Thursday, November 29, 2012

Aaron Needs Your Help!

I trust that your turkeys were moist, and your family gathering had a minimum of dysfunction.
We had a lovely Thanksgiving.  I can't get over how exciting it was to get Aaron back in the house.
I drove up to Chicago the Wednesday before Thanksgiving - normally just over an hours drive - this time it took nearly three hours. I was to get my hair cut, colored and highlighted at the school - I was afraid I wouldn't have any hair left by the time I got there!

I know this blog is supposed to be Part 2 of the Appalachian Trail - and I'm sorry.  The weekend after Thanksgiving I had some unexpected company that just left this morning.  I'm running a bit behind on things.  I've gotten a couple of emails about my turkey sausage recipe, I will answer those hopefully tonight!
Aaron informed me about Caper 2013 - a huge educational extravaganza that he has an opportunity to go to - and I really wanted to share it with you - and we need your help in making his dreams come true!
This is an email that I sent out to my friends - I'm just cutting it and pasting it here for time's sake.  If you would consider helping Aaron - we'd be forever in your debt!
I think most of you know – that my beloved nephew Aaron is now living in Chicago – pursuing his dream career in the hair industry. He started Paul Mitchell – The School on November 6th of this year. He’s living in dorms at the UIC campus – and really loving and thriving in the city! They have to kick him out of the school everyday at 5 – otherwise I do think he’d live there. : –) I just had my hair done there last week – it’s a great, high energy, positive environment.
He has a great opportunity to go to Las Vegas this coming January – but in order to do so he needs to sell 40 ‘Caper Bags’ by December 15th. Most of the students that are going had the advantage of starting school much earlier and have sold their bags. Caper 2013 is a huge educational extravaganza held in Las Vegas. He’ll be meeting the founders of Paul Mitchell, as well as other celebrity hairstylists. It’s a 2 day – all expenses paid trip, heavily chaperoned. Frankly, I don’t want him to miss this opportunity. You can’t buy your way into it – you have to sell the bags.  The cut off to sell the bags is December 15th, but there are only 29 spots left to fill for the trip, and it's first come, first serve - so this is of the utmost urgency!
That’s where all of you wonderful friends come in. : –) Because I really don’t want a lifetime supply of shampoo, conditioner and body care at this moment – I’m asking you to consider purchasing a Caper bag to help the boy out. They range in prices from $29 up to $159. (For each $159 bag he sells, it equals 5 bags!) They are really great products, and a great price too.
If you’ll click on this link – it will give you information on the Caper 2013, and at the end of the page, it lists all the different bags. There are bags for color treated hair, dry hair, etc – even a body care bag and a dog shampoo set! I think these would make great Christmas gifts!
You don’t have to pay now – just send me back an email ( with your order – there is tax involved, and for those of you that I can’t deliver to personally – I need to charge $5 to cover some of the shipping. We’ll hammer all of that out later.
I’ve kept you long enough – thank you SO much for your consideration of this – and if you do order – I will be forever in your debt!
Next blog will be more about the Appalachian Trail - cross my heart - hope to die - stick a needle in my eye.

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