! Stop watching TV! Go buy the book and READ! Honestly, you will be much better off.

  17. I KNEW this was going to be about Anne as soon as the title popped up in my side bar:) I almost named my blog "fishing for lake trout" but figured i'd get all sorts of fishermen extremely disappointed when they discovered a mom/homeschooler/ random blog. ;) you may now be my bosom friend. Let it be said, let it be written.

  18. I a so glad you have this "baby" to love on. There is nothing like a sweet kitty to fill your heart (and your lap). Blessings- xo Diana

  19. That kitten is just beautiful and you can tell that she knows that she is loved! Our pound told us that people almost never adopt all black cats. How sad is that and how wonderful that yours has you. We have an almost all black cat that someone threw by the side of the rode when she was only 6 weeks old! She has heart disease and wasn't supposed to live long at all. She is now 7 1/2 and has her own vet caridiologist! I kid you not. I told my husband that I would sell anything to get any help that she needed. That is what love does! You go girl.

  20. Been a while since I popped in and I am delighted I did. Your new sweet baby looks like a Burmese in body and eyes with a Tonkinese nose. So glad you have a sweet baby to love on. She is so thankful you rescued her and she wants to make sure its not a dream. That you are for real.

    We had 3 Burms and 1 Tonk all Sable color. When they were in a ball you could not tell where one began or left off. They are so sweet in nature and truly shadow their owners. One of the 3 female Burms was like your Jax, I was not going to pay 350.00 for a cat to not tolerate my affection. It took a few months of me grabbing her every chance I could and kissing her even when she faught me. I just kept it up almost every hour. Even when she was sleeping I would grab her up and kiss and love all over her. Well that did it, she became the most loving of the bunch and was the only one that would come see what was wrong if I was crying. She would love all over me and lick my tears.

    SO!!! you just start grabbing up JAX even when he is in a sound sleep, and start kissing on him. Even if he is just walking past you...just keep it up every minute of the day. There is hope yet for that boy.

    GOODNESS!! is that Aaron in the other post! MY WORD! the boy is no longer a boy but a handsome man. TOO grown up and way too fast.

    You are looking good in your brown hair! You look so much younger~~~ I like the color and your glasses.

    AND dont ever think you can give up bloggin'.... no way. We will have to come camp out at your door... I will be one of them, I have dibs on Squirrel though. How else would we keep up with your farm, chickens, garden and especially your bees. OH! I need some more of your lip balm.... got any????? HUM??????

    GOD bless you and keep you all safe~!

  21. Absolutely love Ann of Green Gables.

    And I know what you mean about the love the heart has. I'm convinced the hearts capacity for love is infinite.

    I too have had pets come into my life, they knew I needed them even before I knew I needed them. Does that make sense?

    Anyway that's love.

    p.s Both my kitties love to snuggle. I love that.


  22. Very strange coincidence... I bought my daughter the whole series of Anne of Green Gables books for Christmas and JUST got the first one out to read to her today. I loved watching the show when I was younger.
    And that kitten is so adorable. I love it when they're in that in-between stage where they're not too tiny bit not really grown up either. So sweet and lovable. Ive also got one that I'm having to teach to be lovable. It's mother wasn't very caring with it and so I've sort of had to be its mama and teach it how to play with people (the right way... And not attack us.)My poor daughter is terrified of it. But she's slowly learning. :-). All those furry little babies need love!

  23. Open your heart . . . open it wide . . . someone is standing outside.
    (one of my favorite Mary Englebreit cards, with these words)

    I think it is YOU . . . huge, loving heart and now a little "Blackie" is giving and receiving!

  24. I was quoting Anne of Green Gables earlier today!! Kindred Spirits- I'm tellin' ya!!! Love that your new kitty is filling a place in your heart and home :)

  25. You could buy a bigger bra?!!

    My daughters and I love Anne of Green Gables too. I love the scene where Matthew goes to the shop to buy her a dress, (which Marilla has poured scorn on),and ends up buying virtually everything in the shop because he is too shy to ask about the dress. It is actually a beautiful story about love, isn't it? And the scenery is beautiful!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  26. Oh how sweet she is. My Chewie, given to me by my daughter came at the perfect time too; the summer before the daughter left for the Navy. Your heart just feels like it's going to burst with all that love!!

  27. She's beautiful! I can't believe some people have never watched Anne of Green Gables. The shame.

  28. Anne of Green Gables is my most favorite movie ever. I want to go and visit Prince Edward Island in her honor. I do realize she was a character, but I so love her.

    Also, I love you. Thank you do much for the surprise! I love thee through and through.


  29. I am seeing Anne Shirley references all over the place and know two people who are reading the books right now. I think it is time for me to get my copies out and read them again. Cute kitty!

  30. Oh I don't know... another child at my age simply will never make the top ten on my list of wants or needs... kind of like a quiet house with just two dogs to make us laugh, and ya know.... I've tried a few times in life to love a cat and they are just too sneaky for me. Sooooo, guess Hubby will have to take all the love I have to give.

    I'm not sure if I have seen that movie or not about the one legged Anne of Green Gables. Must be a sequel to the original. Is it on Netflix? I'm going to check it out. :)

  31. There is hope for your other cat to change. I got my Lucee kitty as an adult. She was very standoffish. She would sit beside me and like to be petted but that was about it. I would guess that she was maybe 3-5 yrs old when we took her. She is a lilac siamese. Anyway, now 8 yrs later she wants to be ON my lap not near it...all...the...time! AND for the 1st time ever she got on my hubby's lap last week! I told the hubs I think maybe she's got alzheimers and forgot she was such a beatch (as only a Siamese can be).


  32. OH YES>..ONE OF MY TOP FAVORITE TRILOGIES!!! The problem is that when I watch the first I want to go right on into the sequels...I have been known to stay up on ALL-NIGHTERS watching the three back to back. O.O (Also with the Sarah Plain and Tall trilogy!) CUCKOO-NUTS!!!!! LOVE that movie. They don't make em like they used to. Glad you are loving your kitties!! :-) xo

  33. Ahh Anne - I do believe that you and she would make bosom friends for sure Jayme!

    Give that little new kitten a tickle behind the ear for me....


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