Monday, February 20, 2012

The Pause

Aaron, Phyllis and Calvin - pausing for a moment.

You guys are so good to me.
I know it must be time to blog again when I start getting 'are you ok?' emails.
Bless your hearts.
Sure makes me feel loved.

All is well in CoopKeeper land.
I suppose you can say that - or you can say that 'all is well and you can't control a damn thing'.
That be done the first time I used a swear word up on this here blog.
Please don't unfollow me.

Life is a whirlwind right now - but it's all well.
Right now I'm dealing with a food sensitive brain.
I ate up some Jay's BBQ potato chips yesterday.
Day before I ate a half a slice of  'eye talian' bread and two pasta noodles.
Enough to turn my brain into a squirrel vacation resort.

I've come to learn - by experiment of my own that I have some incredible food sensitivities.  My body doesn't cotton to the food preservatives, additives, wheat, dairy, and chemicals that abound in our modern food.
Nay - one or two mouthfuls of noodles or bread will bloat me and cause me to lose a day or two of feeling mentally sharp.

Here's me right before the noodle episode.
Don't you just love the clarity my photos have in this post?

Right after the noodle episode:

I've been reading things like this:

We believe that food allergy is a common cause of mental illness. Allergy to proteins from cows milk, hens eggs and wheat are the three most common problems. One idea is that antibodies generated by gluten proteins can attack the brain. This immune mistake is generally known as molecular mimicry. A second idea is that gluten proteins or peptides generated from them during digestion can act directly on the brain. A third idea is that your brain is affected by immune responses in other parts of your body. All immune activity sends signals to the brain to change behavior and to recruit a range of defensive responses.

Disturbances to brain function vary from routine effects such as sleepiness, fogginess, and brief episodes of confusion to symptoms of major mental or neurological illness. For example, people with celiac disease suffer for many years before the diagnosis is made. They often state that they never feel well. Most of these patients will report episodes of fatigue with cognitive dysfunction; difficulty concentrating, mental "fogginess", recent memory dropouts. They complain of mood liability and are often tearful and irritable. They return to normal when they no longer eat problem foods.

Chew on that for a while.

I've been extra busy.
Good things.
Not so good things.

Wednesday night I attend a meeting about an expressway being built woefully close to my home.
Our road is being called 'an arterial road'.
What does that even mean?
If they widen our road, my house goes bye bye.

Phyllis is doing much better, and will actually walk on the leg that has been ailing her.
She's still inside.
She still needs her oinment and tinctures.
A few of you had asked if I was using a chicken diaper. 
No maam's. 
Those things are quite nasty.  I use a little towel around her while I'm holding her and she just seems to 'hold' it when I have her.  As soon as I put her back in the cage - she relieves herself.

(Kate - you had asked about the dirty eggs.  I don't think the eggs should be THAT dirty.  If you Google washing eggs - you'll see that it's not the preferred method as it washes off what they call the 'bloom'.  It makes the eggs suseptible to bacteria penetrating then.  On really wet days sometimes I will collect a muddy egg or two from the hens sharing a nesting box.
Covered in poo and mud all the time?
Poor hygiene in the coop.  I'd find another egg source.)

The most exciting news of the week:

Aaron is coming back to Marmie's Learnatorium as of Monday.
More to come on that.
We had a meeting at my new favorite diner.
The Boychild ate pancakes smothered in bananas, bacon, peanut butter and chocolate.
I had a Blacked Veggie Skillet with Egg Whites.
What ARE those blackened spices?
I gots to get me some.

Busy with Bootcamp.

Busy helping some friends.

Busy working on serum formulations and developing more skin care products.
Did you know that my Spring Chicken Serum has all the key ingredients that other serums selling for $100 an ounce have!?
Say what!?


I've come to even cringe at the word.
I'm getting sick of saying 'Oh I'm so busy'.
I'm getting tired of hearing everyone else say it too.
What in the sam hill are we all so busy doing?
I do believe it's the bane of our generation.
Is it all in our heads?

I think one can be very busy, and productive and yet not possess that wild eyed, breathless 'busy' vibe.
It's what I'm trying to learn to do now by pausing and really breathing.
Belly breaths.
My yoga teacher says -
'calm breath - calm mind'

It's really true.
Are you just 'sipping air'?
I know when it comes to breathing - I've been a sipper.
A dabbler if you will.
Mental preoccupation does that to a gal.

I've been practicing breathing.
Doesn't that sound funny?

l pause and breathe at stop signs now.
I actually stop.
Imagine that!

I get excited when I get stopped by a red light.
Breathing time!

I look for the longest line in stores now.
Gives me time to pause.
Time to breathe.

Try it.


  1. Jayme, I love your blog. I have been following on Google Reader for quite some time but have never commented. Shame on me. I always look forward to your posts. So my question is what do you eat? You should post what you eat for a week. I have some health issues and have thought about eliminating some foods but I haven't clue what I would eat. Well, I know I could eat vegetables, fruit, and chicken and fish. OK well there's a few things. But no bread, or eggs or cheese? Say it ain't so. But seriously, you should show us some meals. We have inquiring minds. We want to know.

  2. i was getting worried about ... had not noticed writing in a while. so glad to see a note today waiting on me to read. yeah!! if you are looking like a squirrel.... we have got a problem. those silly creatures scare the pooh out me. don't like them. the ones in VA are weird, take drugs or something. they flick around their tails & stare at me with their bubbly eyes & make me want to go running the other way. "i'm busy" ... i think has become a term or saying we just say to fill the air ... we don't want people asking us questions so it sounds busy & that we are really doing a lot. joyce meyer would say that you are too busy with what you want to be doing instead of what GOD really wants you to do. so slow down & listen for his message & word of what you should be doing. i can't listen i'm worried about Jayme & her crazy squirrels running in around her head. i'm scared. i always wonder why there are so many bad foods out there for you. why must they be there. if they are so bad? pure evil they are. yuck! i've always said if i get rich ... what is the one things i want. a private chef. one who can cook for me all the time. oh, that would be fabulous!! take care. (:

  3. I love this idea, I too sip and deep breathing really relaxes me...maybe I will try that at stop signs too..hope it doesn't relax me too much...I don't want any horns to wake me up!

  4. I love, love, loved this post! I'm super excited that Aaron has sewn his wild oats and is ready to come home and get some more love and learning goin' on! That is why I originally started reading your blog. It was my first year homeschooling, and I found this loving Aunt homeschooling her nephew. Posting pictures of things he cooked, feeding chickens, I was hooked! I love the breathing thing, I'm totally gonna try that!

  5. Where would you go if your house went Bye Bye? Hope it doesn't happen, but I'm curious as to what you think your plan would be? Another rural home?

  6. Was getting ready to let the hounds loose to go find you. I see you are being very productive minute by minute. That is what I say... I have dropped the word "busy" from my vocabulary.

    Good to know you are okay. Am concern about the widening of the road, I hope you will tell us more. Does that mean your they will destroy your house? Say not so!

    Prayers to you and yours!

  7. I'm intrigued by what you said about the food contributing to mental fogginess, etc. It just scares me that these are three of our most basic food groups, dairy, wheat, eggs. Is it the additives now used to 'grow' these foods? People have been eating this stuff for centuries. Have we all been 'nuts' forever??? lol. I know when I don't eat this stuff esp dairy I feel better.

  8. Busy is good, Coop! Keeps us out of trouble.
    BTW, you are looking uber fabulous these days.
    Hawt, in fact.
    My noggin is feeling a bit foggy these days too. I think you should turn the Squirrel into a sort of spa where we can come and stay and are fed the Coop menu of brain friendly foods. I'd be your first customer.

  9. Breathing is indeed a big deal!!! I've started tai chi classes and since attention to breathing is a very big part of it, I'm noticing the changes in how I feel when its over. I'd highly recommend deep breathing to everybody. Have a good day.

  10. Praying the road needs no widening...we are facing the same type of things in our neck of the woods in the name of "progress". Sheesh! Have a good day!

  11. That picture of you was fabulous!
    Aren't you proud of yourself? So much hard work has paid off. I also am curious about your house situation. What will you do?

  12. YEAH!! You are back with us, even if only for today :) Good to hear of Phyliss' recovery, Decisions being made with Aaron, and your continuing ascent of your food sensitivity learning curve.
    I too have been a sipper of breaths and am now learning to stop and BREATHE- thanks for the reminder! (Breathing now :) )Have a wonderful rest of your day!

  13. Oh!!!...You are the writer of all writers.
    Reading your post this afternoon was like sitting with a hand of playing cards and chatting the time away with my dearest friends!!!
    The question lately with could my perpetual brain fog be due to the amount of gluten in my diet etc.....and here's your post today..addressing the same issues.
    It's a sign from God Himself to start my diet exploration into what the world is going on with myself!!
    Thanks dear blogging friend, your a divine inspiration!!!
    I just love reading your posts!!!

  14. You look HOT!!!!! wow!!! Maybe my motivation??? SOOO HaPPY for you that your boy is coming "home." Need to get some of your serum. Thought we would meet by now. Road will hurt us too. We are on other side of 41. jan P.S. What is the new restaurant?

  15. well, even though you are hot stuff, i think you are extra cute as a crack head squirrell. maybe the hairy bosoms might bother your husband, but whatever.

    sooooo, i've been off gluten for almost 3 weels. i feel like crap. sluggish, weak. do you think my body is just still adjusting? another thing, my hubby feels NO difference at all. nay better or worse. what's up in Jayme squirrell's opinion?

    also, can't wait to hear more about man cub coming home to learn. i'll trade you one high schooler for my 4 elementaries. no?

    and seriously? the house gone? they wouldn't really do that right?

  16. Jayme- Glad you are doing all right. It is amazing how busy we all are in this daily world, isn't it? I am trying to take the time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e myself.

    I hope you have a great week and can detox easily from the foods you ate. I am still sugar and wheat free and feeling really good. It is just a few bites, Jayme, not a full out binge. You can let it go and don't worry about it. Those food devils are there waiting to grab us all the time. xo Diana

  17. The blackened spice. I know what's in it. You can probably google it tho. Can't find what you're looking for...I'll give ya my recipe. Just let me know..:)

  18. Love the picture of this handsome young man! Love you picture of a beautiful new woman.
    I am so sorry about the road and all the meetings you'll have to attend and read up on. It's a total drag but you want to continue to be informed.

    You caught my attention with the fogginess, and wheat, dairy connection. I'm listening....what should I read?

    And like Jenny, the 1st commentor I am very curious what you eat. I'm tempted to give up dairy but I'm afraid I will die a long suffering death if I no longer consume the greatest gift of ------ cheese and eggs but cheese is the Gift.

    I'm listening again.....

  19. Just thinking of you and your chickens last night and was going to see if the e-mail had missed you again. What a breathe of fresh air and humor you always bring. Just finished Gene Stone's book concerning the secrets of people who never get sick. Seems that we need to eat more dirt as we did as kids. My fav idea. :-)

  20. jayme, I'm trying gluten free dairy free right now, although my gastro guy rolls his eyes because I don't test positive for celiacs, but I've suffered from anxiety in the past and digestive woes, and they are starting to lessen on this gluten free diet. I'm feeling better. So, there's that. So much research on this issue, and so many Dr.s who still poo-poo it.

    I have also found that in my forties I have become so much more senstitive to so many foods.. pastas, breads - I look five months pregnant after - and processed meats, forget it, puffy face and hands!... grumbly stomach, etc. etc. etc...

    But ooh noooo... don't tell me I'm not supposed to be eating eggs???...

  21. Thanks for the tip. . . I love the idea of a stop sign, or a long line as a reminder to stop and breathe, love it.

    Glad the boy is back home, although, I don't know how you fit it all in. . . deep breaths, deep breaths, deep breaths

    I"m tired of hearing and thinking how busy I am too. . .

    I noticed when I turned 50 the brain changed, I swear it did, I used to be able to make a cake, and do three other things at once . . . now, don't talk to me while I'm making a cake, I'll surely forget an ingredient(trust me a cake without sugar, really doesn't taste good!)

    If there are 5 things on my to do list, it suddenly becomes overwhelming, I used to do sew much and never think twice about it. . .now sew busy. . . hmmm, we're either moving slower, or the brain change makes our to do list magnified. . .0r both Ü

    Great news about the serum, can you come up with something to save brain cells Ü

  22. I'm one of your newer Followers.
    I enjoy stopping by to see what you're doing. Fun blog.

  23. And here I was thinking my ponderings on "busy-ness-" were unique. I was also thinking very much the same as you, what are we all busy doing and why are we all so busy? I was also thinking it should not be what keeps me from doing what is needful, but I digress.

    I love reading your blog and how you write.I hope you're feeling much better, having a daughter who has an extreme intolerance to dairy foods I totally sympathize and know these dietary allergies are truly life-threatening and life-changing.

    I think your sense of humor is such a blessing, helps keep you and oh so many others sane in an insane world.

  24. You are getting your student back! You must be thrilled! I can't wait to hear more.

  25. Thank you for the response to my dirty eggs question! LOL! I think I will find another source as it grosses me out to see chicken poo on something I'm gonna eat. I know... City Girl.


  26. I just took a good long breath and it felt so good! Everyone's feeling the effects of busy lives, robs energy and takes a toll on our health. Making the time for the things that matter is key. Now try to fit that in! Glad the boy child is back under your wing, good for him, good for you. You are a nurturer(hmm, that doesn't look right but you know what I mean). You're one of those "full plate" kind of people that thrive on the lack of sleep, run till you drop lifestyle. Me too, complaining all the time but I'd go crazy if I had to sit still. It's making me old though, oh.. I am OLD! Have a good weekend school marm!

  27. You look wonderful! Do you know you can use DE for chicken mites-
    The D-earth worked very well.
    All of the mites were gone in 2 weeks.
    We did two separate dustings, 7 days apart.
    There has been no sign of the mites since then.

    If anyone out there tells you that this stuff doesn't work, don't listen. There is no reason to use harsh chemicals on your hens when this works just as well. Just don't forget to wear a mask. The dust can irritate your lungs due to the sharp edges on the little dust particles.

    We now use D-earth each time we clean out the coop as a preventative solution

  28. I am amazed that you have a cat and a chicken in such close proximity and the cat is not trying to get at the chicken.

  29. Had to comment...the 'b' word. I'm tired of hearing it too. We are all busy but are we busy doing what's important? My cousin and I were walking and talking one day and she said, "I miss the family reunions from when we were kids." I said, "well we could have them again." She said, "oh we're all too busy, they had more time back then." I said, "They had the same 24 hours in their day that we have in's how we choose to spend it that counts!" Amen!! (I think I'm going to write that down somewhere -besides here - tee hee)

    Cindy Bee

    PS - Everytime the Dr. checks my heart with his/her stethoscope and says breathe normally, it trips me up. I start focusing on my breathing and I don't know what 'normal' is!

  30. Hope all is well and you're just takin a "breather"! lol

  31. Jayme,
    Just pulled up your blog and see that you and I have the same textured green background. I just changed mine today. I had a snow background and I'm longing for some green. Another way our great minds think alike!
    xo, Cheryl

  32. Glad you are OK. I am totally on board with the breathing thing-it works to help calm me and make me feel better and to get a grip if I'm stressed totally out. I know what you mean about the "busy" we all claim to be. I think we get our sense of worth from how "busy" we are and I also think that being "busy" keeps us from tending to what really needs tending. I think this may be true for me anyway. Hope your chicken gets well soon!

  33. Ah, yes relearning how to breathe at 50! Amazing how we've survived doing it wrong for so many years. Glad to hear the man child will be returning to homeschooling. We struggle with high school every day. And I do mean "we." It involves the whole family in its frustrations. How's your tooth/teeth? After my dentist told me I had a bruised ligament the pain continued. Another x-ray showed I needed a root canal. It's finally healing now, and the knot in my jaw is slowly disappearing. I thought of you when I posted a photo of myself during the root canal onto Facebook.

  34. Loved it all cept the road issue. So sorry! Looks like a sofa full of cuddles! I second Teresa's camper as spa idea. I'd love more of your clean recipes... Thanks for the reminder to breathe deep. Be well friend!

  35. I think you look cute after the noodle episode. But you might want to get those teeth whitened.


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